The Attic - upstairs at The Garage (see below) - opens as a spill-over space when downstairs is busy. but is also a club in its own right. Small. with basic sound and lighting. it lends itself to the mix of indie/disco nights thrown here so much so that many of the nights have graduated downstairs to the tnain hall. Great place for a bit of a drink and a dance. but nothing too heavy.


Ga. H. C

80 Glassford Street, ()14l 552 5761. Capacity 500/one rootn. Entry on Saturdays £4.

“T 2. vi Good. i £2. Q £l.20. t5? 3. ZS.

‘\s (mod.


uverpoot Cream



Q Minimal.

«in Clubby dress code. Security know their regulars. No search.

The older ofGlasgow's two gay clubs. Bennet‘s recently got a much needed refit and is now attracting a younger. clubbier crowd thanks to better lights. sound and decor. There is also more of a straight representation. It gets very busy quite early at weekends. Get free and discount passes at Sadie Frosts (just off George Square). the sister bar owned by the club.


R, I, D, F IS Union Street. 014! 248 6606.

Capacity 820/threc rooms. Entry on Saturdays £4.

h? 4. 94'


i £1.90. ii? I0. K‘ Good.

I. . Plenty of seats.

8 £1.

& 50p.

a Easy going dress code. Pat search.

Scotland's foremost rock club is housed in art impressive venue in the centre of Glasgow. Black tends to be de rigueur. but leatherjackets are optional. The club rocks on three floors. often with different genres of rock on each floor. from thrash arid speed metal to grunge and indie. The club also hosts a funk night on Sundays and a disco night on Thursdays.


Ga. H. G. C

25 Royal Exchange Square. OH! 204 4599.

Capacity 346/one room.

Entry on Saturdays £6.

h? l, i £1.85. :5? I0.

\5 fans air onto dancetloor.

”I Adequate.


‘5 ()(lp.

@ Large. separate seating area.

m (‘lubby dress code. Good security presence. Minimal search.

The newer of Glasgow's two gay clubs. (‘Iub X has suffered slightly since the


Edinburgh Castle st. DAVE VEARcE


New Years Eve Parties. To find out more call 0891 1 10 100 or



clubbing guide

reopening of Bennet's (see above). Nights here are a little tnore dancey. and have a tendency to err on the harder side. This is the only gay venue open on Monday nights. Wednesday nights are a straight. housey student night. The club has links with Delmonica's bar round the comer. where you can pick up free passes for Club X nights.


l.C. H. D

96 Maxwell Street.()l41 22! 65!]. Capacity 520/two rooms. Entry on Saturdays £5.

‘7 2. i £2.10. :5 10. #9 (Q #1

A key venue iii the history of Glasgow clubbing that has lost it slightly. Fury's has an indie/commercial feel. popular with a good-time. studenty crowd. Dark and shadowy. with lots of corners to sneak off to. including a second room upstairs. Popular with Fury‘s staff on their nights off.


C. I,H, D, R

490 Sauchiehall Street. 0141 332 H20. Capacity 750/two rooms. Entry on Saturdays £4. »

3: Can feel the strain. £1.20.

5 50p.


Extensive booth areas.

Relaxed dress code. Indifferent bouncers. Minimal search.

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