’Tis the season when shirt buttons strain and thoughts turn to shedding the spare tyre of Roses hanging round your middle. But before you work up a sweat purging that post-Festive guilt, we suggest you weigh up the pros and

cons of exercise in the comfort of your own home. Kicking off our three-page health and fitness special we ask six super-healthy Scots to reveal their personal five-point fitness plans for 1997.

The Boxer/Personal Trainer

Gary Jacobs, light middle weight. 3 l , Glasgow.

0 ‘I run six miles every morning, then at lunch time I go into my own boxing gym and work out for an hour. l’ll train again at 5pm in the local health club on thejogger and using light weights.’

0 ‘I stick to three meals a day with no rubbish in between because that’s when you put weight on.’

0 ‘I don’t drink or smoke, chocolate is probably my biggest vice.’

0 ‘At the weekends I have a break from training. l’ll usually take the kids swimming and on Sundays I play football.’

0 ‘You have to be very strict if you want to keep in shape.’

The Tai Chi Instructor

Audicia Lynne Morley. 37. Edinburgh.

0 ‘lt’s really healthy to have the occasional night out and let yourself go but because my work is all about health and body. I have to practice what I preach.’

0 ‘Every morning I practice meditation for thirty minutes to an hour. It gives me a sense ofjoy. buoyancy and inner strength.’

0 ‘I also do some kind of physical exercise every day anything from one to four hours of different exercise, which includes regular Tai Chi.’

° ‘l’ve been a vegetarian since I was ten. I eat fish and dairy products but I don’t eat tinned, pre-cooked or fast foods. As the old saying goes “you are what you eat”.’ ° ‘Anything in moderation is fine a glass of wine is okay but a bottle is too much.’

Audicia Lynne Morley teaches Tai Chi at Dance Base, Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh. 013 I 225 5525.

The Body Builder

Delroy Stylz.l()st 5lbs, 34. 'Glasgow.

0 ‘l exercise one part of my body each day for around an hour. On Mondays l concentrate on my chest, on Tuesdays I do my back. Wednesday is a rest day so I just do cardio, using the bike and the step, on Thursdays I work on shoulders and biceps and on Fridays I do leg exercise. I take the weekends off completely to rest.’

26 The List lO-23 Jan l997

- ‘When I’m not entering competitions I try to consume as many thousands of calories as possible, usually around ten to twelve thousand a day.’

0 ‘I aim to eat three litres of ice- cream a day. I’ll eat something every couple of hours and it’s mainlyjunk food.’

0 ‘The three key factors whatever sport you do are training, diet and sleeping two of these is not enough}

0 ‘No drink, no smokes. no drugs.’

The Footballer

John Robertson, Heart Of Midlothian FC, 32. Edinburgh.

0 ‘I love eating out but unlike a lot of footballers l have to watch my ligure.’

- ‘We do about fifteen hours a week of match situation training. On top of that we do circuits and running.’

.0 ‘Everyone has this image of

footballers as real boozers but with a tough training regime it’s not physically possible.’

0 ‘The no-nookie rule is definitely a myth. On the occasions I’ve done it I certainly haven’t noticed a big difference.’

0 ‘You need a couple ofdrinks after a game to help you unwind I’d never get to sleep otherwise.’

The Model

Erin Mooney, Model Team Scotland. 20, Glasgow.

0 ‘I go to the gym a couple of times a week and I like swimming.

0 ‘I used to do lots of dance and I did kick-boxing last year but I go through phases of starting something new and then getting bored with it.’

0 ‘l’ll take any opportunity to indulge. I like going out clubbing and enjoy the odd Jack Daniels but I won’t say no to anything a

,wee glass of wine. or a bottle. I

try to start the New Year off well but it falls apart pretty early.’

0 ‘The image of a model eating an apple and a lettuce leaf a day just isn’t true we all eat tons. We’re all told we should drink eight glasses of water a day but I tried it once and it made me feel sick.’

0 ‘l’m terrible for getting up in the morning so I need at least eight hours sleep, although my mum would tell you it’s more like fifteen.’

Erln Mooney, model: ‘I start the New Year 0" well, but lt falls apart pretty early’

Malcolm Smlth, rock climber: ‘llold a long term goal in mlnd.’

John Robertson, tootballer: ‘The no-nookle rule ls detlnltely a myth.’


Gary Jacobs, boxer: ‘You have to be strict It you want to keep ln shape.’

The Rock Climber

Malcolm Smith, 23. Dunbar.

0 ‘Set goals. You should hold a long-term goal in mind but concentrate on improving in slow, steady and measurable increments.’

0 ‘Make training as specific as possible. gearing it towards what your goals are whether it’s general fitness or improving at a specific sport.’

0 ‘ln climbing it’s important to stretch as much as possible. both when warming up and on non- training days, to speed recovery and prevent injury.’

0 ‘Don’t follow a set schedule, be instinctive and train only when you feel like it.’

- ‘Vices? I smoke and drink, which is a limiting factor. But sometimes it’s great to have a fag when you come down from a climb.’