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Tonrb Italder (PC CD- ROM/Playstation/Satum £39.99)

If you’ve ever fantasised about playing a female Indiana Jones, this game could be just the cover you need. Set in a trap-infeSted world of. catacombs and crypts, the player takes on the role of swashbuckling aristocratic explorer, Laura. With slick 3D presentation and a high level of detail, Tomb Raider knocks spots off Doom in the graphics department. The action, however, is more Cerebral. You’ll encounter a" dangerous variety of wolves, snakes and centaurs -— but you’ll need to solve some puzzles if you want to reach the end. Good to see a girl in the hot-seat for once.

Dinosaur llunter (PC CD—ROM £29.99)

Dorling Kindersley continues its quest for domination of the edutainment CD-ROM market with Dinosaur Hunter, a sure fire way to keep budding palaeontologists occupied this Christmas. The virtual museum is divided into four sections the first three leading the lurassically-minded through all the basic background they might require. Then comes the fun, as users get to excavate six different dinosaurs and bring them back to life. The visuals are stunning, and information, which appears as narrative, animation and stills, is all easily retrievable.

The Microsoft lletwork Microsoft has taken some time to be swayed by the benefits of the Web, but now that it has seen the light, it’s determined to make an impact. The all-new Microsoft Network has beaten rival service providers Compuserve and AOL to launch an entirely Web-based user-interface. With an elegant black and silver design illuminated by colourful animations, it's smart and easy to navigate, offering a wide range of what Microsoft optimistically calls ‘programming’. Britain is yet to be offered the flat-rate membership available in the US, but no doubt that will come. MSN might just live up to its hype. (John Henderson) http://wwmmsncom

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Word wide

Pepsi’s latest commercial leaves a bad taste in the mouth, says John Henderson, as he views the ad that has put controversial Channel 4 show The Word back on TV.

n case you'd forgotten. Channel lFour's infamous late-night show The

Word didn‘t just fade away. it was axed. A series of incidents involving naked women and horse manure, a colostomy bag and a puking Santa brought about what many would argue was its timely demise in I995.

But now, thanks to a series of commercials for the Pepsi ‘Countdown To Christmas' competition, Terry Christian and Dani Behr are back. With a prime Saturday teatime slot the ‘this is an advertisement‘ Word has tried hard to be bad. The first. screened on Saturday l6 November, relied on dog food pies and a wizened dwarf for entertainment.

It might come as some surprise that a global brand like Pepsi should want to associate itself with what many will

find pretty tasteless viewing. Almira Mohamed of Freud Communications. the company behind the ads, is more positive. ‘People still talked about The Word. even ifthey hated it.‘ she asserts. And so linking Pepsi and bad taste is not a bad thing? ‘We don't think so.’ says Mohamed. who clearly espouses

All tied up: Terry Christian and Oani Behr In the new Pepsi ad

the new variety of post-modem reverse marketing.

At least if this latest advertising spree sinks without trace. the fees of Mr Christian and Ms Behr will pale into insignificance compared to the cost of turning Concorde and The Daily Mirror blue.

The Pepsi ~Cola Word (.‘(mtmercials will be aired each Saturday at 6.15pm until 25 December.


Rolling with it: the Oasis magazine


Oasis: the magazine \

The in-fighting, the splits, the drugs arrests, the sore throats, the househunting, the cancelled tours, the tedious minutiae of day-to- day life for the brothers Gallagher . . . you’ll find none of it in the first 52-page colour edition of the Official Oasis Ouarterly y' Magazine (except perhaps the in-iighting). The only officially ' ' endorsed Oasis publication can boast that it is overseen by Noel . Gallagher and edited and designed by Oasis sleeve designer Brian “may? Cannon. As such, some of the anecdotal stories take on a ' personal reminiscence feel - and, like most personal reminiscences, you had to be there to get the full effect.

Why has it taken so long to produce such a publication and why is it such a disappointment? There is zero input from the band members. Where is Bonehead’s tour diary, Ouigsy’s problem page or liam’s favourite pub crawl? Instead we get an exhaustive

- 1 account of the shoot for the ‘lloll With It’ single sleeve, some fairly diverting titbits from Owen Morris on producing Whats The Story (Morning Glory) and an interview with Johnny Matt on how he first met Noel. Obsessive fans may lap this up, but the only

71.2 real exclusive here is pictures from the band‘s first ever photo

' shoot in 1993, in which everyone looks about twelve, apart from Bonehead who just looks like Bonehead.

Enticed by the ‘Official’ tag, fans will probably buy this magazine in vast quantities, but unless band involvement is considerably upped, the £3.50 price tag will continue to look particularly steep. (Fiona Shepherd)

The Official Oasis Ouarterly Magazine is available now from IIM V priced £3. 50 or by mail order priced £4. )

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