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Number of bars

Sound system

Cost of a pint of draught lager on a Saturday

Cost of a bottle of water

Number of female toilet cubicles

Cost of cloakroom per item

Air conditioning


Door policy

3% ® «2* game-183$

Gay venue Commercial Disco/70s Easy listening Funk

Hip hop Garage House

Indie Jungle/drum and bass Jazz

Latin Northern soul Rap





Trip hop World

Christmas "000“ Party

[le from Tease Age, Girl Meets Boy Hooch Promos All Night...£4.lw

{ill}, 0715513 {I} Cocktail Party...£2.lm

THESE Age Hogmanay Party


Tickets on Sale Priced clan/cm an Hour mm Silllillllff Cocktail)

Available lram Cilrus Club and filming liccards

Lifd, 075513 [I ) CocktailParty...£2.lm


H. G. F. S. NH

23 Royal lixchange Square. 0l4l 22l 7080.

Capacity 250/one room.

Entry on Saturdays £7.

h? I. W i £2.40. r? 4.

’l's Adequate. Q Well appointed.

l)ressier clientele preferred. NIllllllliII search.

Fair. £ l .20.

A 50p.

Although initially intended as a members‘ only club. The Apartment opened its doors to the public a year ago. A very stylish. but small place where you can be sure to find the rich and famous supping champagne into the night. It was here that The l‘ugees wound down after their concert last October and where designer Paul Smith got down on the dance floor.



25 -37 Queen Street. 0l~il 204 3189. Capacity PBS/five rooms. Entry on Saturdays £8.

”I Pretty loud.

£2. £l.50.

A 75p.

Good in the bar areas. problematic on both dance floors. (a (iood mix of booths. tables and chairs. and benches. m Genarally a smart dress code.

Security is professional with an extensive search.

A year old and still Glasgow's newest club. Archaos is astoundingly big with more area given over to standing bar space than danceflmrs. Betty's Mayonnaise is a club connected to the main venue which occasionally operates independently. but more often offers a different vibe to Archaos itself. The big house and garage tunes tend to dominate club nights. with Sunday night's Shirley‘s Temple being a tad more sussed. Clothes- wise. the club is pretty dressy. although not as stylish as some other Glasgow


H. G, T

Midland Street (off Jamaica Street). (ll-ll 22l 9736.

Capacity ()50/two rooms; l200/five

Entry on Saturdays £8—£ It).

‘? I. 3f Big andbeefy.

£2.l0. g £l.l0.

25. A 75p.


Naturally quite an airy place. but extremely hot on the dancefloor.

Large separate seating area with plenty ofchairs and bencl es.


Free dress code. Security is alert with a full search.

An incredibly versatile. extensive venue housed in the archways under Central Station. Fridays feature Glasgow techno meisters Slam. with Stuart and ()rde. plus the world's best guests playing to a distinctly up-for-it crowd. Saturdays rotate between club nights. including the outrageously ()T'T hard house mixed night Love Boutique; the hard house. techno-led Cool Lemon; garage housers U rbansoul and pretenders to the Scottish superclub throne Colours. Dressiness tends to go hand in hand with the cost of the ticket. so check The List for details.



l5—27 ()swald Street. ()l4l 221 30I0. Capacity 500/one room. Entry on Saturdays £3.

‘? 2. ”I Marginal. i £ 1 .80. Q t.‘ l. 7. d 50p.


l$\ @ Plenty of booths and other things to lean against.

a Relaxed dress code. Stewards' attitude is fair and the search is cursory.

The Arena has had trouble finding a strong identity over the years. After toying with techno nights. it has gone for commercially sound student sounds. Saturdays now have the indie dance night Dust Up and Thursdays feature a Britpop night. Parklife.


|,C. H. F. R. D

490 Sauchiehall Street. 0l4l 332 H20. Capacity ISO/one room. Entry on Saturdays £4.

t? i. i £l.90. @ £l.

r5? 2. A 50p.

\3 Minimal. but it never gets too sweaty.

3! Adequate.

@ Plenty of seats.

Studenty dress. Stewards‘ attitude is reasonable. Search if you're looking shifty. or are a new face.

84 The List l3 Dec l996-9 Jan I997