FIIIST Bill I Shins The unexpected hit of early 1997 is sure to be this exceptional drama based on the true story of Australian pianist David Helfgott, who made a triumphant return to the recital platform after a devastating illness. See preview and review. Glasgow: OFT? Edinburgh: Cameo. II 101 Dalmatians Disney's live action version of the much-loved cartoon has a villainous Glenn Close as Cruclla De Vil, but the true stars are a pack of cute puppies who‘ll make everyone go ‘alrh‘. See feature and review. General release.

I Sleepers A gripping courtroom drama ensues when two former inmates of ajuvenile detention centre murder the guard who sexually abused them. See review. General release.

I Through The Olive Trees As a love story develops between a pair of amateur actors in a frlm-within-the- film. Abbas Kiarostarni paints a deceptively simple portrait of life in the aftermath of an earthquake in Northern Iran. See review. Edinburgh: Film/rouse.

III I Shot Andy Warhol Lili Taylor is superb as lesbian feminist radical Valerie Solanas. the woman who took a pop at the Pope of Pop Art himself. Glasgow: GE T. Edinburgh: Cameo. FESTIVAL

I It’s A Wonderful Life The pinnacle of feelgood cinema, Frank Capra‘s fantasy about the rescue of good- hearted James Stewart from the brink of suicide is the perfect winter Jwarmer. Edinburgh: Fr'Irrrhouse.

I Battleship Potenrkin/Dctoher A double bill of legendary works by Sergei Eisenstein, combining the politics of the Russian Revolution with all you need to know about cinema editing. Glasgow: OFT

today. The second segment is the stronger. btrt the filitt is so fresh artd unusual that it more than survives this slight imbalance. A Bout De Souffle for our tirrtes. lidinburgh: Cameo.

I Clueless ( l2) (Artry lleekerling. US. i995) Alicia Silyerstone. Stacey Dash. Britanrty Murphy. ()8 rrtins. Beautiful. fashionable artd str‘cetstrtart Beverley Ilills schoolgirl Cher (Alicia) is spoilt to distraction. btrt when teenage romance floors her. she‘s as clueless as anyone. ’I‘hrs ltas all the ingredients for art unashamedly brainless smash teen comedy including a new line in kooky dialect bttt unfortunately it doesn't do anything that Ileuthers didn't do better. lidirtburgh: Cameo.

I I.” Doeur Ell IIle A Heir/t In II’intet' ( l2) ((‘lattde Satttet. France. I992) Daniel Autettil. Erittrtanuelle Beart. Andre Dtrssolier. lOS rrrins. A withdrawn violin maker becomes the object of desire for a young violinist who herself is the amour of the former‘s business partner. An elegantly trenchant chronicle of triangular relationships which moves with such graceful fluidity that it‘s easy to miss the toughness at its core. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Come and See t txr (titim Ktimm. l'SSR. I‘)S7) Alerter Kraschenko. ()lga .‘slitorrova HZ rttirrs. Klirttov's epic account of an atrocious Nazi massacre in Byelorussia trt l‘)43 is one of the genuinely great films of the decade. The horrific events are seen through the eyes of a yotrrtg boy (Krascherrko). wlro ages Visilil)‘ throughout a remarkable ix'rforirtartce. Not simply a meditation on Russian history. but an epic about mankind. at once harrow rug and

\ isionary. lidrrtburglt: (‘artteo

I The Commitments ( l5) ( Alart Parker. l'ls'. l‘)‘)l l Robert Arkirrs. Michael Altertte. Angeline Ball. Maria Doyle. IIS rrrirrs. I-orgct ['2 - when would-be manager Jimmy Rabbrtte (Atkins) puts together The (‘oritrtritrrreitts soul comes to Dublin and the bartd become the force to really piit Irish music on the map. Alan Parker delisers a ltrlatiotrs. dow ri‘to-earth. close-to-hortte movie. stuffed fitll of good music and witlt some teleserrt social corttrtterrt to boot. lidirtbuiglr: (‘artteo

I The Craft ( l5) (Andrew I‘lerrtirrg. l'S. l‘)‘)(i) Robirt Ttrrtrrey. Iiarru/a Balk. Ncye ('atttpbell. Rachel True. l()I rttirrs. A newcomer to art l.A school falls rtt with a trio of ittisftts .. 'the bitches of liastw ick' - who turn out to be a teenage witches covert Revenge on their toiirterttois begins to backfire however. as queert goth Balk goes out of control. Scatter than a lot of teen

ltot rot. particularly in the slrrtty. ct'cepy’w'r'aw ly depaitrrtertt. brrt only for art adolescent audicrtce (ilasgow: ()deorr. Showcase. lidirtburgh: ()deorr. l’(‘l. Stt'athclyde: l’(‘ls.

I the Crow: City Di Angels ( 18) ( t‘im Pope. (is. l‘)‘)(r) Vincent Perez. .‘siia Kershrter. Richard Brooks. 90 ittiits. Superb production design and the liglrtetting fast cuts of pop \ ideo rrtastcr Pope's direction can't disguise the .sltortcorttings of this lamentable script. lit the stylised urban wasteland of l.os Airgeles. a murdered man returns from the dead as a w hire-faced avenger. Very bad. with only Iggy l’op‘s psycho sidekick to errliscit the proceedings. Glasgow: ()deort. lidirtburglr: l'(‘l.

I Dance 2 ( l5) (r2 ittiits. An international showcase of recent video-dance works. with Berrtar llebert's version of Velasquez's Little Museum. perfor'rrred by LaLaLa llurrtair Steps as its centrepiece. Plus two short works by (iert Wergelt and Nurta Font. lidittbtrrgh: liilrtthouse I The Day Di the Beast ( txr (Alex tic la lglc‘sia. Spairt. l995) Alex Artgulo. Armando de Razza. Santiago Segura. lit) ittiits. A priest's research leads hint to belieye the arrti-(‘hrist will be born iit Madrid on ('hr istmas Day. so he immerses himself irt es it. looks for clues irt Death Metal songs artd kidnaps a TV parapsychologist. The director's follow-up to At't'ion Mutmrte is a devilishly funny horror comedy that meanders after about art hour. bttt rtot before proving rrtorc imaginative titan rrtost recent American genre offerings. See review. Glasgow: GFT.

I Daylight ( l 2) (Rob Cohen. US. l99b) Sylvester Stallone. Amy Br'ertnentan. Viggo Mortensen. ll0 mitts. After art explosion in air underground tunnel traps a band of survivors. it's tip to disgraced ex-ertrergency chief Stallone to lead them to safety and himself to redemptron. Art obvious remake of The Poseidon Adventure in a different setting. Daylight has some decent special effects. but the characterisations and internal tensions are somewhat lacking. See review. General release.

I Des Parties ( l5) (Dev Artartd. India. l‘)78) No rrtins. Des Anand directs and stars in a film about legal artd illegal immigrants in Britain. In typical Boliywood style. the story is interspersed with action. music and dance. In Hindi without subtitles. Glasgow: GFT.

I Don't Forget That You're Going to Die (I8) (Xavier Beauvois. France. l995) Xavier Beauvois. Chiara Mastroianni. Roschdy Zem.

I I8 mins. After discovering that he's HIV- positive. a young lecturer (played by writer- dir'ector Beauvois) copes with life by exploring the heightened perception brought on by the certainty of death. On a dream trip to Italy. he finds love and drugs. Sexually candid. with strong drug content. it gets beyond familiar angst thentes by having the courage of its hedonistic convictions. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Dracula: Dead And loving "(15) (Mel Brooks. US. I995) Leslie Nielsen. Peter MacNicol. Mel Brooks. 90 rrtins. Brooks jumps on an already departed bandwagon with his feeble spoof of all things vampin'c. Like Young Frankenstein. the Universal Studios version is the rrrain target. with Coppola et al pointed at on the way - but there the similarities end. The director‘s comic inspiration has crumbled to dust in the crypt. Glasgow: Odeon. Virgin. Showcase. Edinburgh: UCI.

I Dragonheart (PG) (Rob Cohen. US. I996) Dennis Quaid. Sean Connery. David Tltewlis. IO} mitts. Disillusioned but noble knight Bowen (Quaid) teams up with the last of the dragons (voice and mannerisms by Connery) to free the land from a tyrant king (Thewlis). Dungeons and dragons for all the family in a film that is only fun when the expertly animated. fire-breathing

beast is on sc recir. ()tltcrw rse the stt ry litre Itrirtbci's along (icrreral release

I Ernnta (l') (llouglas .‘sI;(itath.l Rd S, I‘m») (iwyrteth Paltiow. Jereirty .\‘ortlt.iirr. Ittill ('ollettc. II I ritirts. Austen itis continues .ls litrtttta \Voodhoirsc (I’altroys t rircddlcs rrr otlrcz pcople s |o\c Il\L‘\ while ignoring the (a. t that her own happiness is right under lrci irosc lit the shape of ltartdsoiitc .\lr Kniglrtley (\oitharrt) Ar. atttactrsc arid luscious-looking piece. but .r lot has been sacrificed for reasons of length. li'.l\l.13 fans of the book wishing for those sispait l\' 'tdaptattons (ilasgow (il’l |.ditrlitriglr ( .riitc.i I Evita ( l3) (Alan Parker. I 'S. I‘Ntr) Madonna. Antonio liarideias. Jonathan Pr 3 cc I3“ ittiits Parker's gctriitiic epic. I‘.l\('tl on the I riri Rice/Andrew l loyd \\L'l‘l'\‘l iti'rsical. Iliut‘ls huge crowd scenes (tip to it t (tilt) csttas. according to sources) and stars on top form III‘ film belongs very much to Madonna iii a gill of a role. which follows the rags to riches life it: Iiya I’ctiitt from poscity to her pl.i.c iii the Ilt‘.ll.~ of a nation It's narrated in song by stidorrrc tesoltttronary ( he (ith\.ll.l (liarulciasr but (i . .' the audience bccorrics act ir~toirtcd to the st I; the sheer scale of the tlroy re should take effect Sec feature (icrrcral release

I Fallen AngeISi IS) (Worry ks: ‘~\.tl. Iltiltg Kong. l‘I‘l5) l coir Iai. 'lakcslri ls'aneshiio. Michele Rcis 04 units Similar tit setting and style to artlroiise Itit ("bungling lit/nets. this tab of love and death in the neon soaked nights (I Iloitg Kong is much darker in tone. with characters that seem rust a little tttotc psychologically disturbed. ()ycilapprng II'.\ \ t t a hitittan. his female boss. d petty thief and a distraught woman are ftlrrtcd iii a distiiic trsc

sty Ic that skewers both the frame and thc emotions l-tirnburgh (Inns-r.

IThe Fanirsr (lorry s.~. It. I s thrust-1. r _.r Dc Niio. \Vcslc_. Snipes. til it liaikm llfirirti. l)e \ito is back itt Rupert l’.ipkiii"l‘r.i\rs liicklc territory as a hunting kitifc salesiitait obsessed with the star player (Srrrpcsr ot the San Francisco (iiants baseball team A crude. lt.rt.-i"‘. trtean sprttted film with art oscrls ‘.ltll\llc sticak that's filled ys ttlt tirtsyirrpathctrc characters and flashy irrtages‘ the ugly. tiiriicccr‘tal'lc ta. c of Hollywood. (‘lasgow‘ (ili‘s\ error

I Fargo l l5! i Incl (iiis'll. I .5. I‘l‘i’r' I'l.i:i. r. ~- .\Icl)or'ttr.tnd. Stcyc litrst t‘iili, \‘v'tlliazri ll .\l.: _' 97 units llopmy to make \t)iIi'.' I‘llsIsN .i cut salesman attempts to bar c Ills \s itc Islini.l[‘[\‘.l l:_ hitirtert. but quickly blood is ~i~rlr \s the pregnant pulls e tIL‘le'IHt‘ on the c re .\lcl)oiiirattd pros ides .i warm hearted \Clllis' it; the llit)‘. re. w title the abstiidtst plot and yscrrd


lr .II .i I~'.tl giro moiircrrtiuit It'll be considered .. c Lissi. . grseit lllli;‘ Glasgow: (ii-'I‘. lidirtburgh:

I Fear: is. i I t , lt-vt s. mum Mark ‘-\.2Itll‘. t; Kc't'st‘ \\ Kllt‘isi‘i‘itll. \Vlllldlli

l’ct. iscii "' ittiits \\.rltllreig (lotlrict rapper 'liil. r is .l t oyscrlttl [itcsctlsc ltt lItts‘

'HlIi tli.ii.itcly c.rk .tiitl kitcyctl psycho IItlIIIsI \s the spurned loyci oi bcattttlitl

\y illul ,~ in min king rmcngc on her fairrrly. tic utilities his c li.ii.tctcr ‘-\ilIl .i scdtrctrse. \ toleitt vitcig‘ lint the trim .is .i whole is soiitctrrttes l.i:r_;‘lc .inl rir.'r.-.tsirrgly ridictrlotis_ ("ilasgow (Mei-n (Jory. \Iiowt use I drrtbtrrgli: l ('l. \ll.tllch'.iIv‘ t t Is

I Feeling Minnesota ( l5) (Stcs cit liargclrttart.

\ I'.' to) lsc.iirir ls‘ccyc (Kiriicrotr l)i.t/.

‘. lltc uni I) ()rtt-lrio 9‘) units \Vlrrte trash sllCIIC tit'ddic (Ilia/r is due to marry sleazy loser Sartr ill't ‘rrottti-l lr‘rt falls for ltct fiance's brotltct links 'l\)l'\'\l'sl ltcri he appears on the scene. Air iiiiloixrvablr. shallow \irrcricair independent

ilt r i: din s It”. ,i rrli ttitc. pretentious ii.ilo_:i.i- il..ri iiily sctycs to make the stats seeitt hi. the sIllIl. .noodcrt pawns use always feared ll‘..‘lll to be idttrbiitglr: l ("I

I the First Wives Club ( l’( '. r i lltrglt \y ilsiill. t'S. "to ( midis llawtt. lit-tic .\lidlet. l)i.irtc

Rent in It): lltllls \\ heir their husbands duntp titciir It i younger. tirrtici llcslt. a trio of well-off, and He .t_:f\"l ladies get together for rcyeirge.

l .ttt_.'ll out had lines tollots err-.h other in rapid sit..c sslt'll .ts II.t'-‘-ll. Keaton .iitd \ltdlct play it. icspc. incl}. sexy. duly and I‘.tIl.s\ in parts that II' or it like l glinc l'pbcat and well ct.titcd tit .r '.‘..ty l':..rt v. ill make boyfriends cringe while tltc i. men in the audience s hcer. (iciretal release. I Flesh For Frankenstein ( list (I’dtll .‘stoitisscy. Italy/trance. I'l7‘ii l'do KCII. Joe I).tlles'artdto. \ioitiqire \.'.rn \ooicrr 05 ittiits (ion and sexy. \i-iiiisscy 's twist on the Hammer movies is a linger critcitartiiiig . .trtip test What's 'irtcicsting is the political level that's grafted on, these irroitstcis are to be part of a Serbian

tlltt\l'cl race (and the use of Wagner 's

also points its tit this direction). (iI.l\:,:tl\'. (iI'I

I Gentlemen Prefer Blondes ( l’(i) (IItrsyatd S. l‘iii‘ \larrlyn Monroe. latte Ros-slit lr.irles( obiirrt. ‘ll ittiits Two girls Ilt‘lllI .trle Rock make it big in Paris

in. . omcdy musical from the Anita I Hrs itoxcl. it..i ic watchable by the ebullient slats .urd the production number 'l)i.tittortds Ate '\ tizzl's llcsi l-iiettd l'dtrrbirigh' (‘amco

I Get Shorty ( lit ( Barry Sortrrerttcld. US. I995) 'lt lllt ir.r.o!i.t limit; l)c\'ito. (icitc Ilacktrtart.


Itilf'i’i .H l

Dampeti ion Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

I“ E < (5 B O = m “I m = g— 2 n. -J I.“ IL] I G g— —l I“ lull-l I


Do you ktiow a iiltir buff'.’ Soittcortc who could tell you the name aitd genealogy of the second spear carrier on the right iii the obscure I964 Hungarian remake of Ben Hur'.’ Someone who has a vast video collection. spends at least halfoftheii' disposable income on going to the cirtcrrta and secretly wisltcs that they ltad been born Sean Connery or Sigout‘ney Weaver“? liver wondered how to keep them quiet fora couple of hours'.’

Help is at hand irt the form of The Reel To Reel Picture Show

board game. Tlte brairtchild of a Scottish father artd sort team. the game covers all aspects of the cincrtta and has already been a Ittrgc ltit in the States. There are over twelve thousand questiorts at your disposal. enough to test even the most ardent rrtovic buff. We have tert copies of the game to give away. So. if you want to rtiake that special sortteoitc scry ltappy this New Year tltcn answer this:

Who played Sick Boy itt 'li'uins/witting'.’

Answers on a postcard by Hi M) Jan. Mark tltetrt

REEL COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 ITE.

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