CAPTAIN BUTLER is a fearsome pirate. played hy Craig Charles in a new Channel 4 series by the satne name. After his hyperspace adventures in

DAYLIGHT - Sly Stallone’s new film - only confirms what the conspiracy theorists here on The lists grassy knoll have suspected all along: that the entire world has become a big advert for the movies. First, a week or so before Jurassic Park opened, scientists discovered a mosquito with dinosaur DNA preserved in a lump of amber. Then, as a prelude to Independence Day, came the news that a batch of meteors proved there had indeed been life on Mars. So when we hear that Stallone’s latest actioner is about a group oi commuters trapped beneath the Hudson River when a fire and explosion seal off a tunnel . . . and somewhere under the Channel a lorry goes up in flames . . . well, all we can say is ‘the truth is out there’ and Elvis is working as Hollywood’s marketing adviser.

Daylight goes on general release on Fri 27 Dec. See review, page 24.

THE BOOTLEG BEATLES are back on the long and winding road. dusting down their snappy suits. silk uniforms and three-part harmonies for their undeniably accurate re-runs of those classic Lennon/McCartney hits. Who knows in the post—Anthology era. they might even he offering out-takes and rejected mixes. Just one version of each song will he line with us. hoys . . . The Bootleg limit/cs play the Usher Hall. Edinburgh on Sat I 4/514" I 5 [)(‘('.' am/ Glasgmr' Raval ('mtt'erl Hall on MUN IO/Iia' /7 Der.

Red Drr'an/L Charles has cast his fortunes upon the high seas. Just how swashbuckling a seadog the scally Seouse is remains to he seen. It's hard to imagine him swigging rum 'n' gunpowder. or hrandishing a cutlass with a bltxxl-curdling cry of ‘Hand over your hogsheadsl'. hut there's no shortage ofcheapjokes to he had from running up the Jolly Roger. hoarding her with a poop-deck full of seamen. etc. etc. Captain l’ugwash eat your heart out.

Captain Bat/er starts on Channel 4 an l-‘ri .s‘ .laa at [Unit—pin.

ALAN WARNER wants to talk to you about sex. Safer sex, that is. In a new bid to promote condom use among sexually active teenagers and twentysomethings, the Health Education Board tor Scotland is launching a new poster campaign, using extracts from three books with hip youth appeal. fled ribbon-wearing Warner’s rave novel Morvern Cellar is one example, the extract being used to illustrate correct and incorrect methods of condom disposal. Remember kids, flush it and it’ll end up as beachwear. The new Ill-'88 posters will be distributed in January to all universities and collegx.

2 The List l3 Dec l996-9 Jan 1997