cure “811m EDIT: EDINBURGII, 80.8

I Seen at The Honeycomb. I lpm—3am. £5. 27 Dec. Monthly. New residency for Edinburgh‘s leading hip hop club. Residents are FLh‘.’ Wun! and Well Stirred in the main room with funk. soul and accessible hip hop. Ruftone and Jode mix up a more underground selection through the back with a regular open mic slot for MCs. The first night went well.

I Silky at Royal Chimes. I().3()pm-—3arn. I.30ain curfew. £3 members; £4 non- members before I I.3()pm. £5 members; £6 non-members after. Ladies free before I I.30pm. 20 Dec and Boxing Day. Fortnightly. UK house with residents Kenny Large and Marty McCrossan.

I Soletusion at The Honeycomb. llpin-3ani. £8 (£7). 3 Jan. Monthly.

I Sublime at Wilkie House. IU.30pin~-3am. £6 members; £8 non- members. Membership available on the night. I3 and 27 l)ec. Fortnightly. Residents Billie Caldwell. ldge and Kev Wright with hard driving trance in a Sasha/Oakenfold style. Very popular. There may be a live set from the residents on 27 Dec. Please note that Sublime will move to The Vaults on 27 Dec and fortnightly thereafter.

I TILE at Club Mercado. 4—l()pm. Free. Friday nights have changed forever thanks to Happy Hour 5—6.3()pm. £I drinks. £ I0 bottles of champagne and great. nostalgic music courtesy of Trendy Wendy who manages to get the danceiloor packed and jumping as early as 6pm. T.F.I.F will be starting from 3pm from I3 Dec.

I Viva llio at Walkers. llpiii—3ani. £5 (£4). 3 Jan. Monthly. Edinburgh‘s first Brazilian club. with a Carnival style atmosphere. The next event is on 28 Feb. I Voodoo Chile at The Rocking Horse.

I Ipm—3am. £3. Price includes entry to Cathouse and Katch. Full of lovely boys and girls headbanging to classic heavy metal.

1.30am curfew. £6 members; £7 non- members. 20 Dec. Monthly. Joey Negro and Andrew ‘I)oc' Livingston guest alongside Yogi Haughton. Expect a funky and fresh mix of garage and underground house with disco influences. More chilled vibes through the back.


I B?" at the Music Box. 7-- I()piii. £5. Under- I8s night playing a wide range of chart and dance sounds.

I Burger oueen at Club Mercado. l0.30pm—Iate. £8 (£7). 2| and 3| l)ec

Stella Superstar and the ultra-dressy. champagne-loving elite. Glam it up and arrive early. Tickets for Hogmanay are on sale at the club at £20. Catch Burger Queen playing live on Radio ()ne's Castle Street stage between I0.30pm— I2.3()ani. See Hit List.

Garage with New Jersey's Gusto guesting.

I Zodiac at The Honeycomb. l Ipm—-3aiii.

(see Tuesdays). Fortnightly. Craig. Huggy.

I The Cavendish 9piii-3am. £5. ()ver 25s only. Smart dress. I.ive bands every week. I Century 2000 I lpm— 3am. £5. See Fridays.

I CIA at Moray House. I Ipm»-3am. £4. l4 and 28 Dec. Fortnightly. Indie night run by the FBI crew playing Kula Shaker. Bluetones. Garbage etc. With D] Lee (FBI).

I The CiTGIS at Wilkie House. ll).3()piii~.3ain. Price tbc. 2| l)ec. Monthly. New glam house spectacular with Austin Wild (Renaissance). Paul Murray (Up Yer Roiison) and Tim l.eiinos (Flesh).

I Clear at Royal Chimes. Ilipiri-4ani. £6 in advance; £7 on the door. Tickets from Xile and 23rd Precinct. 2| l)ec. Smart dressed house club for a slightly older crowd.

I Club Dezique at the Gilded Balloon.

I lpm—3am. £5 in advance from Saki & Flynn. £6 on the door. 2| l)ec. Monthly New night shamelessly spearheading an 80s revival. Sold out on its opening night. Please arrive early for this Christmas special. Free Malibu on the door. Start practising your moonwalking now. Dress to impress.

I CIDD Graflitl lleiii-—3am. £4 (£3). 20 and 27 l)ec. Hip hop and drum 'n' bass on 20 l)ec. reggae with Rude on 27 l)ec.

I Colours at Club Mercado. I lplilqllllll. £8 members; £ It) non-iiieiiibers. Membership applications and club information on (”698 276 866. I4 and 28 l)ec. Fortnightly. Mancini and Colin Patterson I4 l)ec. Crosby and Kris

Keegan 2S l)ec. Watch otit for a change of

musical direction in the New Year.

I Deep at Studio 24. I lpni~3aiii. £4 before midnight: £6 after. I4 and 2S l)ec. Fortnightly. Mike Douglas. Sinc and Jaiiimiii jay with deep house on one Iloor only.

I Disco inferno at The Venue.

Il).3()pm ~3aiii. £6. I4 l)ec (also 3| l)ec. see Tuesdays). Your regular disco hosts MC Oils and His l.o\ e and Nick Silycr with three burning floors of Iiot disco action. Probably Fdinburgh's busiest night.

I Disco Inferno at Meadow bank Sports Centre. ‘)prn~|ate. £l6. 2| l)ec. A one-off special featuring special guests Boney M and those spectacular Swedes. The Abba Experience.

I Earth Inferno at The Rocking Horse. l().3()piii——3am. £3. Ilappy Hour until I2.3()am. Gotli and industrial sounds.

I East Coast Project at In Belle Angele, I lpm—3am. 2| and 28 l)ec. Price the. Joseph. lih'.’ Wunl and (i-Mac on 2| l)ec. George T. Dolphin Boy and Aqua Bassiiio from Frances respected F Coirimunicatioiis label on 28 l)ec. This night at La Belle may become a regular spot. Please note that the Fast Coast Proiect are no longer at Henry ‘s Cellar Bar.

I Energise at Subway llpiii— iam. £2. Various party sounds.

I FBI at The Jaffacake. I Ipiii 3am. £4. 2| Dec and 4 Jan. Fortnightly.

Dj's every night 9-3

eqociaNtI deeMeNt bar

the underground sound of edinburgh


Fxceptronally popular indie club on three floors. See 'l‘ttesdays for details of FBl's Ilogirianay party. or call (ll 3| 650 5230. I le Freak at The Attic. I(|.3()piii 3am. £4. I4 l)ec. Now weekly. Increasingly popular night of 70s disco. Sec Tuesdays for details of Le Freak's Hogiiianay party. or call ()I3I 65‘) 5230.

I Going Places at the Old Post ()flice building. I lpiii late. £7 iiieriibers. £9 guests. Tickets available in advance from Form. ('ockbuiii Street. l4 l)ec. ()ne-olf night from easy listening fiends Going Places.

I Grease at Moray House. IIpiii 3am. £3 (£2). 2| l)ec. This is the last date until next term starts. I-‘unky'rpop and dance. With drinks promos.

I Ilaka at The Jaffacake. I lpm 3am. £4. I4 and 28 l)ec. Fortnightly. Maiiisliearii chart dance at this busy night.

I lienry’s Cellar Bar w ill be closed oy t-i- Christmas .iiid New Year.

I High RDllch Ball at the l'i'aversc 'l'lieatre. lleiii 4am. £l2 on the door. A Iiiiiited number are available in advance front 23rd Precinct. 28 l)ec. ()iie-oIfevent featuring some of Izdinburgh's best l)Js. including Michael Is'ilkie. (.‘raig Burger Queen. (iareth Soiiiriiery rlle. Craig Smith arid Keyrii Mckay. ()y er three (Tools. See llrr last.

I Joy Glitter Ball at \y ilk ie Ilouse.

Iltpiii 3am. £4 iiieriibei's‘. £5 non- members before leiii. £6 .loy iiieiiibeis; £7 littll-ttiellll‘cls after. {I rill. lot :littet') costumes and riiake-up. I4 l)ec. Monthly. .loy Glitter Ball \\Ill) hosts \Iaggre. Alan and 'l‘i‘eiidy \Veridy.

I Joy/luvely’s Ultimate Christmas Cracker at Club Mercado. I lpiii 4am. £6 .on and I tiyely iireiribers: £8 others. .‘l l)ec. ( Iiie-oll party by two of the glaiiiinesi cltrb nights in (not). With .on fave ()tieeii Maxine. Maggie. Peter James and .lahi'id from l.u\ely. (ilitter' fairies and free iiiakeoyeis. Sec llit | ist.

I The Lane at The l ane. I Ipiii late. £5. Residents .Ioii Flowers and Key \IcCiinlev \\ ill) a \\ r.le dance-oiteiilatetl play list.

I The liViiig Room ‘lpiii Iarii Free See l'i’idays

I Mambo Club at ('ayeridish. llipiii lam £1 it lyyo floors with African. I aim. salsa. reggae. /ouk and calypso downstairs and dub. loyeis .iiid danccliall upstairs. Sir ()ssie is your selector. dropping the finest in global grooves every week.

I Orange at Studio 24 (formerl) (‘altoii Studios). llpiii 3am. l’r‘ices £5. 2| lice and 4 Jan I-oitnightly'. Residents Dave Randall and Morgan .\Iarsalis \\llil house on the main tloor. Chair and pop ta. k tipstatts.

I Peaches ‘n’ Cream at Royal ( lIIIllt‘s ltl3llpiii 3am I’iiees \aiy PM are more expensiye on ( ‘hr'istiiias l’ye t£.\'/£l()) and IIogiiiariay r£|5t l4 and 25’ Dee l)ean \Vilsoii (Golden. .\laiichesler"r guests IX l)ec Residents otherwise \\Ill) hard house and garage. plus percussion and exotic dancers". Sec Tuesdays Iot' dclrltls til (‘Iii'istmas Iii e and Hogiiianay parties.

I 0 at The Music Box. ll).i()piii- 1am. £4 before I I 30pm; £5 after. I‘Tsceptionally popular night of (linked-up house and Ilamboy ant dance classics with Kevin Jones (Forth FM) and Billy Whi/l

I MW at Negociants. Itlpm 3am. Free. A busy underground house night.

I Iiock Orgasm at The Rlx‘klllg Horse. Il).3t)pni-3ani. £3. ('liii.;rctic night of heavy guitar sounds.

I Salsa Viva at Gran Via-'lasca. llifillpilli 3am. £5 (£4). I4 and 2X l)ec. Fortnightly. High quality Latin music featuring the old classics and the hottest and latest releases in salsa. inei'engue and niucho mas.

I 38km“ at The Honeycmnb.

l Ipm—3ani. £ l6 for Sat I4 and Hognianay (.see Tuesdays). Tickets for Hogiiianay available from Benetton. Weekly. Residents Gavin Campbell and Ross Keddie With a deep. dark house sound. checking Detroit. Chicago and even a bit



Michael Kilkie can he lound behind the counter oi Edinburgh’s 23rd Precinct - which he owns - or behind the decks at Ark, The Tunnel, Glasgow, one oi Scotland’s longest-running and most popular house nights. Alternatively, he reviews records (or DJ Magazine, guests across the till, remixes and produces his own tracks under various aliases.

I Slacker ‘Scared’ (loaded) ‘Massive, looked up, epic thing.’ I MTF ‘lt Moves’ (Dutch Deal) Hard-edged, flanged, Euro disco. I DJ Quicksilver ‘Bellisima’ (Dos Or Die) Think Faithless’ ‘Insomnia’ but ten times larger. I Bodie And Doyle ‘Furyo’ (White) Merry Christmas Mr Lawrencel!

I Faithless ‘Salva Mea’ (Way Out West remix) The Gift part two and then some.

ot (llllll‘r ii bass along the way. Yogi llaugliton through the back for fresh garage. Sat l4 l)ec is the first birthday with Kevin Saunderson. Ian Pooley and Paul lionhle .-\ndcrson. Sakiade is also hosting the llogiiianay party with a residents night.

I Snog at Club Mercado. 7.3()-- Il).3()pm. £4 iiierribers; £5 rion-riicitibers. BUsy under eighteens tiight playing the best in chart and dance.

I Soul Underground til “the City Cafe. ‘lpiii lam. I r'ee. Residents Nick Way and Norton play R & B. Motown. G—Funk. hip ltop and rare grooye III the City Two. Very busy.

I Tease at l he \‘aults. lt)._il)pin- 3am. £8 before lI l5piii; £lllaltei'. I4/2I l)ec. \\eekly thereafter. Tease kickstart The \'au|ts \y itli their usual blend of big name i)ls. estravagance and dressy party people. The legendary Alfredo guests l4 l)ec Adrian l.uvdup appears 2| l)ec. Tony ('laik (Cliuff Chuff) and Phil (.iilloid on 25 l)ec. No trainers. hooded tops or caps. .-\ri‘iye early. Info: (I973 248 I65. See 'l'uesdays for details of the Tease Hogiiianay party.

I Teasage at The Citrus. l lpin—3aiii. £3. Ilappy Hour I Ipiii—midnight. Free ice poles all night. Indie all the way with Sarah playing to a packed and sweaty crowd. See 'l‘uesdays for details of the 'l'easage Hogiiianay party.

I Tl’iilai Funktion at The V‘IIUC. ll).3()pm~ 3am. £5 members; £7 non- members. 2| l)ec. Fortnightly. Simone. George 'I' and H on the ground floor for underground American house. Cutting edge. three~deck hip hop and swing action upstairs with F.h‘.’ Watt! and Reach Out. mellow drum ‘n' bass in The Cooler with Richie Ruftone.

I Vena at Wilkie House. IOpin-4arn. £6 before llpiii; £8 after. 4 Jan. Monthly. New night featuring Fisher and Price and

“The List l3 Dec l996-9 Jan I997