Major’s miriority on the brink?

General Election Will John Major’s minority govemment cling to power until the very death? The final practical date for an election is likely to be l May. but ifthe Government loses any major votes before then. we could be in for an early poll.

Fatal Accident Enquiry Following the E-coli outbreak in Scotland the procurator fiscal is to decide whether criminal charges are necessary.

A fatal accident enquiry will follow immediately after the decision.

Fangs for the memory This year sees the centenary of the publication of Bram Stoker's book Dracula which launched a thousand dodgy movie remakes (I'm Bats For You. anyone?) You won‘t be able to move for blood dripping retrospectives and interviews with ‘modern day vampires‘.

Preview of the year

Court napping Lengthy legal wrangles should be concluded for the McLibel Two. who defended themselves against a libel action from the burger giant McDonalds. O. J Simpson. found not guilty in a criminal trial. may face a different verdict when the civil case ends. Green grows my valley Residents of the Isle of Eigg are still battling to raise the money to buy their home. A closing date for the sale is due in the new year. Meanwhile. the proposed Glasgow to Stirling M80 motorway is likely to be the focus of anti-roads protests to rival Twyford Down and the Newbury Bypass.

Castles in the air A Scottish national science park is still planned for the old garden festival site in Glasgow. but backers are waiting for lottery funding. Meanwhile work on Hampden Stadium continues a new stand and a Museum of Scottish Football should be built by the end of the year. (Stephen Naysmith)

John King Headhunters (Jonathan Cape. May) Follow-up to King‘s bestselling study of violence The Football Factory this time focusing on Britain‘s other obsession. sex.

Disco Biscuits: New Fiction From The Chemical Generation Ed. Sarah Champion (Sceptre. Jan) Celebrating ten years of acid house. an anthology of new stories capturing the hedonistic spirit of the last decade. from illegal raves to corporate club culture.

Hanif Kureishi Lore In A Blue Time (Faber & Faber. Apr) Short stories from the author of The Black Album. The BIN/(Hill Ol'Sttlnirlna and My Beautiful Llllllit/I't’llt’.

Will Self Great Apes (Bloomsbury. May) Second novel from the journalist and satirist. After a crazy night of clubbing in London. a man wakes up to

Rebel Inc The former underground litmag turned publishing imprint follows up last year's controversial short story collection. Children Of Albion Rovers. with a strong series of books. Launched by the Canongate imprint will be Rebel lnc leader Kevin Williamson's Drugs And The Party Line (Mar). tackling established attitudes on popular drugs; Kill Kill Faster Faster (May). a first novel from former Kojak screenplay writer Joel Rose; and A Life In l’ier'es (May) - an unconventional biography of Scottish writer Alexander Trocchi edited by Allan Campbell and Tim Neil. with contributions from Edwin Morgan. Irvine Welsh and Patti Smith.

Alan Warner These Demented Limits- (Jonathan Cape. Mar) A tale of twisted characters gathering on an island airstrip for a rave called The Big One. This is the follow-up to

discover his girlfriend has turned into a chimpanzee. Is it a bad trip or has the whole human race turned into chimps? Carol Shields Larry Ir Party (Fourth Estate. Sept)

Warner's debut novel Morrern Cal/at“. which has been filmed by the BBC.

A. L. Kennedy

The Pulitzer Prize- winning author of The Stone Diaries returns with this expose of

Original Bliss one man at (Jonathan sea in the Cape. 30 Jan) post- Short stories feminist

about the world.

complexities (Kathleen of sex and x 9 Morgan) the lack of g is» - *

it from the Saltire Prize- winning Scottish author.

Alan Warner gears up for The Big One


Gavin Hastings: Scottish Claymores tight to retain their title

World League Of American Football (Apr—Jun) The Scottish Claymores will be defending their World Bowl title with ten matches to gain a place in the final at the end ofJune.

Scottish Cup Final (Hampden. 24 May) Scotland‘s home of football. it says here. will once again be the setting for the clash of teams who possess the luck and skill to make it to the showpiece.

Five Nations Championship ( l 8 Jan—15 Mar) it would be a tad optimistic to expect halfas dramatic a season as I996. with the Scots denied the Grand Slant and. ultimately. the championship by a gritty English performance at Murrayfreld. Revenge may come at Twickenham (l Feb)

while the Scots face an away trip to Paris ( l5 Mar) with home games against the Welsh ( 18 Jan) and the Irish (1 Mar).

British Open (Troon. 17—20 Jul) The l26th British Open provides an opportunity for the Scots to claim the top prize with Europe's number one. Colin Montgomerie. leading the way. Scottish Grand National (Ayr Racecourse. 19 Apr) Get along to Ayr to see if your nag brings in the dosh. lntematlonal Festival Of Youth Rugby ( l—4 Apr) Scotland plays host to this inaugural event with venues across the country being visited by teams from the Home Nations as well as some of the lesser lights in world rugby.

RAC Rally (Site TBC. Nov) The last couple of rallies have been in Chester but the Rally finally returns to Scotland with home success hoped for Colin McRae. (Brian Donaldson)

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