House Old Fruitmarket. 9pm. £8.50. Quebec musical genius from a nine-piece band. and Irish fiddle virtuoso’s band of singer. dancer, reeds and wacky eclecticism. I Festival Club Central Hotel. 10.30pm. Free.


I Celtic Conversations Strathclyde Suite. lpm. £3.50. Dr Fred Freeman.

I North Sea Music Piping Centre. 6pm. £5. Shetland fiddler Aly Bain leads a new quintet from Scandinavia with composer iienning Sommerro on keyboards. singer llanne Kiersti Yndestad. with sax. bagpipes. bass and fiddle.

I Altan/Poozies Main Auditorium. 7.30pm. £l2.50/£l0.50. ln'sh traditional superlatives with support from the popular Scots/English female foursome who won't let the Folk Police get in the way of a good tune.

I Dougie MacLean and Guests Strathclyde Suite. 8pm. £9.50. internationally-known Dunkeld-based songwriter. fiddler. record producer and guitarist (he was also years ahead of the didgeridoo craze) supported by expert Scots guitarist David Allison. extending the acoustic instrument through state-of- the-art electronics.

I Festival Club Central Hotel. |().30pm. Free.


I Celtic Conversations Strathclyde Suite. 1pm. £3.50. Pat Gerber.

I Patrick and Jacky Molard Piping Centre. 6pm. £5. Two of the best from Brittany. and the group Gwerz. Patrick is


Tickets available from the ticket centre and the Ferry

0141 227 5511 .0141 552 0588

subject to booking fee

I Billy Bragg and Dick Caughan: Sponsored by the STUC, this concert by two oi the most persuasive singing voices oi the left may preach to the converted, but for all the stridency oi promulgation oi the central, long-established socialist/communist ideals, especially Caughan’s, an enjoyment of lyric is always obvious, and a love and commitment to the ioik song tradition. Billy Bragg and Dick Gaughan, Main Auditorium, Fri 17 Jan.

a top-class player of the Highland pipes. and the Breton biniou. His brother plays fiddle.

I Steve Earle/Delevantes Main Auditorium. 7.30pm. £15/£12.5(). Troubled troubador of American country/rock. his self-destruct programme‘s on hold at the moment; he

plays alone and unplugged. From Hoboken. Sinatra’s New Jersey town. the Delevantes are vocally closer to the Everiey Brothers.

I WatersonlCarthy/Donald Black and Malcolm Jones Strathclyde Suite. 8pm. £9.50. Two of the greatest names in English music represented here by two generations of Watersons singer Norma. and fiddler and singer daughter Eliza. Guitarist and singer Martin Carthy has been around a while he's thanked on the sleeve of Dylan's first album! Runrig’s guitarist with top Scots traditional mouth organ player Donald Black in support.

I Burns, And A’ That Adelaide's. 8pm. £6. Accepted as the finest contemporary singer of Burns' songs. ilod Paterson leads an evening devoted to the poet’s work. with music from Wendy Stewart. Mike Katz and Jack Evans; and singers Christine Kydd. Gill Bowman and Cordeanna McCulloch.

I Ashley Maclsaac And The Kitchen Devils/Mary Jane lamond Old Fruitmarket. 9pm. £8.50. Tremendous music from Canada's leading fiddler and Gaelic singer of the younger generation, whose traditional credentials are impeccable. but who often choose not to play that way.

I Festival Club Central Hotel. 10.30pm. Free.


I Celtic Conversations Strathclyde Suite. lpm. £3.50. Author of the harrowing POW epic 'The Railway Man’. ETiC lomax

I Charlie McKerron and Fred Morrison Piping Centre. 6pm. £5. Classy. sometimes frantic, fingering on chanter

Fri 1 7th Jan Ceilidh

Sun 19th Jan Bert Jansch & The Gyres * Thu 23rd Jan Big Celtic Snip

The Barra MacNeiIs, LP. Cormier and

Fri 24th Jan Burns Eve with Norman MacLean and Guest Musicians

John Allan Cameron

Fri 24th Jan Ceilidh

Sat 25th Jan Burns Supper Sun 26th Jan James Grant and Friends Thu 30th Jan Big Celtic Snip

with Jimme & Aura O’Neill, Horse,

Jackie Leven

Fri 315i Jan Ceilidh _ Sat lst Feb Stars from The Commitments Sun 2nd Feb 10h" Martyn Unconnected

0:93.15 Sun 9th Feb Lindisfarne


and fiddle by the two Capercaillie tunesmiths.

I Cherish The ladies/Beeltime Main Auditorium. 7.30pm. £12.50/£10.50. Annual lrish-American showtime with the all-women traditional band. and occasional spots of step-dancing. The most popular show at Celtic Connections. New slant on old music by supporting young quartet.

I Sinead Lohan/Dave Bohb Strathclyde Suite. 8pm. £9.50. Two singer/songwriters. lreland's meteorically successful Lohan has a winsome voice and fragile lyric. Now living in Germany. Robb leads his band The Filmmakers. but sometimes sings solo with bouzouki.

I The Voice Squad Adelaide‘s. 8pm. £6. Stunning. very moving male vocal harmony trio from Ireland. A must for anyone interested in the power of song. I navy Spillane/Gwen Old Fruitmarket. 9pm. £12.50. The public's prince of lrish pipers uillean that is with Brittany‘s leading band. including some of that nation’s finest pipers - we’re talking biniou its accompanying shawm the bombarde and even the Highland pipes. I Festival Club Central Hotel. 10.30pm. Free.

Celtic Connections continuesfindl; _. Monday 3 February. I; of Mallet. outon Thursdayg23' ”1 January contains full listingsan’d': previews of the nest of C6159. ' .._ . Connections. For full listings of _ other Folk music events in Glasow I. and Edinburgh this fortnight,_sjee.'0ur. normal listings onpagc-SS-GO; g


The List l0-23 Jan 1997 21