The Rocking Horse attracts an indie. rock and alternative crowd. Spread over three floors and with numerous different types of music on offer. it's ideal for party-goers who want to avoid straight dance music clubs.



3 Royal Terrace. (“31 556 6918. Capacity The management refused to state capacity. Two floors/ three rooms. Entry on Saturdays Before midnight: £5 (£4 members). £7 (£6 members).

‘? 2. g: Average. £2. £l.

| . A


LR. Far too hot at busy times. @ Plush sofas in the foyer and candlelit tables in the second bar area upstairs which can seat over 50 people.


This recent addition to lidinburgh’s club scene has received mixed reactions from clubbers. The venue. formerly a casino. appears to resemble a posh hotel more than a club. It boasts comfy sofas. expensive crystal chandeliers. carpeted staircases and an overall air ofelegance. However. the dancelioors are too small and as a result. it's difficult to raise a decent atmosphere. When busy. it gets far too hot. making it difficult for [Ms to work and uncomfortable to socialise in. It has the potential to be an excellent venue. ideal for more of a relaxed “house party' than a straightforward club event. though.


I, D, H. T, RV

('alton Road. (H31 558 3758. Capacity l000/two rooms. Entry on Saturdays £5.

E? 2. 3: (ioml. i £2. £1.

No scruffy looking people. ()verly aggressive security.

r5? 9.

i“ Rarely gets too hot. although upstairs can get a bit stuffy.

A 50p.

(Q Tables and chairs in the main room and upstairs bar.

$ No undesirables. Comprehensive search.

Formerly the Calton Studios and the New Calton. Studio 24 has been trying to establish itself as a reputable club since it opened during the Festival. Although it hasn't yet found a niche. there are plans to introduce live music to the venue at some point in the New Year. The best nights currently on offer are the ()0s. indie and disco vibes down at The Getaway (monthly Fridays) and the hardcore Scottish techno/rave at new night The Clinic (fortnightly Fridays) hosted by Tom Wilson.


G. H

l5—l7 Niddry Street. ()l3l 558 9052. Capacity 850/three rooms.

Entry on Saturdays £8 before I lpm. £10

aher k? 2. 3: Good.

i £2. @ £l. E 5. A 50p.

LK. Should be ellective as the previous

system is to be re-tised.

@ Several areas to sit around the

whole venue.

E Tease operates a strict dress code (no trainers. caps or hooded tops). Make an effort. Thorough search.

The Vaults is now open after a twelve- month absence from Edinburgh’s club scene. Tease will be running a weekly Saturday house night promoting big name UK Dis. Expect new nights to be up and running in the New Year Sublime (fortnightly. Fridays) begin on 27 December.


H. 0. "H. l. T

Calton Road. OH! 557 3073. Capacity 900/three floors. Entry on Saturdays £5/£7.

é a.

A 50p.

3. i £2. E? 3. 3!

Ground floor. booming; basement. good; upstairs. average.

*3} Fine downstairs and on the top floor; pretty hot on the ground floor on busier nights.

Plenty of basic tables and chairs

in the basement. an excellent

seating area by the bar on the top

floor. plus wee alcoves dotted

about the wall in the main room. Dress down to get in. The Venue's iii-house security work the door. Strict.

The Venue is one of Edinburgh's most respected live music and club venues. For the last decade. it has been at the forefront of the music scene. Recently. it furthered its standing by adding a third floor making it one of the city's biggest venues. Perhaps best known for Pure‘s legendary house and techno sessions (Fridays). it also hosts two of the city's busiest nights; [)isco Inferno (fortnightly Saturdays) and Tribal Funktion's US house. hip hop and drum 'n' bass nights (fortnightly Saturdays). It offers no nonsense. underground clubbing at its best.



l2 Shandwxck Place. ()l3l 226 2887. Capacity 1000.

Entry on Saturdays £5. 5. a: liffective. £2. £ I.

5 50p.


clubbing guide


K. Effective ventilation.

@ Plenty of places to sit. particularly in the main room.

Walkers tends to attract a smart dressed West End crowd looking for a good night out rather than a cutting edge club experience. Rumbeando. a fortnightly Latin dance night promoted by the Thelonius team does well.


G. H, 1', Ga, TH, l

Cowgate. 0l3l 225 2935.

Capacity 800/two floors. Several smaller rooms throughout the venue are occasionally used on busier nights. Entry on Saturdays £b—£ I0.


£2.05. £l.

Polite but firm security insist on a smart but casual dress code.

Does the job.

£| (up to two items).

Average. but the main hall gets hot when busy and the bar and balcony area upstairs gets extremely stuffy as a result. A new ventilation system should be in by Christmas.


Some seating in the foyer and around the balcony area upstairs make this a reasonably com- fortable venue. ()n busier nights. promoters utilise a couple of smaller rooms on the third level.

The various nights have their own door policies. Joy is quite tough but based on attitude rather than clothes. Security can have an aggressive manner.

Wilkie House is in the shell of a old church building. The high-ceilinged main room hosts one or two cracking nights and a handful of mediocre fillers. Best nights are Joy (monthly. Saturdays). Scotland's leading gay/mixed club and Luvely (monthly Saturdays). a hugely popular locally-run glam house night. Other highlights include Lift (fortnightly. Fridays) - trance and funky techno and Zoology (monthly. Thursdays) with its house nights. Also worth checking are innovative one-offs hosted by The Merry Pranksters; The Happening for trip hop. Rhythm Section for drum ‘n‘ bass and Radio God for techno.

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