% clubbing guide

2. a: High quality.

£2.20. £l.

& 50p.

:3? 5.

k? Generally good. but poor in the main bar area. @ Comfortable seating in the second bar‘s lounge area and in the rear passageway between the two dancefloors.

R The door security is probably Edinburgh’s best. making this one of its safest clubs. Extremely careful search for everyone.

Edinburgh's first purpose-built club in years. The Honeycomb has. in a year. established itselfas one of the city‘s premier clubs. It offers a clean. comfortable and safe environment for the more discerning clubber. Its best nights are Sunday's Taste (hard and happy house. mighty atmosphere and apeshit crowd) hosted by Fisher and Price. two of the country‘s best I)Js; Friday's Solefusion (monthly) for real underground garage and Saturday's Sakradé. for a mix of deep. dark house. trance. quality techno and fresh garage. Zodiac (monthly. Fridays) has a unique blend of underground house and pumping party stuff. and 'heck the monthly Seen for cutting edge hip hop.



28 King's Stables Road. ()l3l 22‘) 7986. Capacity IOOO/three floors. Entry on Saturdays £4.


K2 Very effective.

2. g: Reasonable.

£2. Q £l.

A 50p.

@ Plenty of tables and seating.

iii No strict dress code. The club has

a reputation for being well run and safe. Searches are conducted at random.





2.30pm - 3.00am



l0.30pm 3.00am

F R I DAY Funky Pop £5

S AT U R DAY Disco Pop £5

S U N DAY Brit Pop £3

Free entry before I l.00pm

Armin/Hug Neil) and ‘Utfi/litflfl ‘Di/fi'nwt

The Polo Lounge, 84 Wilson Street, Glasgow G I. Telephone 0|4| 553 |22I

The bizarrely named Jaffacake. spread over three levels The Biscuit Room. The Tangerine Room and The Chocolate Room has been in operation since last summer. It has established itself as more of an indie/student venue. The busiest nights are I‘Bl (fortnightly. Saturdays), Haka (fortnightly. Saturdays) and Big on Fridays. which runs lots ofdrinking- related fun and games. including inflatable boxing rings and gunle guns.


R, HH, W

West Tollcross. ()l3l 228 3252. Capacity 55(l/two floors. Entry on Saturdays £4.

» 2. 3I Adequate. i £ l .80. g 1' l. [g 4. £3 50p.

\> Gets very hot. especially in the smaller upstairs room.

@ Plenty of tables and chairs. in A firm but polite security team.

The Mambo is Scotland‘s longest- running world music and reggae club. Sir ()ssie drops the tunes from around the world while his loyal crowd get on with the dancing. Hot. busy and extremely popular.


O, G. H. El

36—39 Market Street. ()1 3| 226 4224. Entry on Saturdays £8/£ It). Capacity SOO/one room.

\? i. 3i i £2.20. £l.2().

r5 5. A 50p.

43‘ . , Generally not very effective. but a new system will be installed in the New Year.


@ Large booths with extra tables and chairs line the venue's walls. making this one of the city's most comfortable clubs.

#3 Security aim to treat their clientele with respect but can have an aggressive manner with people they don't know. Most of the club nights attract an upmarket crowd.

Mercado‘s main strength lies in its two Saturday night clubs. Burger Queen and Colours. The former attracts a fiercely loyal crowd of well-dressed people eager to sample the pumping party house sounds of residents Craig and Iluggy. The latter pulls in a more mainstream (but still smart) set with its impressive roster of guest l)Js. Tackno (monthly. Sundays) is also very popular with those who like to dress up for hostess Trendy Wendy’s theme nights. Tlill‘ on Fridays (4--l()pm) remains a finn favourite with office workers and early drinkers. probably due to the cheap champagne. The venue benefits from its extensive seating areas. making it one of the best places to socialise in.


I.G. H.C

9c Victoria Street. ()l3l 225 2564. Entry on Saturdays £5. Capacity SOO/one room.


M Reasonable. i £2. £1. r5? 3. A 50p. is Good @

Plenty of seats on the stage. at the sides of the dancelloor and upstairs.

a No nutters. Random searches.

The Music Box attracts a genuinely varied crowd of indie kids. clubbers and students eager to take in the range of nights on offer. If you‘ve never been before. check out Iivol on Fridays for a mix of 60s. 70s and 80s pop and Q on Saturdays for an essential mix of underground and commercial dance. Plans are afoot for a radical revamp very soon.


Victoria Street. ()l3l 225 3326. Capacity boo/three floors. Entry on Saturdays £3.

‘7 3. 3i Does the job. i £1.80. 8 ill.

r5? 9. & 50p.

+3? Adequate.

Q Lots of alcoves dotted about this three-floor venue.

No drunks. Random searches.

88 The List l3 Dec l996-9 Jan l9‘)7