SINGING TUITION m M a d d e '1

Group classes, classical to chart and everything in I

_, - ' ' ~ between, plus microphone s s o c I a e s g ' technique.

if A L G Introductory courses

on Monday evenings. Intermediate courses on Thursday evenings. Under 18s on Saturday afternoons.


Private tuition also 8’ available.

.v' Consultancy

Contact 0131 445 1390 for further

details. Programming

I Spanish tuition by native speaker. Creative learning for

all levels. Groups and

individuals. Contact 0141 332 System Analysis 1479.

I Superb singing tuition offered by experienced opera singer (ten years with Scottish . . . Opera). All levels taught. £15 If you requure luriher lr.."0i matron, or

r hour. First lesson free. Paul . . rnnyBAmonsyTCkOMI would like to be included on oul :na.;..lg

9454693. list, then please contact us by any of the I German and French tuition at

any level by qualified teacher methods bebw' with extensive teaching

' H I P C I. U B B I N G Eli‘éi'éeé‘fgiif 338313353251. Tom Madden ASSOCiates

I Gama“ mum. by German Rutland House, 12 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 288. T R E N D s E T T I N 6 exchange student. All levels. 1. I. 013] 228 228' F o 013' 228 3637 P E R S {3 9 E R ‘0 beginners welcome, 9 - ax. O convemation' lemme“ i" a“ or you can e-mail us at the following:-


IN EUROPE AND I Cello and piano tuition by sxnmmm “a nummn

L'Vely brands We Metz‘ Bacard' Sp'ce ' experienced. friendly, teacher of English as a foreign and Breezer need a live wire to promote them professional teacher and language wants students. . b h m ,ll d - performer. Children and adult Cheap prices. m younger ars w ere ey 90 own a Storm Spanish, French, German 8: beginners. re-leamers and Call has III 0131 667 2305. You know the ones we mean because you Italian courses. All ages, all advanced students all welcome. in Edinburgh. . . | levels, all year round in Creative. fun and supportive Spend mOSt 0‘ Your "99 "me 'n them- Show us picturesque and historic locations. learning. Tel 0131 55! 4531. W the ri ht attitude. a clean drivin licence and Accommodaan and cultural . . g . g . . activities included. Further details BE com ' cm“ The Wise“ W‘s" A Levels (or equrvalent) and well give you from Develop yourmaiiviiy form of modemilve from . . , b leamin u-m [ France. 45 minutes beginners close support. great training and bags of Kath Bateman,Caledoma Y. 3 g .‘ r a . ' , , , I an a e Courses. The Edinburgh Gurtar Studio. Class fouowed by Wang to publncrty materials and promotional ideas. g" g Satisfaction and results [13‘3-30P'S‘Lclhamkkafi'kfifck' . . . ues. ou . oc n o . CV 5' recent phmos and self'sen'ng Covenng fax Buléaagggeesg-I 3215. Licensed bar. Come alone or letters to Leigh Blanchard at Lincoln With fflendS-POOYS Open at , , 7. lSpm. Beginners class at Management. 2 Monk 5 Way. Lincoln LN2 SLN. 7.30pm. ll Glasgow: Tuesdays at The

Plaza Ballroom. Eglinton Toll. Southside. Thursdays at The Venue Night Club. 474 Sauchiehall Street.


MID SATURDAY CLASSES In err-mil: Mondays and geagiiggz gmray House,

Christmas closure: 20 December-5 January.

I Video tiirn company constantly seeks additional

talent artistic. technical and

administrative _ to take work 0 Languages 0 Expressive Arts 0 Cinema Further details from 01324 613 seriously but not yourself. - 0 Business & Life Skills 0 Computing [250:6]. inf0@ceroc u netcom Percentage basis- CV8. photos. and much more for General Interest or Credit ' ' ' ' . with SAE to 66 Ayr Road. . l“. t. u“, u” D‘scover Hand Knitters required for Irvine, Ayrshire KA12 30L. Start In October/January/Aprll :Vhat 01181135“ {he EIWIQSIOR orever. e on in swm tenrtszflnfe::'}:$':f: All classes enrolling now dance taught bygprofessioriais. d g p I for F0, . mmm W Th. N0 cxpcncncc or partner 3" written Patterns. short film. One male and one Ed " c I m 41 “8 2493 I necessary. Classes No sewing up required, female. both around 17. Also: u ' (2‘ ) 1.30-4.30pm. £10. Beginners Good rates. male. 14; male, 40s; female, Saturdays. Intermediates 30s; male, 55-70. Contact . ( Sundays. Dance away the "anew Mike, 0141 948 0071 for more ,IRILI} V ~ a - -, r 2 O Saturday nights from 8pm. “ham!” EH3 aHp information. _ _ f I .\ N” I IVS/I i ( )/ Yl AR 5 November 23/24. December Tel:0l3l-229 0637 NM 1/ l( l i I)! , " , . 14/15. at Marco's. 55 Grove = 4' w ‘- ~ ' Street. Edinburgh. Details 0131 - .‘ 228 2141.

The List 29 Nov-12 Dec 1996 3‘ '