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Draft Brat Bus Tour?

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Name one of the four bands appearing on the NME Miller Genuine

COMP, The list, 14 high Street, Edinburgh, Elli 1TE.


Miller Genuine Draft/NME Brats

Miller Genuine Draft. the premium American beer. has teamed up with the world’s most popular weekly music newspaper. NME. to support the l997 Brats the most exciting music event ofthe year.

As part ofthe lead up to the NME Brat Awards on 28 January. the NME Miller Genuine Draft Brat Bus Tour featuring four up-and-corning bands -- Tiger. Geneva. 3 Colours Red and Symposium will be playing gigs up and down the country. The tour will be visiting Glasgow on Sunday l2 January where they will be playing live at the Garage.

Miller Genuine Draft is offering ten lucky readers the chance to take pan in the NME Miller Genuine Draft Brat Bus Tour by winning not only a pair of tickets to the gig. but also an exclusive NME Miller Genuine Draft Brats T-shirt and record bag . . chilled Miller Genuine Draft Beer so you can celebrate with your friends.

. and of course. a case of

us by Tue 3| Dec. Mark them: BRAT


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Have I (In! News For You style


What is Hislop's main job?

Edinburgh, an "E.

Have I Got News For You 1997 Diary

Friday nights just wouldn't be the same without the

ly dose of topical satire front Messrs Hislop. Deayton and

; Merton. These people risk the shirts off their backs in lost libel

cases week in week out just so that you lot can sit on your arses in front ofthe box and have a laugh. Well now

it‘s payback time. In a frankly shameless money-grabbing attempt to jump on the Christmas comedy book gravy trairt. the above. along with a team of crack comedy writers have put together a spoof I997 diary. All the pages are filled in with

special birthday features on public figures. entire pages of useless information and critically important events such as National Constipation Day. It‘s funny. Ten copies are available to those what can answer this:

Answers on a postcard by Fri |() Jan. Mark them: NEWS COMP, The list, 14 High Street,


Thefirstfivereodorstotdrothleodltlon of Thollsftothollohftatprevlowoveniogof Northern Lights at The Fruit-shot Gallery, EdinbughonTberstZOocatOpmwillrocefeoo mmrmrmczs.

habit at


The Theatre Workshop, Hamilton

Place, Edinburgh is

T H E AT R E offering two tickets for

WORKSH OPthe price of one tosee

‘Of Nettles And ltoses’ at 7.30pm on Fri 20 Dec. There are ten pairs available and the first ten people at the box office on the day get them.

In the heat of the moment have condom? Have you fumbled wi

hygenic and discreet to dispose

special gizmo which makes it q you‘ve made love. TOPAZ can snap-shut container.

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What are condoms made from?


' 14 Iligh Street, Edinburgh, Elli

Topaz Condoms

way up the condom is? Or what to do with it when you've finished making love‘.’ Well. TOPAZ condoms are here to change all that. TOPAZ is specifically designed to be safe and easy to use.

neat plastic container. so it's always the right way tip. It has a

you ever been frustrated by a th the foil wrapper"? Not known which

of. The condom is enclosed in a

uick and easy to unroll. And. when be discreetly disposed of in its

We have twenty smart TOPAZ carrycases with two condoms and a refill pack with six TOPAZ condoms for the people who can answer this:

: Answers on a postcard by Fri |() Jan. Mark them: JONNNY COMP, The List,



The ltoyal lycoru, Orlndloy Street, Edinburgh are offering two tickets for the price of one on all tickets to see ‘The Shaping Oeuty’ Mon 30 Dec-Sat d Jan. Oat them at the box office on the day of the performance.

, 03'le yccum


i linpam'


True North Tours are offering readers the chance to experience some Christmas spirits on the ghostly Mary King’s Close Tour, which runs from 28 Dec to 5 Jan. The first five readers who phone the booking line on 0131 624 7624, quoting the password ‘Mary Ning’, will each receive a free pair of tickets.

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m a: a o m z o a z o —l E a: n: < a


It’s Dark In London

Cartoonist ()scar Zarate was determined to explore the dark. searny underbelly of London life in a collection of graphic short stories by authors such as Neil Gairnan. Alan Moore and Chris Petit. And he has.

The subject matter moves from the horrific to the bizarre via the uncomfortable and. even if you're stupid enough to believe that the streets are paved with gold then you‘d be foolish to ignore the malignant darkness that ltrrks underneath them. according to this tome.

We have five copies of the book to give away to the people who can answer this:

Who illustrates the Sum/mun books“?

Answers on a postcard by Thurs 9 Jan. Mark them:

DARK COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EII1 ITE.

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