clubbing guide

2. 3: Good quality. 9: l .90. g i l .50.

I4. 23 50p.


Plenty of booths both on and off dancefloor.

3% [©me:

Studenty dress. reasonable steward attitude and a search if you‘re looking shifty or a new face.

The Garage is an immense student haven. open in some shape or form together with sister club The Attic - seven nights a week. Cheap drink and poptastic choons dominate. bringing in quite literally thousands of studes who want soundtrack hits and the kitschy stuff from years gone by.

H. D. I,L.C.G

5 Scott Street. 0141 332 07l2. Capacity 240/one room. Entry on Saturdays £6.

3? 2. i 22. rl? 3.

\>' Adequate.

3: Reasonable. f I.

A 50p.

Reasonable number of seats by bar and on stage.

Dressy at the weekend. Blunt- mannered stewards. Basic search.

Formerly The Cotton Club. Lime has had a lick of paint. new chairs. new lights and a brand new name to lift the place to new dimensions. Look out for the Night Fever discorama nights on Wednesdays and the monthly Club Havana on the last Sunday of each month. This hot. sexy Latin night has won many awards and is considered the best of its kind in Europe.

H. 0. EC. Ra

379 Sauchiehall Street. 0l4l 331 I635. Capacity l74/one room. Entry on Saturdays £6.


9I Adequate.


i £2.l0. @ ti? 4. KMarginal.

@ Plenty of seats by the bar.

f l .50.

5 50p.

iii Smart dress code. solid bouncers. rudimentary search.

This intimate venue attracts a regular following of good looking trendies of the over 2l variety. The club is essentially split into two parts: the dancefloor at one end and the bar at the other. Focus is principally on the bar area. but this isn't to the detriment of the music. which is a comfortable mix of funky house and classic chart choons.



22 Jamaica Street. ()l4l 248 4600. Capacity 2500/one room. Entry on Saturdays £8.

h? 2. i 22. 15? 5.

-l'\\\ Doesn't cope well with busy nights.

yI Very good.

12 l .20.

A £1.

Q Extensive seating round club.

R Open minded dress code. Professional bouncers with prefer- ence for regulars. Thorough search.

It‘s not much to look at. but the Subbie‘s hosted some of Scotland‘s most ground- breaking nights over its ten-year history. Every major DJ has played there. rocking the one-room box with a unique atmosphere. Today the club is as strong as ever. with a fine line-up of nights. most notably the regular funky hard house Saturday with Harri and Domenic. Thursday's harder-edged Red Cell with Mark Ryal. Twitch and Domenic. and Sunday's free form Aquaplanet. Friday rotates between a core of nights including the techno Tangent. the drum 'n‘ bass Timeless and other fine nights.



84 Mitchell Street. 0l4| 204 l000. Capacity 850/three rooms. Entry on Saturdays £6.

2. 3: Award winning.

£2.40. @ £l.20.

14. &

50p. Gets very hot on busy nights.

Reasonable variety throughout club with separate chill out areas.

Trendy dress code. Professional stewards. Extensive search and metal detector.

Glasgow‘s original style club. The Tunnel at six years old has recently undergone a massive l'acelift. Think opulence and then add a bit more. Makes a healthy bid at being the Scottish superclub venue. housing Renaissance and Cream‘s northerly excursions every month. Visiting Dis love the place: Paul ()akenfold is personal friends with the owner. and practically all the DJs working here have production side-lines on the go. Guest DJs rarely fail to make their mark. but on the resident side. make a move for Ark on Fridays with Michael Kilkie. or the dressed-up Saturday night Triumph.


H. G. S. till, I, D, F

Sauchiehall Street. (ll-1| 332 0755. Capacity 500/three rooms. Entry on Saturdays £7.

\? 2.

i £1.80. ti? 5.

43‘ Adequate.

(9 Separate chill out room.

91‘ Reasonable.

@ 21.



a Smarter crowd. Strict bouncers Minimal search.

The Velvet Rooms caters for the 2 l—25- year-old club set with a passion for late nights. but maybe not mad nights. Front part of the club is a lush bar area with its own DJ playing funky sounds to drink to. while investigating through into the back of the club you find the main bar and dancefloor. all decorated stylishly. Music tnost nights is an easy going mix of charty dance and classic tunes.


H, G, T, HHJ

l5 Benalder Street. ()l-ll 337 ll()(). Capacity 370/one room. Entry on Saturdays £5.

h? 1. i £1.50. ti? 5. 'l'sstry

Q Booths round dance floor and a separate chill out area.

gI Reasonable.

£l.. A 50p.

Dress code goes with the style of night. Hassle-free entry. Minimal search.

A reasonably trendy venue in Glasgow‘s west end. this was the location for Trains/innings club scene. Quality nights on the go are the techno funk Sunday outing Wax Lyrical. Saturday's Tonka with local house DJ and producer Colin Walker. and Paradise Island on Wednesdays for quality drum 'n‘ bass. plus hip hop.



TH. NS. 0. R. l. HH, F

Dyer's Close. Cowgate. 0l3l 225 8382. Capacity 260/two rooms.

Entry on Saturdays £4.

E? l. 3! Ample.

i “.90. £1. 15? 2. 3A 50p. 4% Effective.

@ Tables and chairs away from the dancelloor.

R No specific policy. though management insists you look respectable and aren't drunk. Thorough search.

The Attic is one of Edinburgh’s smaller venues but it hosts a diverse array ofclub nights. Look out for the busy disco night l.e Freak (fortnightly Saturdays). the future funk. trip hop. big beat night Space Shanty (fortnightly Fridays) and Wednesday's veteran jazz. hip hop and funk night The Transporter Room. A renovation earlier this year improved its facilities greatly.



ll Hastie's Close. Cowgate. 0l3l 225 2774.

Capacity 450/one room.

Entry on Saturdays £6.


7 £1.80. £1. (5? 3. Amp.

[£3 Bad to almost unbearable on busy nights.

”I Highly acclaimed.

@ Plenty of tables and chairs. The hall sometimes becomes a makeshift chill out area.

Fl» No nutters. Thorough search. Firm but friendly security team.


85 The List l3 Dec l996-9 Jan I997