winning chef ()dile Petre's new French cookery book. the lnstittrte's restaurant plays host to abstract illustrations by Edinburgh College of Art graduate Ruth Montada.

I KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 Nortlnrmberland Street Lane. 557 5454. Mott—Sal lIarn-~4.30pnr.

Christmas Exhibition Until 20 Dec. See Christmas A rt listings.

I LEITH GALLERY 65 The Shore. 553 5255.

Christmas Exhibition Tue 3 Dec—4 J an. .S't't’ (YII'AVIIHUT xtl'l Listings.

I MATTHEW ARCHITECTURE GALLERY University of Edinbtrrgh. l)epartment of Architecture. 20 Chatnbers Street. 650 2342. Mon-Fri |0am-8pm: Sat/Sun l0.30am-2.30pm.

Strangely Familiar Until I3 Dee. Art exciting new exhibition highlighting the (liversin and complexity of urban architecture and the way in which it shapes our lives.

I METROPOLE COFFEE HOUSE 33 Newington Road. 668 4‘)‘)‘). Pylon-Sat 8.30am--l Ipni: Strrt l0am—l0pm. Christine Heughan Ilntil 2 Jan. Colourful hand-cast paper works by ECA graduate lletrgharr.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 556 8‘)2l. Mon—Sal I0am ~5pnr'. Sun 2--5pm.

The honre of a fine collection of works from the Renaissance to Post- Impressionism. including Rembrandt. l)egas and \‘an (‘ioglr plus Arttonio Carrova's beautiful sculpture The Three Graces. in residence at the gallery until l‘)‘)‘).

The Age OI Diirer Ilntil l5 l)ec. Free. On loan from the British Museum. this impressive collection of German Renaissance prints highlights the great work achieved in the country during this period. Most notably the innovative woodcuts of Albrecht l)ur'er and the designs of his pupil llans Baldung (ir'ien. I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND George |\' Bridge. 226 453l. Mort-Sat Itlam 5pm; Still 2 5pm.

White World l'ntil 28 Feb. Art exhibition chronicling the life and work of Glasgow- born writer Kenneth White. professor of 20th centtrry Poetry at the Sorbonne.

I NETHERROW THEATRE 43 High Street. 556 ‘)57‘). Mon-Sat l0ani—5prn.

Maisie l'ntrl 4 .Ian. Aileen Paterson's killed tabby cat leaves her Morningside home for the walls of the Netlrerbow.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75--7‘) Cumberland Street. 557 I020.

On A Small Scale Until 3-1 Dec. see ('llrist/nns .-Irl listings.

I OUT OE THE NOMADS TENT 2l St I.eonards Lane. 662 I6 I 2.

Christmas Exhibition Until 21 Dec. s‘w ('lrristnrus Art Listings.

I PORTFOLIO GALLERY 43 Candlemaker Row. 220 W] I. Tue Sat rioon- 5.30pm. Bay’sA Laugh t'ntil 31 Dec. Documentary photography by Richard Billingham. capturing the everyday life of his family in their West Midlands council Ilat.

I QUEEN’S HALL Clerk Street. (ins 2t)l‘). Norman Adam l'lllil 30 Nov. \Valet‘c‘olout‘ landscapes of Sutherland and the north of Scotland.

Bernard Rooke Mon 2— 24 Dec. Following his extremely popular Festival show. Rooke returns to the Queen's Hall with a new selling exhibition of sea and landscapes.

I ROGUES’ GALLERY 58 St Stephen Street. 225 5558. Tue- Sat I lain—6pm. Humbug Fri 6 l)ec--early .lan. See ('lrrist/nus Art listings.

Mixed Exhibition Until so Nov. Pocket and small format cartoons by cartoonists from I’nnt-lr. l’rit-utt' live. The (illtll't/itlll and more.

I ROMANIAN CULTURAL CENTRE I66 llrgh Street. 226 3477. Mon—Sat l0am-—6pm‘. Sttn 2-5pm. L'l (50p).

The BOON Tue 3- l 5 Dec. \an'k by

acclaimed Romanian artist Ion Bitzan. who has had a lifelong fascination with books theirjackets. paper and contents. Also on show. a collection of stylish illustrations of Shakespeare's Sonnets by Florin Stoiciu.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith House. lnverleith Row. 552 7I7l. Mon-Sun Ham-3pm.

Cecilia Vicuna Until 5 Jan. An installation of weavings made frorn found materials by Chilean artist. poet and filmmaker Cecilia Vicuna. Entitled 'Precario' meaning ‘from prayer". the fragile constructions are site specific and. due to the materials used. of a transitory nature. See preview.

Roots or The Future Until l6 Dec. Curated by the Commission for Racial Equality. this ground-breaking new exhibition features over 400 photographs and images documenting the history of ethnic diversity itr Britain.

Absolut Blue And White Until 5 Jan. Three new commissions by Gary Rough. Catriona Grant and David Shrigley. plus work from the Absoltrt Vodka collection including contributions from Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. See review.

I ROYAL lYCEUM THEATRE Gr'indlay Street. Mort—Sun 6pm--Iam.

Exhibition and Sale Until 30 Nov. The work of fourteen artists. including Jack Vettriano and Elizabeth Blackadder. for sale in aid of the Scottish Breast Cancer Campaign.

I ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings Gallery. I00 Princes Street. 225 I50I. Mon—Sun I0am—6pm.

Objects To Think With Mon 2 Dec—3| Jan. Oil paintings ofchildren and urban landscapes by Canadian artist .loan l)ymianiw.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY Princes Street. 225 667 I. Mort—Sat l0am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Angus McEwan Until t3 l)ec. Works by the winner of this year's Alastair Salvesen Trust Art Scholarship. created during a two month totrr of China.

Scottish Artists and Artist Craftsmen 7th Annual Exhibition Sat 30 Nov—2l Dec. Fine and applied arts by members of the SAAC. the fastest growing exhibiting society in Scotland.

I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY I6 l)undas Street. 558 I200. Mon-Fri l0am—6ptn; Sat l0am—4pm.

David McClure Sat 30 Nov-24 Dec. New paintings by McClure. on show alongside fun jewellery by Wally Gilbert. ceramics by .lill l-‘anshawe Kato and the gallery's Christmas Exltibition (See ('ltris'nnus Art Listings').

I SCOTTISH NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 556 802 l Mon-Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2--5pm. An impressive collection of 20th century art. including works by Picasso. Matisse. Moore. Hockney. Bellany. plus a selection of l)ada and Surrealist paintings.

Anne nedpath Until to Jan. £2.50 (£l.5l)l. From watercolour landscapes to rich interiors. this wonderful exhibition of over 70 paintings and drawings by one of Scotland's most successful and best-loved artists is the first major retrospective since I‘)72.

Wilhelmina Cams-Graham Until 3t .lan. Eleven paintings and drawings by one of Scotland's most distinguished living artists. Also on show. a prize-winning installation by Philippa Goodwin.

Double Vision: 19th Century Stereoscopic Photography Thurs I2 Dec—23 Feb. Free. First developed in the |85()s. this extremely popular photographic process led the way until moving pictures look over. Seen through hand-held stereoscopic viewers. this exhibition features over 50 images from the gallery's permanent collection. including panoramas. portraits and humorous scenes.


Mort—Sat I0arn—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. A stunning collection of portraits of famous faces from the I6th century to the present day. plus the national photography collection.

look, love And Follow Until Sun I Dec. An exhibition examining how medals and published images of the Stewart family played a part in the Jacobites campaign. Portrait Miniatures From The Collection or The Duke or Buccleuch Thurs I2 Dec—23 Feb. Art exquisite collection of 75 miniatures dating from I480— I 832.

I STUDIO ONE l0 Stafford Street. 226 58I2. Mon—Sat |0am—5.30prn; Sun noon—4pm.

Judy Pickering Until Fri 6 Dec. A collection ol'collages created using embroidery. shells. seed pods. maps and beaded flowers.

Christmas Exhibition Sat 7—24 Dec. St't' Christmas A r! I .is'tings.

I TALBOT RICE GALLERY University of Edinburgh. ()ld College. South Bridge. 650 22I I. Tue—Sat l0arn—5pm.

In Balance Until I4 l)ec. Minimalist paintings and drawings by distinctive artist Kenneth Dingwall.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 2‘)b l)undas Street. 556 6366. Mon—Fri I lam-6pm; Sat I0.3(lam—4pm.

Christmas Exhibition Mon 2 l)ec»-4 Jan. Sec ( 'lrristnrus A rt Listings.

I UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. Summerhall. Mon— Fri l0am~5pm (Mon/Wed 8.30pm); Sat l0am—2ptn. Working With Animals Until Fri (3 Dec. Drawings. prints and photographs by Frances Richardson. former artist-in- residerrce at I-Itlinburgb '/.oo. capturing the daily life of a vet in trainitrg.

I HUNTLY HOUSE MUSEUM I42 Canongate. 52‘) 4 I43. Mort—Sat l()am--6pm. Packed with historic artefacts. this museum tells the story of Edinburgh's past and its people.

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street. 52‘) 4 I42. Mon-Sun I0ani--6pm. All manner of archive material and old toys relating to childhood through the ages.

I PEOPLE'S STORY I63 Canongate. 52‘) 4057. Mon- Sat l0arn--6pm. The sights. sounds and even smells of Edinburgh folk from the |8tlr century onwards.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND 2 Chambers Street. 225 7534. Mort—Sat l0am—5pm (Tue until 8pm): Sun noon—5pm.

Over The Threshold: 400 Years or The Scottish Home Strn l I)ec—>-6 Apr l‘)‘)7. From huge families forced into two rooms. to tnodern lit-tech apartments. no area of Scottish home life goes untouched in this major new exhibition featuring paintings. models. photographs and film. The Ivy Wu Gallery A superb collection

of artworks from China. Japan and Korea. with costumes. ceramics. furniture and prints.

Art & Industry An educational and fun interactive gallery that features everything from an Elton John stage suit to a Charles Rennie Mackintosh bookcase.

I WRITERS’ MUSEUM Lady Starr's Close. 52‘) 4‘)OI. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. A treasure-house of items relating to Robert Louis Stevenson. Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.



lectures are listed by city, then by date.


Inbetweener CCA. Tours of the exhibition will take place every Friday and Saturday at I.l5pm.

Marker Tue 3 l)ec. |.l5prn. Java Internet Cafe. l)ettie Flynn looks at storytelling as performance art. Also every Tue/Wed. Fri/Sat. Flynn will be on hand to relate stories behind the photographs in her installation.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society Tue l0 Dec. 6pm. Queen‘s Cross Church. Crarscube Road. Maryhill. A series of talks by young Glasgow artists. Tonight architects Richard Crotch and Nick Blair sltare their visions for the future.


Art In The 19503 Mon 2 Dec. l2.45pm. Free. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Matthew Wellard looks at the work of influential mid-20th century artists.

Dr Winifred nushtord Wed 4 Dec. l2.45pm. Free. Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Siobhan Dougherty looks at this work by Victoria Crowe.

The Vision Alter The Sermon (Jacob And The Angel) Fri 6 Dec. l2.45pin. Free. National Gallery of Scotland. Belinda Thomson puts Paul Gatrguin's work under the spotlight.

Northern Lights Sat 7 Dec. 2pm. Free. Fruitmarket Gallery. The eight exhibiting artists talk about their work.

Cris violacé aux rides Mon 9 Dec. l2.45pm. Free. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Siobhan Dougher'ty looks at this work by Antoni Tapies.

Charlotte Hasmyth Wed l l Dec. l2.45pm. Free. Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Frances Borzello gives a talk on the Work ()l‘ William Nicholson.


7 December 1996—1 February 1997

"I have an interest in the invisible

An exhibition of light— based work featuring:

Adam Barker—Mill

light, the light perceptib/e only in

the mind... light that we see in dreams...

(James Turrell)

THE FRUITMARKET GALLERY 45 Market Street. Edinburgh ehl 1df T. 0131—225 2383 F. 0131—220 3130 Open Tuesday—Saturday. TOam—Gpm Sunday 12—Spm. Admission free

/ want to address the

Patrick Beveridge Richard Ellis Andrew Gifford

James Turrell

Wenyon & Gamble

Ally Wallace

TIIL‘ List 2‘) Nov - I2 I)L'L' I‘llllt 71