Your Chance To Be The BACARDI Rum/THE LIST

Unsigned Scottish Band of 1996

BACARDI Rum. the world 8 number One sprnt brand. has teamed up wrth THE LIST. Scotland s premrer events gurde. for a natronwrde search for The BACARDI Rum/THE LIST Unsrgned Scottlsh Band Of 1996

The competrtron rs open to all Scottrsh reSIdents over 18 and offers the wrnnfng act a Superb pn/e package as well as the opportunrty to perform LIVE before some of the most Influentfal peeple In the Scottrsh MUSIC Industry

To enter, Srrnply send a cassette w:th 3 orrgrnal songs only to


The List

14 High Street


EH1 115

to arrrve beforezo December 1996

Make sure your cassette rs clearly Identflfed wnh y0ur bands names address. phone number and contact name All entrres must be accompanred by an offrcral entry form

For full terms and condrtfons send a SAE to the address above

Regrettably. cassettes can not be returned

Prize package includes

£1,000 cash

2 days recording time in Parklane Studios

500 CD singles produced

A Tascam home recording unit from Sound Control Extensive advice from leading figures in the music industry on management, promotion and legal issues

Official Entry Form

I enclose an entry for The Name BACARD/ Rum THE LIST Uns/gned Scott/sh Band 7996 Address

Competftron on behalf of

I hereby declare that the recordrng enclosed Is the sole work of the aforementroned act All members of the band are over 18 and agree to abide by all the deCIsfons made In connectron wrth the competition

Phone Number Contact name


BACARDI UNS'GNED, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 175.


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