Unbelievable lager. , Tennents SD lager m"E"§E"fiE¢lfiinm

Ombridge Street,-

Thanks to Tennents SD ‘Unbelievable Iager‘ we have six goodie bags stuffed to the

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a S brim with incredible tackle that no one with any sense could bear to be separated from. ~ ffillnbvhtzzgflg'rngn I

D 35 One of these unique prizes could be all yours due to the kindness and generosity of o: 1" f: . tom 8‘" 9' c.

8 8 g Tennents SD a smooth premium draught lager with a creamy taste and style all its "a" 3:“ “when” .1: _ m . o 5 0W". v...

E g E SD is brewed at Tennents Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow where the company has been afloafmm’

c: > producing fine lagers since l885. To win one of the six bags bulging with SD ' to u; b8 “a! o u. | h?”

S g merchandise all we want you to do is answer this question: won 0' on o n 9

a :5 § 'ntum

m a) "a

m g- 5 How many years have Tennents

"z' o i been brewing lagers in Scotland? 0 E



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In a bout at January sale madness, Edinburgh Festival Theatre are offering two stall seats, normally £13.50 each, tor the price at one to see the trolicsome les Ballets Troclradero De Monte Carlo on Fri 10/Sat 11 . Jan at 7.30pm. Take this copy of E The list along to the box ottice on

the night.


Answers on a postcard by Thurs 23 Jan. Mark them: 80 COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TB.


it’s winter again. Those who didn't finish the festive period sunk in grinding debt may be thinking about


down by a bout of indigestion. a pack of Rennie RAP-EZE. a fast-acting remedy that comes in four different flavours. Rennie RAP-EZE tablets contain calcium carbonate. so read the label before guzzling them.

We have ten male and ten female travel kits to give away to the first people out ofthe

bag- Edinburgh Playhouse are ottering their

How many flavours do Rennie RAP-EZE come in? m - . Answers on a postcard by Fri 24 Jan. State whether you want a male or female travel kit Sutiig/Ig;:medfgrgzyatiaioyzeafgfihwm s

and mark your card thus: HENNIE COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TH. knockdown mice 0' £12.50 "om Mon 13_Thms16

and Mon 20-Thurs 23 .Ian. Phone the box ottice on 0131 557 2590 and quote ‘list’ otter.

§ holidays. A little snowboarding trip to Austria n l .2 perhaps? Snorkelling in Barbados. if you’re really 7 03‘ a s. g filthy rich. Orjust a weekend away in a country ', a 3 a ,2 E cottage? Thing is. how do you get hold of all the g h LLUIT‘ "013' “all”: 3""th “.1 g .‘é holiday provisions you need when the shops have .- t can? 3‘10“: “Milli!” 3'9 a. g g stopped stocking summery stuff? Fear not. . ""9""! "0 “ck.” (and 4 = 'g prospective break seekers. for the makers of Rennie ‘( “UPI-111V "mmmhsv mt") '0' u“ ‘5 .2 g RAP-EZE have produced a holiday survival rm. n Pile! of one to 800 David E § ' . ._ , comes in a handy drawstring travel bag and contains “93" “39mm” 0' 0’ “*7” “4 M’ "7“ "0’" g g 2 - 1'" suntan lotion/sun block. condoms. first aid tips. lip “91"m' ‘7 ’39- Iflo ""3 009' 0i "'9 "3' m g 5; salve, travel wash. razors/tampons and holder. folding brush and. in case you are struck 3'0“! to "'9 b“ 0m“ on "'9 night- : >- U E

Murder In The First

Top prize alert! We‘ve got five copies of the video Murder In The First to give away. It's only just come out on sell-through but I rented it a while ago and it‘s a really good film and l'm not just saying that because it's a competition.

I— ~ . . . . m g Anyway, it stars Kevin Bacon as an inmate of Alcatraz. Bacon Is 5 uh: % systematically tortured and abused by the sadistic Warden Glenn W: em on. m. coupon 0' a“ 3'0“ u" “- 5 g who is played by Gary Oldman with his usual psychotic aplomb. "In" .m” and 9mm n to "'0 “l'm” b“ I“ g '5 . , Bacon cracks and kills a fellow inmate. At this point Christian Slater "mun" M' “u on.” 3" “Mat ‘0 E > " pops up as a naive young attorney who attempts to prove that “W'W'” Mama” "3'". m "9“ to ' 2 g 3 it was Alcatraz that was really responsible for the inmate's m'mwm- E S murder and thus save Bacon's bacon, as it were. o", m 0m P" “Mn.” 5 '35 E it‘s passionate. gut-wrenching, tear-jerking stuff that n Y“ 3'. “WM “'0” “'3'” "Wm!" a 2' g throws up imponderable questions about individual MW“! '0" “m m on" on. “V. on" m o i. and collective responsibility. crime and punishment ,9.” "0.3"" “'3‘ '0'" mi “a” .3" g u E and it‘s based on a true story. i To win a copy answer this; alcohol-related otters). llo responsibility“: be 5 Name two other films that Bacon has been in. '0'. pmfllch.c$,fir _1 . Answers on a postcard by Mon 27 Jan. Mark on...“ a "duo. 'Inm’ mm a“ “smf ;‘ them: moose com, The list, 14 illgh Street, rum. 8‘8""! Wich'm'l'i ' Edinburgh, EH1 11:. WW! Mme


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