I Altered Beats at Henry's Cellar Bar.

1 lpm-3am. £4 (£3). Jungle. hip-hop. Latin. jazz and Indian rhythms with live musicians. vocalists and DJs on the Wavefront sound system. Main players include Guy Nicolson. Eh? Wun! and Under The Influence.

I Astromotel at The Honeycomb.

I lpm—3am. Curfew 1.30am. £5 members. £6 non-members. Prices differ on guest nights. 29 Nov. Fortnightly. Scott Gallagher and Dr Arjun (Breeze) plus the Tribal Funktion DJs. Tuff US trax. vocal garage and disco.

I Big at The Jaffacake. l lpm-3am. £3 before midnight. £4 after. Mainstream chart sounds. with excellent promos. free bouncy n'des. guzzle guns and plenty of drink-related fun.

I Big Beat at La Belle Angele. 1|pm—3am. £5.50 (£4.50). £2.50 before

I 1.30pm. 6 Dec. Every four weeks. Last Big Beat for the year. Guests are BB faves the Dig! Fatnily from Leeds. supported by the Yardbird Jazz Dancers. Expect quality soul jazz tunes and an enthusiastic crowd. Get there early.

I Bitch Studio 24. lOpm—3am. £5. 6 Dec. One-off party featuring a kick-ass freestyle house selection spanning a seamless mix of styles. The [)Js. Donnie ‘Lazy Boy' Allan and Jeff Pilgram are well known promoters in Manchester and are making a specral trip to Edinburgh to inflict their party spirit on the capital.

I Boogie iiights at Club Mercado.

l lpm—3am. £5. 29 Nov. Fortnightly. Trendy Wendy hosts this night of classic disco. Odyssey perform live at midnight. See Hit List. I Cavendish 9pm—3am. £5. Over 25s only. Smart dress. Live bands every week. Sixties and seventies music. Ground floor only. I Cathouse at The Rocking Horse.

1 1pm—3am. £3 (£2 with flyer). Price includes entry to Katch and Voodoo Chile. Extremely popular night featuring post- grunge like rock sounds. I Century 2000 llpm—3am. £5. Over 18s. Commercial dance music under the most expensive lights in Scotland. No ripped jeans. steel toe-caps or trainers. I The Clinic at Studio 24. 10pm—3am. £4 members; £5 non-members before IO.30pm. £6 members; £7 non-members after. 6 Dec. Fortnightly. A new bouncy techno/happy hardcore night. dispensing the best in old skool cuts. the latest pumped-up vibes and all the desired party bands. The Cassio Brothers guest. I Duh ’n’ Dance at The City Cafe. IO.30pm—lam. Free. DJ Gaz Long and guests playing dub. garage and house downstairs in City Two. Hot and busy. I Evol at The Music Box. 10.30pm-3am. £4. Ever popular night of 60s. 70s and 80s pop nonsense. Always busy and guaranteed fun. Early arrival is recommended. I ileat at Club Mercado. llpm—3am. £6. 6 Dec. First three Fn'days of the month. New house night hosted by Trevor Reilly (Boulevard) and Dodge. Dress to impress. I Ketch at The Rocking Horse. llpm—3am. £3 (£2 with flyer). Price includes entry to Cathouse and Voodoo Chile. Eighties and nineties indie dance. I The lane at The Lane. llpm-late. £5. Residents Jon Flowers and Kev McGinley with a wide dance-based playlist.

I lift at Wilkie House. 9pm-3am. £ (£). 6 Dec. Fortnightly. Trance and techno.

I The living iiootn 9pm—lam. Free. The Living Room present Andrew Moisey. Dillon and Christopher Wn'ght with a freestyle mix of dance sounds. Pre-club. I loungin’ at Negociants. 9pm—3am. Free. Every Friday except the last Friday of the month. Yogi Haughton and assorted guests with funk, soul. swing. rap and hip- hop in the Negociants basement.

I Mange at La Belle Angele. llpm-3am.

Say cheese: happy hardco with the Basic Brothers at The Clinic

£4 members. £5 non-members. Lifetime membership £2. 29 Nov. Fortnightly. DJ Dazee and MC Jakes (Ruffneck Ting)join residents G-Mac and MC Frosty for boombastic drum ‘n’ bass pressure. Expect the hardstep. jump-up Bristol sound.

I Marley's Reggae Kluh at Cavendish. 10pm—3am. £4. The city's longest- running reggae night (situated on the middle floor of Cavendish) with a playlist running through roots. ragga. lovers. heavywei ht dub and dancehall.

I Minus ne at The Carlton Highland Hotel. 10pm-3am. £3.50 (free before

1 1.30pm for members). Hotel disco for guests and general public.

I Party at Moray House. llpm—3am. £2 (£1). 29 Nov. Fortnightly. Tropical dance club with Caribbean fun flavour. With drinks promos.

I Partyceilidhdisco at Moray House. lOpm—3am. Free to Moray House students and staff. other students £1 and guests £2. 6 Dec. Fortnightly. Two-hour ceilidh followed by three hours of disco. With drinks promos (vodka and Tennents lager 75p. all other drinks £1.40).

I The Peppermint Lounge at P]. Lyles. 9pm—lam. Free. Uplifting house with the Fresh DJs. Pre-club.

I Planet Earth at The Citrus. 1 lpm—3am. £4. Happy Hour cocktails llpm-midnight. New Romantics. punks. glam rockers and disco freaks relive the era that others try and forget.

I Pure at The Venue. 10.30pm—3am. £4 members. £6 non-members without guest DJs. £5 members. £7 non-members with guest DJs on two floors. £8 members. £10 non-members with guest DJs on all three floors. One of the most respected house and techno clubs in the UK. With international guest DJs and one of the most committed crowds on the planet.

I Reaction at The Subway. l 1pm—3am. £2 (free for students with matriculation card). Weekly mix of chart. dance and classic disco.

I Roadrunner at Potterrow Student Union. 9pm—2am. £1 students. £2 guests. Happy Hour 9.30—10.30pm. After school music for Independent kids and occasional exciting happenings upstairs. I numheando at Walkers. lOpm—3am. £4 (£3). 29 Nov. Fortnightly. A new venue (with new management, new PA and new dancefloor) for this popular night of Latin dance produced by the Thelonius team. Expect the usual modern salsa. merengue and samba plus free dance classes (at 10pm) with Alba Higgins from Dance Base.

I Seen at The Honeycomb. llpm—3am. £5. 29 Nov. Monthly. New residency for Edinburgh’s leading hip-hop club. Residents are Eh! Wun? and Well Stirred

in the main room with funk. soul and accessible hip hop. Ruftone and Jode mix up a more underground selection through the back with a regular open mic slot for MCs. See Hit List.

I Silky at Royal Chimes. 10.30pm-3am. 1.30am curfew. £3 members. £4 non members before ll.30pm. £5 members. £6 non-members after. Ladies free before ll.30pm. 6 Dec. Fortnightly. UK house with residents Kenny Large and Marty McCrossan.

I Space Shanty at The Attic. 1 [pm—3am. £4. Happy Hour llpm—midnight. 29 Nov. Fortnightly. Edinburgh‘s finest full-on. funked up. doped up. trip hop. Chemical beats club. A night of hedonistic behaviour and electro-hop tunes supplied by DJs Andy and Believe (Digital Biscuit).

I Speeder at The Wee Red Bar. llpm—3am. £3. Edinburgh's only real altemative indie club. as recommended by Jo Wiley and Mark Radcliffe.

I Sublime at Wilkie House. 10.30pm—3am. £6 members. £8 non members. Membership available on the night. 29 Nov. Fortnightly. Residents Billie Caldwell. ldge and Kev Wright are joined by London’s Halal Sachs (a former Mixmag DJ competition winner) at this top quality hard house/trance night. Watch out for a visit from Dave Clarke in December.

I Stormin’ iionnan P.J. Lyles. 9pm—lam. Free. Trance. techno and Goa with Fly and Nonn.

I T.F.l.F. at Club Mercado. 4— l0pm. Free. Friday nights have changed forever thanks to Happy Hour 5—6.30pm. £1 dn'nks. £ 10 bottles ofchampagne and great. nostalgic music courtesy of Trendy Wendy who manages to get the dancefloor packed and jumping as early as 6pm. T.F.l.F will be starting from 3pm from 13 Dec.

I Viva lulu at Walkers. llpm-3am. £5 (£4). 6 Dec. Monthly. New night of Brazilian dance. Smart dress. Over 21s. I Voodoo Chile at The Rocking Horse. llpm—3am. £3. Price includes entry to Cathouse and Katch. Full of lovely boys and girls headbanging to classic heavy metal.


I BPM at the Music Box. 7-lOpm. £5. Under-18s night playing a wide range of chart and dance sounds.

I Burger iiueen at Club Mercado. 10.30pm—late. £8 (£7). 7 Dec. Fortnightly. Craig. Huggy. Stella Superstar and the ultra-dressy. champagne-loving elite host a Spirit Records party with Paul Aquarius (he of the excellent Aquarius remixes) guesting. Glam it up and arrive early. Tickets (£20) for New Year are now on sale at the club.

I The Cavendish 9pm—3am. £5. Over 25s only. Smart dress. Live bands every week. I Century 2000 11pm—3am. £5. See Fridays.

I Club Ibiza at Walkers. 9pm—3am. Prices tbc. Over 21s. Smart dress. General good- time music.

I CIA at Moray House. llpm—3am. £4. 30 Nov. Fortnightly. indie night run by the FBI crew playing Kula Shaker. Bluetones. Garbage etc . . . With DJ Lee (FBI).

I Colours at Club Mercado. llpm—4am. £8 members. £10 non members. Membership applications and club information on 01698 276 866. 30 Nov. Fortnightly. Crosby and Michael Kilkie for upfront. pumping house.

I Disco inierno at The Venue. 10.30pm—3am. £6. 30 Nov. Fortnightly. Your regular disco hosts MC Otis and DJs Love and Nick Silver with three burning floors of hot disco action. Probably Edinburgh’s busiest night.

I Earth Inierno at The Rocking Horse. 10.30pm-3am. £3. Happy Hour until 12.30am. Goth and industrial sounds.

I East Coast Prolect at Henry's Cellar Bar. llpm—3am. Band on stage at

midnight. £4 (£3). Hip-hop. soul and jazz night with DJs Eh? Wunl. Joseph and Unkle Fawaz joined by various East Coast Project musicians including Nicola King (ex-Captain Shifty). Rose‘anne (Coco And The Bean). Stevie Christie and David Donnelly (Freshly Squeezed). Small place. gets busy. good atmosphere though. I The Egg at The Wee Red Bar. ll.30pm—4am. £3. Drinks promos. indie. 60s. new wave and soul.

I Energise at Subway. l 1pm—3am. £2. Various party sounds.

I FBI at The Jaffacake. l lpm—3am. £4. 7 Dec. Fortnightly. Exceptionally popular indie club on three floors.

I le Freak at The Attic. 10.30pm—3am. £4. 7 Dec. Fortnightly. New home for this increasingly pular night of 70s disco. I Fiesta lat na at Teviot Row. 9.30pm-3am. £3 students. £4 non students. 7 Dec. Monthly. Popular Latin dance event. For more info call Myrna on 441 2841.

I Crease at Moray House. 1 lpm—3am. £3 (£2). 7 Dec. Fortnightly. Funky-pop and dance. With drinks promos.

I iiaka at The Jaffacake. llpm—3am. £4. 30 Nov. Fortnightly. Mainstream chart dance at this new night. Be warned though. it's aimed at rugby club types and some serious liver damage is inevitable. I Ideal iiome at The Gilded Balloon. llpm—3am. £6. 7 Dec. Monthly. Easy listening and tacky nonsense upstairs with Trendy Wendy. funk. jazz. hip-hop and disco down stairs with Simon and Grega.


A 0'

Minimal lack masters Bios - aka Scott Fraser, Peter Walker and Alan Baxter - are signed to Andrew Weatherall's Emissions Audio Output. Their night, 100% lo-ii is resident at the Sub club on the first Friday or every month with Peter and Scott taking control of the decks.

I M Valium ‘Tropical EP’ (Teknotika) ‘Another corking release from DJ Valium on the excellent Teknotika. Top tribal techno from Detroit. You‘ll do.‘

I 2 tone Swordsmen ‘PT 035' (Emissions promo) ‘Double pack of deep funky grooviness and a couple of great remixes from Ricos Helly, courtesy of Omid Nourizadeh. Anthony Teasdale and Kevin McKay.’

I Kikoman Styles or Abstract (Contact) ‘Kiko Ramirez can do no wrong. and this tonking tracky four tracker on the stupendous Contact Chicago is no exception. blinding mate! Check out his own label Deep Fried too. Highly recommended.‘ I iiead In The clouds ‘iierves oi itebber’ (communique) ‘Cracking double-pack from Greg Stevens. Funky. chunky wild drum programming. top basslines and groovy sampled snatches as well make this another Lo-fi must.’

I Clint Foster ‘Sound Photos’ (Geometric) ‘Minimal techno made the way it should be. Deep. funky four tracker from Clint. well worthy of a good spanking on any quality dancefloor. Scorchio!‘ (Rory Weller)

The List 29 Nov-12 Dec 1996 B1