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The action focuses on the duo's


' travels on a mission to take water to the

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wiin to be confronted with the futility

of what she is doing. differences which

complement and irritate in ttlrn. Whether it’s your mother. your lover or ‘It‘s a journey which acts as a symbol your best mate. when it comes to living for the path of their friendship and for together. the line between love and hate each of them nearing their own

gets pretty line. Exploring the joys and physical and emotional destinations.‘ Itotrors of co-Iiabitation. Eggs/tell Blues explains Amey. Harris concludes.

The Stand, Tron Ceilidh House, Fri 22 Ilov.

When you’re paying £5 for four comics you know you’re going to get the odd person who should’ve stuck to the day job. oave Williams really should

consider remaining the geography charts the emotional journey of churns ‘Basically. the piece looks at how these teacher he so clearly resembles. That Sacklady and Creature. But this is no two people can‘t live together bttt how beard. ordinary flat-share scenario: for this difficult it is for them to separate.

It you’re going to go on about the odd couple a shopping trolley is home. which is true of a lot of relationships. trauma of entering your thirties you The set-up is reminiscent of Beckett: no matter how destructive.’ (Claire have to demonstrate that your two characters stranded in an absurdist Prentice) twenties were riotous enough to environment where daily rituals act as a lines/tell Blues. .S'lt'ulrluggerr lllt’tlli‘t‘ iustify mourning their passing. If you diversion from thought. But this ('(llll/utlrv. 'I‘rrn-mztr 'l'lletm'e, have nothing better to talk about than similarity is purely coincidental. assert lz‘rlr'lllmly/l. ’l'llurs 5w Sun 5’ Der: hairdressing, peeing next to electric .~ Corinne Harris and Rachel Atney. who hand dryers and Australian soaps then John (muck: has had better ["ng both wear the tricortl hats ofwriter. _ they probably weren’t. director and performer. Ill this. the first

Kevin Devine’s day job used to be thine weeks With my head up my arse’ full-length production from presenting That’s life, so you can - and cinema ads that not only point Skulduggery Theatre Company. text. respect the career change. Television out how shit the world is but also music and movement are combined. experience has certainly given him the remind you that everyone else has 3 although the duo shy away from the conlldence to handle an audience but, better sex life than you. Give him a much-bandied term ‘physical theatre‘. like Thais life, his material is stuck couple of years and he could be ‘We were interested in looking at in the previous decade and he delivers hosting The Stand Up Show. relationships, particularly ones that are a stream of iaddish gags without a Which is more than can be said tor coming to an end.‘ explains Harris. hint of Irony. headliner John Gillick. Undoubtedly ‘Whether your differences are autistic.

Find at the night is Jack Weatherall. he’s had better nights than this but work-related or personal. you get to With about half the years of the other when you’re reduced to delivering this point where it‘s like uuurg/l.’ and performers, but the presence or an old sub-standard gags in a variety oi the basic thread that breaks is pro, he steals the show. Debonair in a dubious accents then you really are ultimately similar. In Eggs/it’ll Blues we three-ch suit, he lets rip on the scraping the barrel. The tisting wanted to dramatise this exploration of trials and tribulations oi being a reference in an excruciating Julian emotions and not come up with . ,

Method comedian - ‘One gag about Clary voice is particularly din!- N‘”!~’””““"-" WC“ “0"” "‘l‘ by ‘9ng Fighting talk: corlnne llarrls (left) and name] narlewis and I had to spam] (Catherine Pound) two archetypal characters and placmg Bach“ “me, la Eggshe" Blues

SCOTTISH DANCE i;f::§§fl.3"al1‘l‘l‘i.ltElmira. . debut production, Diary ofil . THEATRE Beetle mania necessitatetitans

evocation of Joe Orton’s twilight

A new ' "9'0 WOFShiP takes Ina! tom‘s- world. Now with the Scottish premiere

Fragramme 0f breathtaklng , Fascinating ""38, though. no not of Australian playwright Timothy contemporary dance, theatre 8x: musm. neoessarllr good theatre make. Plays Daly’s Kafka Dances, director Fiona

about real people often come a Walton aims to continue iligh-Doh’s Dates: 29 81 30 November at 7. 30pm cyonpfr aitlnplr efcauAsne oath; math melding of fact and fiction.

. 0 ma ena 0n 0 an 80 0 98 88 Set at the time Kafka was ennin venue° Musselburgh Old Town Ha” precedence over drama. and too often his classic Metamorphosisf in which Tickets; £6.00 (FUN) f 5 .00 (Concs) it becomes wish-fulfilment tor actors a sum omce boy turns into a beetle -

2:10 t|;'nrt;" negomasooeitgorthv 0' the play presents him as the original a” n 9" res- Vef n9’S in tortured soul, wanderin throu h _ haircu’s and fea‘her boas’ Prague’s ca'é socie‘y. Ignen yogng F0 u N JO 0 K & T the Pont and that Inst'sn turn at the Franz encounters Yiddish theatre - s head ' everything. that IS. except one extravagant, attention-grabbing table-

"Wia' element: iInailtnatinn- top displays akin to cabaret or silent High-Dob Theatre. on the other hand. films. these invade the troubled

'r , w author’s dreams, leading us into _, surreal scenes which eschew ' ' naturalism in favour of an overblown and amusing blur.

‘lt’s very flamboyant, yet it’s not over-acting because it’s so precise,’ claims Walton. It also helps avoid a literal re-telling of Kafka’s life, which tits in with the high-ooh ethos. ‘This isn’t meant to be heavyweight,’ Walton insists. ‘Even if people don’t know Kafka they can still get a lot out of it. oaly himself says it’s better to try and explain the workings ot people’s hearts than just the mere chronology of their stories.’ (lleil Cooper)

, i Kafka Dances, High-ooh Theatre u ; Com n , Arches Theatre, GI ow, Box Office 0131 665 22 Paranoid of Prague ltussellagt'l‘tatykr: me 5135:! 7D“. 839


A one hour Christmas delight for all the family - distilled by John Harvey from an original Grimm tale.

Dates: 23, 24, 27 & 28 December at 2.00pm 24, 26, 27 & 28 December t 6.00pm

H A R E O M P A N Y 3. E l I U I G H


58 The List 29 Nov-I2 Dec I996