from players. managers. referees. fans and

I PEOPLE’S PALACE MUSEUM (,ilasgow Green. 331 0600. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm iclosed 'I'uei: Sun llaiii--5pnr. ll)|. (’afe. This well-loyed institution is currently undergoing a facelift and is due to re- open in time for its centenary in l‘)‘)S. The first stage of the work has reached coriipletiori. and the new top floor features a l‘)30s single-end house and a celebration of (ilasgow’s great yisioiiai'ies.

I PROVAND’S LORDSHIP 3 Castle Street. 33] 9600. Mon l-‘ri l0ani- 5pm (closed 'l'uei; Strn llain- 5pm. The only suryiyiiig inedieyal house iir (ilasgow. btrilt in l-l7l. l’eriod room displays range from

l500 I‘)IS.

I ST MUNGO MUSEUM OF RELIGIOUS LIFE 3 Castle Street. 33l Willi).

Mon -Sai Illarn 5pm iclosed 'I‘uei; Sun Ilani 75pm. l-ree. ll)|.

ACI OI CTBBIIOI‘I l'iitiI l~l I)ec. .-\ \ itlco installation by artist-m-residence Sophie .‘Hacl’hcrwii. .-\ll iirterat'tiy e dance piece is being created in response to the piece. and will be perforiried ltye in the gallery on Sat l-l l)cc at noon. l3.-I5piii and

130 rm.

I SCOTLAND STREET SCHOOL MUSEUM 335 Scotland Street. 43‘) I303. .\loii Sat |0airr 5pm; Still 3 5pm. ('afe. ID].

A Penny ForA Bream that ii .laii. A fascinating look at Victorian family entertainment. with Iii‘iitiillt'lly‘ shims toy theatres. shadow puppets and ('hristiiias cribs lroiri ilie Scottish .\lask ts Puppet 'IAIIt'llll'L'.

I SPRINGBURN MUSEUM .-\tlas Square. 557 L105, .\loir I'll lt).30anr 5pm; Sat 10am 4.51IplIILStlll3 5pm. ll)|.

Cast Iron Certainties t‘ntii 3‘) l-‘eb. .-\ comniemoi'ation of(il.rsgow”s once prominent cast iron industry



Double vision: The Boatman Somewhat Rattled (1898): a stereoscopic photograph on display at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

I 54 Gauge Sli't‘c‘l. 3304.148. Mon Sat l0airr--opiii. Assembly alive! tintii in Not. A site- specific liglii protection by lili/abeth l’ardoe. an installation created from thousands of shop receipts by Richard Yee. and work by IiC‘.-\ students". created in response to theatre. music aird dance performed at the Assembly Rooms See rey'iew.

I OOURNE FINE ART o l)uutlas Street. 557 4050. Mon-Sat l0ani (rpm tSat lpini. New Acquisitions Sat 7 34 Dec. Newly acquired paintings by Scottish artists. Christmas Exhibition Sat 7 24 Dec. Stit' ('liria'tnius Art Listings.

I BRITISH COUNCIL 3 Brttnisfield Crescent. 4-17 47 lo. Mon-l‘ri ‘)am--5pm.

Christmas Crafts & Gifts

Beads 8t Jewellery Cami/emaking Badge Making Clay Mode/ling Face Painting Origami Sponge Painting Boots Calligraphy Model Making Decoupage Clock Kits Kite Making Ci” Lots More

94 Queen Street, Glasgow G1 3AQ. Telephone 0141 221 1101


bDlTléll PAIN-TINch lglh-ZOlh CENTUDY 14.8 \Y/ejl. Degent St. Glasgow CZ ZDQécclland

The Winter Collection

Until End of January

Eardley RSA I92l-I963 Landscape Ink

Specially selected works by Eardley. Gillies, Knox, Shanks. Ferguson. R.Y. Cameron. MacTaggart, Howson. Herman, Hornel. Banks. Law. French. Munro, Rossi. . . and many others.

Mon - Sat 9.30-5.30

Walter Kershaw llniil n l)ec. Recent oil paintings. \\ aiercolotrrs and photographs of South .-\tnerica. Saraieyo. I.ancashire and the 'Reseryoir I)regs' of Yorkshire. I CALTON GALLERY ll) Royal .Ik‘fl'ilCL‘. 55o l0l0.

Christmas Exhibition t'ntti 23 Dec. Sm! ('/iri\tniu.\ .Ilrt last/tier.

I CAMEO CINEMA lloine Street. 33S JI—II. l)aily l3.30pm till late.

Polly Thelwall llntil | Dec. Drawings. sculptural work and 3i) and 3|) pieces by artist l’olly 'l’helwall. esploring \oy eurism and the female form.

I CENTRAL LIBRARY I’ine :\i'ls Department. ls'ing (ieorge |\' Bridge. David Bell 'l‘ue .l--37 I)ec. land. sea and townscape paintings by Day id Hell.

I CITY ART CENTRE Market Street. 53‘) 3‘)‘).i. .\lon 'Sat Itlain- 5pm.

liong Kong - City or Tomorrow l‘ntil 4 .Ian. .-\ fascinating look at the architecture and Il\ iiig conditions of one of the world's most densely populated cities. l‘eatui‘ing large-scale photographs. architects’ models. computer and audio-y isual works and a re-coiistrtiction of a 'iy pieal' llong Kong flat. the cshibrtton esplores the problems rnyoly ed in desrgmng for a city w itli a population of oyer si\ million. Peoples OI Edinburgh thin I .lati. The result of an eighteen months long community project. this insightful exhibition looks at the rtcli diyersity of culture in the city of lidinburgh. featuring photographs. \ ideos. liy e displays and the opportunity to dress tip and play musical instruments.

Imagined Lands t'nni -l .lan Intricater detailed postage stamps depicting an imaginary world by Donald Iiyans. on show alongside specially commissioned works by si\ Scottish artists.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 33 3S (‘ockbiirn Street. 330 l3o0. 'I‘ue Sat llarii 5.30pm. My Beautiful Beast Sat so so» 3| I)ec. New work by people In mg with HIV and .-\II)S.

Artists Multiples Sat so Not 31 Dee. St't' ('lii'iytnitit .‘II'I I.I\IIIIL‘\.

I CONTACT GALLERY ( il indlay ('oui't ('enire. (irindlay Street ('ouri. 33| 073 l. .\Ion l-ri Illaiii Jpni fl'll 3. itlprir). Fused Mon 3 Dec Io .Ian l.iyely hand- casi paper collages and ink drawings created during a series of workshops at (irrntilay ('otirt Centre,

I COWGATE ARTS 333 (‘ow gate. 335

~VII ‘y TUL- -S;i| [will (iplll.

Between Breathing i'nni 3| l)ec. New works by one of ScollatnIs leading by trig artists .-\nirette Iidgar.

I DANCE FOR ALL STUDIOS ‘ib (irange Road. Info: 330 355‘).

Making Waves Sun i l)ec. Ste ('In-iinmn .Irt lining-y.

I DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 l)oune 'I‘errace. 335 7IS‘). .‘ylon l-ir l0am 5pm; Sat noon~3pnr

Inge Ellegaard t'ntii H l)ec. 'i‘w-ti series of paintings by tlirs esteemed Danish artist. who tises classical inytlis to interpret today 's society.

I DUNEDIN GALLERY 6 Hillside Street. 557 3753. Tue Sat ll;tiii~(iplti (Sat 4.30mi”.

Nicola Green l'ntil l3 l)ec. .\ collection of new paintings.

Christmas Exhibition Until 24 Dec. SUP ('liristnitir .IIrt listings.

I EDINBURGH CITY YOUTH CAFE Victoria 'I’errace. Mon/\Vetl/l‘ri (r~-‘).30pin. Photography Exhibition l’iitil 33 Dec. An cshibitron and sale of photographs capturing the contrasting landscapes and cultures of Scotland and Latin America. I THE EDINBURGH GALLERY lSa l)undas Street. 557 5337. Mort-Fri lIam--5pm: Sat 10am» Ipm.

Christmas Exhibition Sat so Nata-3t) l)ec. See ('lii'istnitix :lrt listings.


Prints For Presents lintil 3| l)ec. See ('liriyt/ntiy .'II‘I listings.

I FIRTH GALLERY 35 William Street. 335 3|‘)(). Mon l‘ri llam oprn'. Sat |0am—~3prri.

Christmas Exhibition Until 24 Dec. See ('lii'iytnitiy :Irt Listings.

I THE FRUITMARKET GALLERY 3‘) Market Street. 335 3383. Tue-Sat

It)..l0am 5.30pm: Sun iroori~5pm. Northern lights Hi l)cc i tit-ii. The work of eight leading contemporary artists from Britain and America. who tise light to create challenging and iiinoy'atiye installations. See Lectures and Iiy'ents.

I GALLERY 41 4| l)undas Street. 557 456‘). Mott Sat lt).30am~5.30pm. Christmas Exhibition Sat .‘io Noy—3-I l)ec. St't' ('lirialintix .'II'I listings.

I JUDITH GLUE GALLERY (it) High Street. 553 ism». Mini -Sun ‘).30am (rpm tSuir ltlami.

A Gothic Christmas Until 24 Dec. St't' (‘liriytintis .-Ii't listiney.

I HANOVER FINE ARTS 33a l)tiiitlas Street. 556 3 IS 1.

Small Paintings For Chrisbnas Limit 4 Ian. .St't' (iltl'tyllttth .-II't /.t.\tilt_e\.

I MALCOLM INNES GALLERY 4 l)trndas Street. 558 05-1-1. Mort Sat ltlani-opm iSai 1pm).

Amid The High Hills l,'niil 30 Noy. l‘)th and 30th century oils. w atercolours and prints of Sporting and Scottiin strbiects. I INSTITUT FRANCAIS O’ECOSSE 13 Randolph Crescent. 335 5366. Tue—Sat iioorr-3piii.

Patrick Bailly-Maitre-Crand Until 24 Jan. One of three exhibitions in Scotland (see Street l.eyel and (BSA in (ilasgowi featuring photographs and installations by one of France's major photographic artists. Set: preyieyy.

la Cuisine d’Odile llniil 3| l)ec. To coincide with the publication of award-

TO The List 3‘) Nov l 3 Dec l‘)‘)(r