Caledonia Dreaming (On tour. Jun/Jul) The new play for 7:84 Theatre Company. by sought-after young pensrnith David Greig. has eight characters in search of Sean Connery in a dissection of modern Scotland‘s

social and political life. ~

la Cubana come from Barcelona to be Blind

ed lo

Peepshow (On tour. Apr) Edinburgh- based Benchtours continues its collaboration with experimental director Pete Brooks to explore the dark side of puberty. Set in the I950s. the play is enacted in a scaled-down doll‘s house. with the audience confined to a gauze box in the middle of the set.

Cegada De Amor (Blinded By

Love) (Edinburgh International Festival. Aug) Performed by Barcelona‘s La Cubana company. this quirky theatre/film crossover is described as ‘a box of surprises’ and includes a caricature of Pedro Almodovar. It should be atnong the highlights of the capital‘s annual culture- glut. Widows (Traverse. Edinburgh. Mar/Apr) Following mixed critical response to 1995‘s Reader. former artistic director '- Ian Brown returns to the Traverse to direct another new play by Ariel Dorfman. the human-rights-

}. campaigning " * Chilean who wrote

the hugely

successful Death And The Maiden. Engineering For The Family (On tour. autumn) With Heatlstate still touring London clubs. Edinburgh‘s Boilerhouse are planning this new show by Kevin Fegan. whose previous plays have explored society and science. A poetic and visual examination of genetics and the politicians‘ claim to embrace ‘Family Values‘.

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (Citizens‘ Theatre. Glasgow. I4 Mar—5 Apr) Philip Prowse directs Tennessee Williams's powerful play. examining marriage. family and sexual honesty. The theatre closes for building work during the summer. and is due to re- open in September.

Death Of A Salesman (King‘s Theatre. Edinburgh. 4—8 Mar) The reliable Alun Armstrong stars as failing rep Willy Loman in the Royal National Theatre tour of Arthur Miller's powerful play about the American Dream turned nightmare. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Tramway. Glasgow. 3—8 Feb) This is Jonathan Miller‘s magical production for the Almeida Theatre in London. with a set of glass and tttirrors hy filmmakers The Brothers Quay. Babycakes (Tron. Glasgow. 24 Jan-2 Feb; Traverse. Edinburgh. 5—9 Mar) Clyde Unity Theatre presents the first-

Preview of the year

ever stage adaptation of Artnistead Maupin‘s much-loved Tales OfThe City novel series. set in sunny San Francisco.

The Brunton Theatre is due to re- open at the beginning of March. after extensive refurbishment funded by a Lottery grant. A ‘spectacular gala opening‘ is promised. to be directed by Robin Peoples. artistic director of the resident company. which has operated as a touring outfit for the past two years.

The Maiden Stone (Royal Lyceum. Edinburgh. l—I7 May) Scottish premiere of a new play by Scots writer Rona Munro. Set in the North-East during the l9th century. the story concerns an actress and her family relationships.

The Country Wife (Citizens‘ Theatre. Glasgow. 6 Feb—I Mar) Guest director/designer Antony McDonald tackles William Wycherley’s l7th century comedy of sex and money. bringing with him New York-based lighting designer Heather Carsen. who has illuminated such luminaries as Lou Reed.

Variété (Edinburgh Festival Theatre. 6—8 Feb) Maverick showman Lindsay Kemp returns with his backstage musical. set in a German docklands fairground in the l930s. (Andrew Burnct)

Dylan Moran (Gilded Balloon Comedy Circuit. spring) Last year he was funny. and then he won the Perrier. so this year he‘s even funnier. Catch the rambling. shambling Irishman with some brand new bits of blarney. As long as he‘s not resting on his fizzy water laurels that is.

Bill Bailey (Gilded Balloon Comedy Circuit. spring) Stand up and tell jokes? Not Bill Bailey. The heavy- metal-hairdo-ed Richard C layderman on acid splits sides with nowt but a guitar/keyboard and back catalogue of TV theme tunes and nursery rhymes collections to rival the deepest vaults of K-Tel. Last year. the Perrier nominee’s piece (le resistance was Three Blind Mitre. This year. who knows?

Flacco (Edinburgh Fringe. Aug) Fresh comedy blood for this year‘s Fringe is heavily rumoured to include the stand-up/contemporary clown

who’s been described as a cross between Salvador Dali and Hamlet crossbred with a Munchkin. Nice. The planned gigs would be a rare visit to Scotland for the Aussie star. last seen at the Fringe on stage with the notorious and long-gone Doug Anthony Allstars. limeon (On tour. autumn) All signs pointing towards comedy's favourite Irish-Aussie stand-up indicate the cheeky chappy currently working on comedy/adventure film Crack will be back in your area and behind the mike with more of those wry observations on everyday life. (Ellie Carr)

Bill Bailey: heard today; long halred gultar freak tomorrow

Tap Dogs (Theatre Royal. Glasgow. l7—22 Mar; Festival Theatre. Edinburgh. 24/27—29 Mar) The boysie Aussie brickies turned hot (steel toe- capped) shoe shquIers with charisma on ehm. tap and feet on speed return. What more can we say? Just get a ticket. Now.

Ballet Atlantique/Andy Goldsworthy (International Festival. Edinburgh. Aug) Offbeat French choreographer Regine Chopinot teams up with environmental artist Andy Goldsworihy for a dance production that promises to be the Festival‘s wild card.

Rambert Dance Company (Festival Theatre. Edinburgh. I l—l4 Jun) The A-team of British contemporary dance returns to one of its favourite venues with a new piece from Christopher Bruce‘s Stream (I996) and Paul Taylor‘s classic Airs (I982).

New Moves Across Europe (Various venues. Glasgow. I7 Feb—22 Mar). The festival that ‘discovered‘ DV8. celebrates ten years of delivering cutting-edge Europe-wide dance to our doorsteps. Don‘t expect The Nutcracker. Do expect the new. the different and the downright bizarre from at least ten nations spanning Europe. the USA and Canada.

DV8 (Tramway. Glasgow. 9— l 2 Apr) Having floored audiences with his Iads-on-the-piss tragi-comedy Enter Achilles (I995). DV8 main man Lloyd Newson looks like continuing the return to peak 80s form with this new. issue-driven (very) physical theatre piece that plugs into communication. or lack of it. in the information age. MDT: (Festival Theatre. Edinburgh. I9—20 May) The baby company of

Tap Dogs get you hot under the collar

Netherlands‘ hottest contemporary dance ticket makes a rare visit to Scotland. The main company NDTI trashed all comers at last year's Festival, and this lot are quirkier and even more fresh-faced and flexible. Brace yourselves.

Romeo And Juliet (Theatre Royal. Glasgow. 3—12 Apr; Festival Theatre. Edinburgh. l5—l9 Apr) Scottish Ballet sticks its toe-shoe in the water with John Cranko's lavish I958 version of the famous ballet. starring company pin-up Campbell Mackenzie as Romeo. Whispers in the wings indicate a full compliment of brand new principals will make a dramatic entrance at SB this year. (Ellie Carr)

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