. ART CLASSES glasgow dance prolect dance classes ART CLASSES Contemporary: starting Monday 20 January, Be min 14 anua 7.30 - 8.45pm 3 g I W Street Dance: starting Thursday 23 January, . . . 7.30 - 8.45pm Day & evening Courses 5”" "53‘ "‘°‘,’“- Spec'a'm £23 . , . . (Single Item - £15) classes for age 15+, £3.50 (£2.50) In drawmg &peimt1ng/ Handmn help with "fling. Partick Burgh Halls, Burgh Hall Street, Glasgow. figure drawmg. Sympathetic, friendly service. run MORE iiiroiiiniirioii couriicr: All levels of experience STR ES S F RE E AlllI’A CLARK (DANCE co-onnIIIATOR) . DEPARTMENT or PERFORMING Anrs Allll venues: WElCOme- Telephone Nell on 0131 229 8361 . 0141 237 0104 _ W Details I Jazz and street dance for T812 . . kids and adults. Hi-energy jazz - . .w based dance. Music? hip hop to ' - chart. No experience necessary. W Wednesdays. 4.30pm (kids Need a cake? 7yrs+). Saturdays. 10.45am. Having a Teens and adults. Northcote .1 Hall. 6 Victoria Circus. RAVE FEW THE Contem Hyndland. More details? Karen GR _. porary, Pasi on Ol4l 3394193. AVE Creative Individual I Jasmtcrije tiles: Sgulllrdgys. then call the . . . Designs ll.4. am. on cote a . Victoria Circus. Hyndland. Had H d & enough of Aerobics? Thought omema e ou couldn’t dance? This is for The 60's & 70’s specialists - - you a dance-based exercise Rocksteady' Motown. R 'n' B, DEIICIOUS class covering all styles. Jazz. Beat, Pop, Glam. Nonhem' . hip “OP. Africa”. Lilli"; NP Reggae, Ska & Stax . A; 30! Simpson ‘X ‘l‘l *ncc IICCCSSIII')’. USI COIUC . , ' ‘aloilitg.LSaturdays won’t be the Competmve rates [or a” same again! More details? occas’ons Karen Pasi 0l4l 339 4193. Tel Mark on 0141 532 5554


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