Christmas Exhibition Sat 30 Nov—3O Dec. Over l50 small paintings and sculptures by 40 gallery artists including Josephine Graham and Albert Cumming. Prices start at around £200 and go tip to £l000. so if ou care enough to give the very best . . . I EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP 23 Union Street. 557 2479. Tue—Sat 10am—6pm. Prints For Presents Until 2r Dec. If you're looking for something truly unique and original with a price tag that won't send you reeling then this is the place to come. Featuring work by Printslrop members and recently published studio prints. nothing here tips the £75 mark.

I FIRTH GALLERY 35 William Street. 225

2l96. Tue—Fri l lam—5pm; Sat | lam—4pm.

Christmas Exhibition Until 24 Dec. Gallery artists from the past. present and future join forces for the Firth‘s Christmas show. with oil. acrylic. watercolour. ink.

pencil and mixed media paintings on offer

for between £75 and £750.

I GALLERY 41 4| Dundas Street. 557 4569. Mon—Sat l0.30airi—5.30pm.

Christmas Exhibition Sat 30 Nov—24 Dec. Small paintings and prints ranging from an affordable £35 tip to a rather more purse- siretchirig £1000. plus lots of ceramics. sculpture. automated toys and a selection of contemporary jewellery starting at £ I0.

I JUDITH GLUE GALLERY 60 High Street. 558 I866. Daily 9.30am—6prii (10am Stilt). A Gothic Christmas Until 24 Dec. Forget stigarplum fairies. this collection of furniture. triirrors. clocks. paintings. ceramics. glass and jewellery by Scottish artists and craftspeople captures the more mysterious side of Christmas.

I HANOVER FINE ARTS 22a Dundas Street. 556 2181. Mon—Fri l0.30am—6prrr: Sat l0am—4piii.

Small Paintings For Christmas Until 4 Jan. ()ver I50 works by 60 gallery artists. including paintings. prints. Mackintosh- style jewellery. sculpture. textiles. resin boxes and cushions. There‘s also a selection ofcards. and gift vouchers should you prefer to leave it to rhern to choose.

I KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 Northumberland Street Lane. 557 5454. MOW-Sill Ham—4.30pm.

Christmas Charity Exhibition Until 20 Dec. A third of all commission from this exhibition will go to the Children’s Hospice Association. so btry froin here and you’re giving two gifts in one. Paintings. sculpture. ceramics and jewellery are all on show. with the emphasis on contemporary and original works.

I LEITH GALLERY 65 The Shore. 553 5255. Tue—Sat Ham-6pm (4pm Sat). Christmas Exhibition Tue 3 Dec—4 Jan. Exciting new works by over 50 contemporary artists. including painting. jewellery. tapestry. ceramics and glassware. all of which fall somewhere

within the £50—£5000 bracket.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75—79 Cumberland Street. 557 l020. Mon-Fri l0am-6pm‘. Sat l0am—4pm.

On A Small Scale Until 24 Dec. There's something for every purse here. with loads of stuff under £ l00. including colourful ceramic mugs at just £8. plus plenty ofjewellery. wood. glass and sculpture. or ifyou're feeling flush. the paintings go for tip to £2500.

Aladdin’s Cave Until 24 Dec. Silver jewellery by Molly Bullick in the upstairs gallery. designed to make you stand out this Christmas.

I OUT OF THE NOMADS TENT 2 l St Leonards Lane. 662 lb l 2. Tue—Sat l0am—5pm.

Christmas Exhibition Until 2| Dec. A Pandora‘s Box of Eastern curios aritl souvenirs. including rugs. cushions. textiles. jewellery. candlesticks and much more.

I ROGUES’ GALLERY 58 St Stephen Street. 225 5558. Tue~Sat Ham—6pm. Humbug Fri 6 Dec—early .lan. No Dickens here. but plenty of other sttiff that should get you chortling. including original cartoons and caricatures by the likes of Steve Bell (Grain/inn). Simon Bond (Dead Cut). MAC (Du/Iv .Ir'ftllil and Ralph Steadman. Prints start at £ l 5. or if you'd rather wear your sense of humour. then there are T-shirts fora tenner.

I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY l6 Dtrndas Street. 558 I200. Mort—l-‘ri 10am—6pm; Sat l0am—-4pm.

Christmas Exhibition Sat 30 Nov-~24 Dec. A myriad ofgift ideas here. including paintings. jewellery. ceramics. woodworks. glass. silver and rtretalware. Prices start at a very affordable £5 for a piece ofjewellery. to the rather more eye- watering £ l5.000 for an oil painting.

I STUDIO ONE If) Stafford Street. 2265812. Mon—Sat l0am—5.30pm; Sun noorr~lprir Christmas Exhibition Sat 7—24 Dec. Don‘t forget to visit the upstairs gallery once you‘ve finished looking round the shop downstairs. where you'll find arts and crafts by artists from around Britain.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon—Sat Ham—6pm. Christmas Exhibition Mon 2 Dec—4 Jan. Over 60 artists have contributed to this show. with a diverse line-up of oils. watercolours. sculpture. ceramics and jewellery.


If the thought of matching a piece of art to someone else's taste is too daunting. then many of the galleries carry a wide range of specialist books and magazines for the artist in your life. most notably the CCA. Collins and Street level in Glasgow. and Fruitmarltet and Portfolio iri lidinbur‘gh. There's also a wide range of prime present material on offer at the Mclellan Galleries. Glasgow and the Royal Botanic Garden. Royal Museum and National Galleries shops in Edinburgh.





designed by adrian wiszniewski


Enjoy a superb evening meal in one of the finest rooftop City centre locations in Glasgow. Superb light modern food with a continental touch under the control of Young Chef of the Year national finalist Gary McLean served in the main Cafe or Tower Room.

Evening orders from 6.30pm Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays only

Fine selection of wmes - No

Smoking Please book on (0141) 221 7484 Enter by gallery srde door on Royal Exchange Square

Exhibitions are listed by category, then alphabetically by city and venue. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Art listings compiled by Kelly McMenamin.

I ARTBANK 24 Cleveden Road. 334 6 I80. Viewing by appointment.

Johanna logan Fri 6—2l Dec. ()il ttlltl charcoal figurative and still life paintings and drawings by GSA graduate Logan.

I ART EXPOSURE GALLERY l‘) l’arriie Street. 552 777‘). Mon—Sat Harri—6pm. New Scottish Graduates Until l Dec. The very best work from I996 Glasgow School of Art graduates. plus a small selection by recent graduates from Grays in Aberdeen. Duncan of .lordanstorie in Dundee arid lidinburgh College of Art. Christmas Show l-‘ri n Dec—281ml. srw Christmas A” Listings.


l0am -5pm; Sun llam--5piii. Cafe. [D]. Voluntary guides are available free of charge to conduct parties or individuals round the main galleries. Ask at the enquiry desk.

Rembrandt Etchings Until 8 Dec. A small selection of etchings from the Museum's own collection. including previously unseen works.

lnfonnation Superhighway Until l5 Dec. Direct from The London Museum of Science. this interactive exhibition takes a behiiitl-the-sceries look at the lrrternet. with terminals on hand allowing visitors to browse the web themselves.

Claws Until 3| Mar. l‘t‘om pet labbies to sabi'e-loothed-tigers. this exhibition of catararrra covers every aspect of our feline friends. including ligyptian mummified cats. life-size reconstructions. photographs and a series of coirrpetitions and events.

British Gas World Wildlife Photography Until 2 Feb. The winning entries ofthis year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. featuring images from around the world.

I ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART I34 Blythswood Street. 332 4027.

Christmas Exhibition Sat 30 Nov».5 Jail. .S't't' (‘liristnius .rlrt Litfillg's.

I THE BLYTHSWOOD GALLERY 44 \\'ashingtori Street. 204 277‘).

A Christmas Exhibition tfniil 2 l Dec. stir! ('liristnlus Art Listings.

I CCA 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 752 I. Mon Sat llarri--6pm; Sun noon—5pm. Cafe.

lnbetweener Until I l .lari. Photographic images by five international artists. who

Catch the best Art this fortnight.

I lnbetweener Touching on themes of androgyny. beauty and gender melt-down. five artists show work that plays havoc with usual assumptions of what is ‘normal.’ With Hollywood legends. Monroe and Dietrich. mimicked and photos of body modification and people in drag. CCA. Glasgow until I] Jan.

I ilong Kong - City or Tomorrow l With one of the highest population densities in the world. Hong Kong has had to take an ingenious line on building. Willi a mock-up of a typical H K flat with soaps playing on the TV and a walkway of neon lights. this show transports you to another world. ('in Art Centre. [ft/iriburg/i until 4 Jun.

use make-up and prosthetics to challenge our expectations of beauty and the hotly. I COLLINS GALLERY University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400 ext 2682. Mon-Fri l0am- 5pm: Sat noon—4pm. [D].

Iron Until 20 Dec. Multi-metlia work by Clydeside artist Tom Mc Kendrick docuriieritirig the history ofGlasgow's once mighty shipbuilding industry.

I COMPASS GALLERY I78 West Register Street. 22l 6370.

Christmas Show Until 3t Jan. St't' ('liristrnus Art Listings.

I COTTIER THEATRE ()6 llyritllaiitl Street. 357 3868.

Big Stars Until I Dec. .S't't' ('liristnius Art Listings.

I 18 KING STREET King Street. 552 2540. Tue—Sat l0atrr—6pm.

Sell Image Until 30 Nov. Work created dtrring a twelve months arts project allowing Glasgow artists with learning disabilities the opportunity to promote their work. the resttlts of which can also be seen at the St linoch Centre.

I FRINGE GALLERY Castlerriilk Shopping Centre. Castlemilk Arcade. 634 2603. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm.

The Timecatchers and The Recycled Teenagers Until 30 Nov. Large-scale oils aittl water'colotirs by local pensioners art group ‘The Recycled Teeriagers‘. and an

dinner With 4 chaice Ffigfuggufl OF options at £16.95 With a Dun.” 0 I INE fine selection of Wines. paniesgolgzefr’lgz

Food for thought

The Burrell Restaurant has been totally refurbished to prowde a most rmpressrve dining area offering an excellent menu in the unique surroundrngs of this superb gallery.

There Will be a three course

The Burrell Restaurant P()I.I.()K (IOL'N'I‘RY PARK

Evening opening 7-10pm Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays only

Fine selection of wrnes - No Smoking

- Ample Parking

Please book on (0141) 632 9310

68 The List 2‘) Nov-l2 Dec l‘)‘)6