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Small flat move specialist - £28 (single item - £15)

Hands-on help with lifting. Sympathetic, friendly service.


Telephone Neil on 0131 229 8361

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edinburgh Motorcycle workshop


It's not about being biggest it's about being best!

That means personal attention, quality workmanship and realistic pricing, backed up by my 17 years in the motorcycle trade.

_; road worthiness check. Plus report with no obliga- tion together. with all the usual services from M.O.T. tossing to g: ' services and repairs far all makes of motOrcycie.

D labour rates available for Training

:; .~ Schools. Motorcycle Clubs and Couriers.

10/14 East Preston Street Lane, Newington EH8 90H

©13311=~©C6fi (8Q "rides: services for g . CAMPBELL ROBERTS pI'O CSSIOUJ pTOIl'lOS. ALIOTS.

cabaret. fine arts. parties. documentaries. commercial business. training. sports. advertisements. educational workshops you name it we will travel anywhere. Tel or fax 01294 273337.

murals and paint effects

0131 553 2138

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Custom Body Jewellery by Jared Senders

Piercing & Hair Extensions by Patsy

248 Canongate, Edinburgh EHO 8AA Tel: 0131-558 9460

Do you need. . . shelves, bookcases, cupboards, an old fashioned dishrack?

then call Gordon Russell on 0131 669 5082

Getting Married? Need a cake? Contemporary. Creative

Individual Designs Homemade 8. Delicious

Platform bed specialist as featured in the Glasgow Herald Sue fir-pun

(013022! 5772


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Ieafl is Is brgcTIITres all over Scotland

if you want to grab your customers where iétgatters, give us a call

0141 429 38

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INDIVIDUAL AID DBDUP THERAPY with an experienced and qualified therapist. Professionally registered.

Colin White 0131 555 0038.

I Eating Disorders Help and support by qualified and experienced therapist. Get to the root of your eating disorder and start feeling happy in your body. Details phone Louise Hay Training ()l3l 3l5 3532.

I Counselling and telephone counselling Depression. stress- related disorders. relationship problems . . .just phone for appointment. ‘There is a solution to every problem. You Can Heal Your Life.‘ Louise Hay Training. Ol3l 3l5 3532.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE is ideal for relieving mental and emotional stress. physical aches and pains. Prices from £15. Graham Watson DTM MSllP. 0131 466 0288.

I New therapy/personal development group with Colin White and Pat Butson beginning January. Tuesdays 6—8pm. An opportunity to explore personal issues and make changes for yourself. Phone ()l3l 555 (X)38.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE relieves stress and physical aches and pains. induces relaxation and sense of wellbeing. Janet Brenner IITM MSIIP 0131 661 5592.


BODY PIERCIIIG by Jacqueline Beatles at

The Glasgow Piercing Studio. Unit 50. Savoy Centre. Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow

0141 332 17721334 8587.

I Iyengar yoga classes For details ofclasses in and around Glasgow. Contact ()l4l 945 393 I.


I Fiddle player preferably based in Glasgow. required for gigging band. For further information contact Suki on Old] 440 2025 (day) or0l4l 334 8l25 (eves).

I Interested in French music? French singer/guitar player seeks musicians (accordion. keyboards. bass. percussions) to play French songs (Gainsbourg. Brel. Montand. Negresses Vertes. Kent . . .) for fun gigs. wine! Tel: ON] 423 ll5l.

92 The List 29 Nov-I2 Dec I996