V I saw you Laura. You telephoned me from Edinburgh one night. You transsexual. Please get in touch again. Tony. Box No U/295/l6.

V I saw you last dance at Fat Sams. Spider's web tattoo on neck. purchasing a twenty pack of Berkeleys. wearing a torn poncho.'s swap salad bowls. Box No U/295/l7.

V I saw you and I want to see you again. You green haired. Glasgow ‘homeless' person. Jean Paul? I am the blonde. not from here person. I need to see you again. Box No U/295/l8.

V lsaw you kitchen utensil department in Lewis's. lasagne on chili. limping with great beige shoes: lovely. I was captured by the sheen of your surgical neckbrace. Box No U/295/7.


The List Classified, 14 High Street or at the CCA Edinburgh 350 Sauchiehall Street EH1 tTE GLASGOW o1 2J2

and we will forward it.

o I saw you Stuart. 23/! l/96 carefully deciding what to get 30 per cent off. Me trying to think up excuses to speak to you. Couldn't we go spending together? Box No U/295/8.

EILEEN (BOX III "392/2” ' V I saw you Andrew at C .C 's Yuulmw a reply- “0 w" l 2 III U96. You missed lunch. but send it without your address! I understand (50.1 0f). Jug. PINS" th‘c 77'" I!"- regret not giving You a big hug

Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the 1’0? LEFT-HARD CORNER.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. fyou send several replies. send them in one large envelope.

Don't stamp the replies. but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

V I saw you in Cream eating langoustine. Your laughter ricoclietted round the room and entered me. staying with me still. though now I'm not real. Box No U/Z‘XVI.

0 I saw you 34/1 I/un. Charlie the lion. reading poetry at Beyond Prejudice l'estival. Sotithside Community Centre. l'd like to meet you again soon. Box No l.’/3‘)5/3.

V I saw you t). ISam 'l‘tiesday Zti/l l/‘)(i outside Royal Bank. Hope Street. Tall. blond. hat. speaking to car driver. Me. taller. longish hair. walking into laiiipost. Want to meet atid scoff at smaller people? Box No W205i}.

V I saw you Teeny in black clothes. curves displayed at the Cits. Miserable pockets and poppadunis. Will you be my Miss Brodie and are five inches stifl‘icieiit'.’ lios No IVES/4.

O I saw you 2(l/l not. an a windy beach with a Springer Spaniel. You black fur. me blotide. Read about you too. I love you. liox No l-'/2‘)5/5.

V I saw you Saturday 3(l/l l/‘)(i. Anna 01.. I‘lIlllIltlttsc near front. 'l'all. dark hair. black jeatis. jumper and leather jacket. Me: too shy to speak. Need another chance. Could we see a film soiiietime'.’ Box No L'/2‘)5/(i.

that night. I think you needed one! Scottish town. Box No W295/9.

V I saw you Kebab shop. top of

l.eith Walk 23/l l/96. You: Cute.

GFC Marconi. half a kebab away from physical peril. Me: l.ess rancid in real life. Can I make it tip to you? Box No U/295/l0.

V I saw you Filmhouse 'Jour de Fete'. We discussed goal keeping. Box No U/Z‘)5/l l.

V I saw you Ken. Bank of Scotland. last summer. You've got my Take That Cl)! Get in touch 'cos it ‘only takes a

minute‘. l'm suffering here!

Love Richard. Box No U/Z‘lS/l 2.

E V I saw you at l.eith Water

World with pot on head. blue velour jogging suit and a blank

expression.'s stack

pumpkins at the in shops. Box No Ll/295/l 3.

V I saw you Joseph (Prentice . (‘row Road). I still see you in

my dreams. Forget Ash!! Let those come to bed eyes. ‘be mine!!‘ Lovely underpants” l.ets meet. Glasgow gay guy (3|) Whisky".".’ Box No lJ/295/ I 4.

V lsaw you in the Aslioka l.aiie. Glasgow (on 28/” around 8.30). You were with five others. one of whom arrived late. Me with turquoise shirt with two others. Let's have a ruby together. Box No U/295/l5.

The List or l4 High Street Edinburgh


How To Place an


message By Phone: Call 0131-558 1191 from l0am - 5pm

By e-mail: You can reach us at Please supply a postal address when using e-mail

By lax: Fill in the form on page l()6 and fax it to The List on 0131 557 8500

By Post: Fill in the form on page ICC) and post it to:

No payment is required as I SAW YOU messages are a free service to readers.

Deadline for the next issue is

lpm on Thursday 2 January.

The List

At the CCA

350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G] 212

V I saw you in Safeways (Byres Road) Friday 2‘)” I. 5pm. between the carrots and the apples. You: gorgeous smile (!) ginger hair. black leatherjacket. seemed confused. Me: dark blonde. narrow glasses. smiling about your confusion (sorry). What about a five o'clock tea? Box No U/Z‘)5/l9.

Funky style mag. seeks


Are you under 30 with sex/snagging links (new or in the past) to two or more notes?

Call Sophie on 0171 226 0397

V I saw you Tall and sexy with gorgeous smile. at Wilkie House. 30/! l/‘)(i. I'm in love!!!! You tall. brown short hair. red and black top. jeans. with friends. Me —- black hair. white top. black jeans. with ‘girll‘rieiid'. Fancy coffee soiiietime'.’ Box No U/295/20.

V I saw you .lane. rolling like a sausage on Skye. Sorry we had to leave early but I'd love to see you again. How about a pint sometime? Box No U/295/2 l. V I saw you pass out at Del l-eppard. Glasgow. 24 Nov. You wore white. your hair was short and blond. You were with two guys (one your brother?) lt didn’t really look your scene. I was wearing a green shirt. and was with friends behind you. Please write to me. Box No U/295/22.

V I saw you on the biggest rabbit path. I was the girl scrapping the wall. Only eight days and counting. Box No U/295/23.

V I saw you (Odd boy from Maryhill farming stock!) under my umbrella. I haven't stopped dancing yet. Come out from behind the green door and take me up on the roof lOU a dance. Box No U/295/25.

V I saw you Insomnia.

30/l l/96. You serving. long chestnut hair. cool glasses and sexy smile. Me chain smoker in the corner. You brought me eggs Benedict. I love you. babe. Box No U/295/26.

V I saw you beautiful blonde woman. 5ft 7'/.»in and see you most Fridays. You are my angel. sent from the heavens. Promise not to fly away. Yours Brown Eyes xxxxxxxxx Box No U/295/27.

V I saw you playing ‘tents' in bed with a big fat hairy thing. You might not remember. you were off work through alcoholism. I love you Grumpy. Box No U/295/28.

V Isaw you leading gal. ‘0‘. Love new song. plenty more lyrics in my head. I'm still ‘captured by your smile' and shaking in your presence. Let‘s meet one-to-one. Go on. make my Christmas wish come true. Over to you! Love. Eggshaker xxxxx. Box No U/295/29.

V I saw you hanging upside down at the Traverse 29/ l l/96. I think l love you. Let‘s do it. Box No U/295/30.

V I saw you Christine. in Hong Kong. reading this and smiling. At last. your name in lights and not hidden behind the Box No?! With thanks and best wishes. Andrew. Box No U/295/3l.

V I saw you beside log fire. drinking red wine in candlelit cottage hired for weekend. RU the handsome. boyish. sporty. inexperienced. studenty. cultured friend. l8—30. in this 32—year-old‘s dream? Meteoric weekend‘s on me! Box No U/295/32.

V I saw you in The Lounge. on a table. in my coat. Later. in my lounge. singing Weller songs. You're right. I‘m eccentric and psychotic. I‘m also erotic and electric. lfyou call. I'll leave my toenails blue. because I fancy you. Box No U/295/33.

V I saw you Mr Red Shirt in Bargo at lunchtime. Fri 6/l2/96. Me. busty bird with brown hair and knee-high boots. Fancy a pint? Box No U/295/34.

V I saw you with your hat to keep your head warm and your gloves to keep your hands warm. Can I keep your body warm? Say yes. Always yours KK. Box No U/295/35.

V I saw you three times at Greenside. 24/ l ”96. You: gorgeous tall guy with one ear. Me: a face in the crowd. Fancy a drink sometime? Box No U/295/36.

V I saw you Roch told you I'd do this didn't I? You: Doctor Incognito. trying to relax and cool off at Love Boutique. Me: harassing you with endless conversation. Thanks for the consultation another time. another club . . .'.’ Box No U/295/37.

V I saw you Granary. Shawlands. Friday 8/l l/96. You Steve. red Lauren jacket. lawyer. Me unattached. studying/working. went home early. You waved outside. We met by chance. could it lead to a romance“? Box No U/294/l.

V I saw you Sunday afternoon. l()/l l/9o. Catneo Pillow Book. You slim. blond. orange/green cap. Walkman. I sat beside right. parted Princes Street. If you were attracted too. please write soon. Box No U/2()4/2.

V I saw you Club X. long time ago. You were barmaid. tall. black jeans. white shirt. Thanks for the bottle of Miller and the loving kiss. Sorry I didn't come back.'s meet. Box No Ll/Z‘)4/3.

V I saw you toss your flaming red hair across a smoky Tron bar. in The Crow Rmul. I'm still waiting for an e-mail reply. Can we get together sometime. Debby? Box No U/294/4.

V I saw you small. bubbly. vivacious blonde. in the Mitchell Library. Business Information Unit. Where are you now? Julie. my winter nights are cold and lonely without your smiling face. Box No U/Z‘M/S.

V I sail you Mike. musician and sculptor. London train. 3pm. Friday l8/l0/96. We talked. You visiting Eva Herzegova. Is your equilibrium retained? Come for coffee and let me know. Kate. Box No U/Z‘N/b.

V I saw you Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Sunday 10 November. You. tall blonde lady with two guys. I smiled. you smiled. I work there for the music not the money. How about a coffee? Box No U/294/7.

V I saw you Mojos. l5/l l/%. with large group of friends. Me: at bar. red skirt. too sober. being harassed by drunken louts. We exchanged smiles too late. I desperately needed. and still do need. rescuing. Box No U/294/9.

108 The List l3 Dec l996-9 .lan I997