Clubs at Paradise Island. Glasgow; Seen. Manga. Tribal Funktion. Edinburgh.

Favourite band Prefers new wave of cool cutting-edge trip hop/hip hop/drum

’n’ bass labels like Mo Wax. Ninja Tunes. Wall Of Sound etc.

Favourite TV programme Board Stupid (Sundays. Channel 4): any skating.

snowboarding shows. Favourite film Music vids by cult director Spike Jon/c and skate documentaries by Mike Mills of ‘Dan And Jared Go Skateboarding’ fame. /? Favourite magazine Cool underground { l skate mags. g r Eats Absolutely anything when he’s got i ', 4 , .i the munchies. Not so keen on mouthfuls .‘ " ‘7' ;. of tarmac. -1. Eats at On the move. in the street. in the park. by the skate ramp. on the floor. in the bath. in bed or in the all-night garage.

Drinks Cool. bottled American lager. Cans of Bud.

Drinks at Beside the ramp. Occupation Skating’s a way

of life. man. there’s no time

to work. Skateboard shops

if he has to.

Drugs Hash. skunk. grass.

weed . . . whatever you

wanna call it as long as it gets him high.

Annoyed by Broken boards. falling off.

Dance style The head-nodding. dreads-swinging. spliff—waving. baggy jean shuffle.

Labels Fuct. Stussy. Pervert. X- Large.

Shops at Dr Jives. Clan. Concrete. Tribal lunki. Glasgow; Players. Boardwise. Edinburgh. Shoes Phat. chunky and street tuff. Direct from America. Favourite holiday location Anywhere he can snowboard. Favourite sex location Outdoors. in the park.

Address As near to the skate ramp as possible.

What is his flat like? Messy. with style.

Future plans To pull off that new. life-threatening aerial. 3/4 spiked ollie flipside boner or whatever it’s called.

Where will he spend Christmas? On the ramp.

Ideal Christmas present A cool new board.

Post-club activities Getting heavily, heavily stoned.

Travels by His board.

Most prized posseslon His board.

Coos out With Ultra-cool slacker Stussy girl.

Fancies Lauren Hill. singer

with The Fugees. Skin from Skunk Anansie cos she’s cool. Vices Riding a virgin board.

Thanks to Dr lives, C oncnere Skates. Clan and Tribal Junki.

. A .C


clubbing guide

Clubs at Garage. Cathouse. Jaffacake. depending on lectures the next day.

Favourite band Anyone that NME say is cool.

Favourite TV programme The White Room.

Film choice Trainspotting Dr Betty Blue.

Favourite magazine Cosmo, The List.

Feats Spicy beanburger.

Eats at The union refectory.

Drinks Hooch. or cider and black. Drinks at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy. Glasgow; Negociants. Edinburgh. Occupation She's a student. but possibly president of the rag committee.

Drugs Alcohol (lots) and hash. Annoyed by Dress codes in


Dance style Cardigan

slipping off shoulder. gazing

at the floor.

Labels Cuts the labels out

of clothes and turns carrier

bags inside out.

Shops at Flip. Fopp. _ Erasure Craft (Glasgow). 2 Pic In The Sky (Edinburgh). 2"- Shoes Kicked-in '? Converse.

Favourite holiday location Glastonbury. Phoenix. Reading.

Favourite sex location

In a tent at said holiday destinations.

Address West End. Glasgow. or Marchmont. Edinburgh.

What is her "at like? Traffic cones. old wine bottles and ubiquitous Oasis poster.

Future plans To stop having her hair braided.

Where will she spend Christmas? Mooning about at mummy and daddy’s. Ideal Christmas present Really bigjar of patchouli oil.

Post-club activities Throwing up cider and black. Travels by Walking or getting the bus. 3-7. Most prized possession Limited edition Oasis picture 3 disk. .. 171?: Goes outwith Liam 'j, lookalikes. Fancies Liam. of course.

Vices Secretly wants to be a club babe.


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