Glasgow’s llogmanay will differ from previous years as it spreads out the festive happiness from its sole location of George Square and into the Merchant City and Glasgow Cross. All events are free and unticketed, with the celebrations, accurately titled Dancing In The Streets, kicking off at 10pm.

The bells are brought in with fireworks and pipers at both George Square and Glasgow Cross, by which point an estimated 30,000 revellers are expected to be on the streets of Glasgow. The party comes to a close at 1am, leaving you with plenty of time to firstfoot friend and toe alike.

Within each geographical heading, the listings start with the earliest event and end with the latest.


I Mischief La Bas’s lrana Frump A special appearance from Mischief Ia Bas's generous lrana as she dishes out the free charnpers at every site throughout the evening‘s shenanigans. Her eminence will be accompanied by her bodyguards. photographer and faithful butler every grand step of the way.

I Deaf lleights Cajun Aces This lot are no strangers to performing in front of the masses. They are among the finest exponents ofcajun music. playing a combination of black zydeco and French cajun folk music.See photo caption

Obviously no flew Year celebrations can be considered complete without a bit of flu, bang, wallop and stuff. The explosions will be taking place at both George Square and Glasgow Cross. lteep the pets lnslde while you savour the aural and visual wonders.

I lied Canyon And It: Clarke line Dancing If line dancing gets your pulse racing with ecstasy then you will be pleased to learn of this slot. expected to be the hottest and biggest line dancing event on the calendar. Country and Westem rhythms are supplied by Red Canyon. while Liz Clarke will ensure the crowd doesn‘t let up.

I Callanlsh Ceilidh Band The Celtic rock five-piece headline the main stage with a preview of their forthcoming album.

Clyde Unity Theatre’s duo Mince and Tatties were gagging for it during the Edinburgh Festival. Tonight they will be hosting the events unfolding before your eyes at Glasgow Cross. Expect smut and slapstick from Glasgow’s goodtlme glrls.


I Black Star Steel Band A pulsating set ofcalypso. up-beat soca. satnha. pop and African sounds. Iiclectic or what‘.’

I Karaoke Countdown Knowing Glasgow's citizens' tendencies to shrinking violet mode. this will no doubt be a quiet event not. Your opportunity to be a top flight entertainer or a total prat. The choice is yours.

I Special Guests Once the bells have sounded. the throng will he treated to a guest band who will keep that New Year vibe going for the final hour.


I Sheboom The west coast‘s fittest and most frenetic drumming combo open the proceedings on Stage Three.

I Macumba Brazilian. Caribbean and Scottish sounds clash in an irresistible mix. See photo caption.

I Gay Men’s Choir The higth inventive and entertaining choir run through all the old favourites in their inimitable style.


lligh Street/Argyle Street, Saltmarket.

I Mince And Tatties Your comperes for tonight's Glasgow Cross happenings are a kind of subverted Glasgow Girls. See photo caption.

I N TCIliCO Hot and steatny Latin-tinged flavours with a splash of world club-nite cabana from the Glasgow-based Tchico. I Salsa Club Get on down to the steatniest Latin American sounds in town. I Free Hairdressers The Latin flavour is kept up with this design extravaganza coming under the intriguing title of the Carmen Miranda Hair And Fashion Show.

Information Up to the minute details on Glasgow‘s Hogmanay are available via a 24-hour answering message on ()l4I 553 I937. Those cyberheads among you can access the info on http://www.hogmanay.co.uk

Travel At the time of going to press. special travel arrangements have yet to be confirmed. While there will be a restricted travel service available. there will be no sponsored. free travel.

Albion Street/Bell Street.

I Bargo Stage Albion Street's bar will be turning to the sounds spun by I.(ll‘l. and Martin Collins. See photo caption.

I Blackfriars/Fiddlers Court An outdoor stage in Bell Street will host a three-hour showcase of upbeat techno/trance via the golden fingers of Derick (Area). Allan (Breach of the Peace) and Craig (Tenchi). Inside Fiddlers Court itself. Aquaplanet will be doing it for the kids with a session of mellow grooves.

0eaf lleights Cajun Aces: they formed in 1982 and they haven’t stopped fiddling since. In their time they’ve supported everyone from llunrlg to The Pogues and fans will be pleased to hear that their new album, their third, is out In January called ‘lleart Songs’. lt blends traditional calun songs with the four-plece’s own bam-stompers.

18 The List l3 Dec l996-9 Jan I997