STYLE Glam house.

HISTORY Founder of Edinburgh’s legendary Burger Queen club night.

Previous productions with partner Huggy include two Blondie remixes and a mix of David H’s ‘Passion’. plus the pair’s own ‘House Fever’ (Ministry Of Sound). He guests in virtually every major city in England and recently on

Radio One’s stage at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.

PRESENT He is making an unprecedented leap from local success to national big time via vast hype and numerous guests spots across the UK and Europe.

IN THE PIPELINE Remixes of Diddy’s ‘Give Me Love’ (Positiva). Loop Da

Loop’s ‘Go With The Flow’ (Manifesto), Donna Summer’s ‘Bad Girls’ (Manifesto) and a new Burger Queen production on their own label Babushka. Residencies at Burger Queen. Edinburgh (fortnightly); Man:Woman. Derby (monthly); Puscha. London (bi—monthly); Rise.

Sheffield (bi-monthly); Regular appearances at The House, Nottingham and

UK Midlands. Wolverhampton: two new nights in Edinburgh.

HYPE Too big for Edinburgh?

Selll London jungle and house producer studying in Edinburgh. Has recorded for Reinforced and Mousetrap and remixed Art Of Noise. His next track will be on In Demand Records - meanwhile he is working on a solo album of vocal material for his own label Soon. backed by Adelphoi.

Gareth Sommervllle Respected Edinburgh garage/house DJ, resident at capital favouriteYip Yap for three years. His first track. Boss Hog’s ‘Don't Make Me Wait‘ (Sugarcube), is out now. and he has a third guest

spot at Leeds's Hard Times soon. Also

resident at Archaos, Glasgow on Fridays.

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lars Sanderberg

in April. HYPE His time has come.

Stevie Middleton Runs Sole Music and Tronic Sole record labels. putting out the best Scottish soulful house and deep garage as well as licensed American tracks. Produces for his own labels as well as material for Temple Music. DJs at Glasgow‘s Archaos and Tin Pan Alley. and The Honeycomb. Edinburgh.

Yogi Heughton Fanatical ‘black music' lover and uncompromising garage DJ who is resident at Sakradé. Edinburgh. Previous releases on Guidance, Vibe, R&S and Marimba. More tracks in the pipeline.



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Gareth Sommervllle




STYLE In his production guise as Funk D’Void he plays techno and house. His Dling is in a similar vein. but with more drum and bass. PAST Originally he recorded as United States Of Sound with Glasgow’s Bomba Records. Now he is signed to the Scottish Soma label as Funk D’ Void and has had three successful releases: ‘Jack Me Off’. ‘Chaser’ and ‘Soul Man’. PRESENT Although Lars DJs in the UK. he is much bigger on the Continent. playing regular dates in Paris and Barcelona. After his phenomenal first live set as Funk D’Void in February 1996. he has continued to develop the live act. IN THE PIPELINE Lars will continue to expand his DJing round Europe. especially Austria and Holland. His first album which features his mother, a professional concert pianist -- is to be released

Yogl Haughton

Kevin McKay McKay. who has recorded under a variety of aliases and is behind the incredibly successful jazzy dance label Muzique Tropique. is launching a new label. Glasgow Underground Records. for local and licensed talent. Now working solely as Muzique Tropique. he has an extensive production and remix portfolio. and DJs at Edinburgh’s Yip Yap.

elueboy Enigmatic Glasgow producer currently enjoying huge hype (and Radio One airplay) with his monumentally funky single. “Remember Me’.

Colln Gate and Paul Hunter Glasgow duo who work together as Deep Sensation, Soul Sensation and Disco

Craig Burger Queen

Sensation as well as releasing records on the immense American labels Tribal. Cajual and Freeze. Colin also works as Balihu while Paul is highly respected for his Poets Of Thought project for LTJ Bukem‘s Cookin label. The pair left for New York recently to work in the studio they have set up there. Their recent work has been described as Masters At Work at their best. so keep an eye out for those imports.

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