V I saw you Lee. thought this would make you smile. like happy endings ! I love you. bezzie mate. but I don't like your wine! Happy New Year. Hope it's pooh and me filled. Box NO U/296/1.

V I saw you Caroline from Edinburgh who loved Star Trek and dancing. who I fell in love with at first sight two years ago. Does first contact have to be the last? Robin. Box No U/296/2.

V lsaw you pouring pure genius of a Guinness. Larry keep on truckin'! Be my sunflower. Can I shoot my rubber band at the stars? Je suis jeunes amoureux. Destinée la v6tre sunshine. x. Box No U/296/3.

V I saw you Jennifer from Paisley blowing kisses outside the Art School. summer 96. A young video student wonders if you'd like to get in touch? Box No U/296/4.

V I saw you in Gregg’s the Bakers in that sexy uniform every week. Lately you haven‘t been there. Where has my yum- yum gone? Box No U/296/5.

V I saw you ashtray man aka Rick from Textile World in the hall at the party with daft punk. Where are you. man? You’ve got a wedding to go to. get in touch. Box No U/296/6.

V I saw you Marciella. You’re still gorgeous. 1 would love to

know where you have been for the past ten years?! Gary. Box

No U/296/8.

V I saw you inside Q.M.U 6.12.96 and ran after you outside after disco. Me - goatee. shaven head. eyebrow ring. very drunk. You - absolutely adorable. sober. Will you please let me try again? Box No U/296/9.

V I saw you Stevie Gee. 12.5.95. You rock my world. you spin my wheel. you take me to the moon. I‘m still trippin‘ out over you. baybee. Happy New Year. Love Abi XXXXXXX. Box No U/296/10. V lsaw you EH 1. Festival 96. Blonde antipodean beauty. now brunette antipodean pal on the high seas. You’re not forgotten. Box No U/296/1 1.

V lsaw you and see you every day when you‘re not with your girlfriend. What can I do? You know 1 want you 4 frolics c ya babe V E.J. Box No U/296/ 12.

V I saw you with glasses. 1 see you everyday at Pabbies. Me always dressed in black. could we exchange something apart from sweets. Maybe coffee or tea or something else. Box No U/296/l3.

V I saw you at Glasgow Uni. Computing Services. Thursday afternoon. 19/12/96. We had to take a confusing detour together to the basement. I said something really stupid because I REALLY fancied youl! Lunch? Dinner? U/296/14.

V I saw you Your camera and my scarf got entangled in the Hogmanay crush. llptn at the Princes Street/Hanover Street corner. Let me know the camera details and [’11 return it to you. Box No U/296/15.

V I saw you Wednesday

1 l/12/96. Frankie's Quay Restaurant. Me: white polo top. checked trousers. You: waiter. gave my cigarette a light. Eye contact produced instant chemistry. didn‘t it? Do you fancy lunch? Box No U/296/16. V I saw you SWurday 30/1 1/96 evening. shopping. You: tall. dark. curly hair. funny beard. black dufer jacket. brown jeans. You paid next to me. Haven't you run out ofjuice yet? Box

No U/296/l7.

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The List

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V I saw you Lovely female violinist with BBC 880. Friday 13. Queen Margaret Drive. Fancy a tune and glass or three of wine with this male fiddle player? Box No U/296/18.

V I saw you Ms fluffy. green. outdoor. vegan girl often around the West End and you‘ve seen me. I’ve figured you like me and I'm embarrassed because I don‘t know what to say. Wanna break the ice? Box No U/296/l9.

V I saw you 27/12/96. John Smith’s bookshop. I picked up the books you'd knocked over. Our eyes met and you said thanks. Petite lady in black. Let‘s meet and talk more over coffee? Box No U/296/20.

V I saw you bearded beauty in waistcoat with smaller group in GLC Cafe in Glasgow 21/12/96. Me the short bearded guy wearing big checked shirt. Want to share a hug? Box No U/296/21.

V I saw you in my dreams. You were one of the last romantics. You went out (but not on a boat). Me home alone. Please send phone number. write soon. Box No U/296/22.

V I saw you the small wonder of Partick standing naked in your living room. Not so small then? Show me the glories of Glasgow. darling. Box No U/296/23.

V I saw you Colinton Mains Bowling Club with a pained expression on face. wearing a Greek paratroopers uniform and slightly soiled Brechin City top. Do not contact me under any circumstances. Box No U/296/24.

V I saw you Miss Neoreal. X marks the spot where the love still lies. October is nigh. Must we terminate here? Box No U/296/25.

V I saw you Christopher (Piscean) 22/12/96 in Sadie Frost‘s. Sorry I couldn't go [01 Dalmatians. Let‘s meet up. Neil x. Box No U/296/26.

V I saw you Blair. when you last gave me a drink on Air UK. I haven’t seen you for so long and would love to see your smile again. A secret friend. Box No U/296/27.

V Isaw you and gave you a back massage. Yip Yap 2/1 1/96. You invited me back to Fraser‘s and made my autumn blues hot and wet. Ian. how can 1 ever repay you? Lindsay. Box No U/296/28.

I V I saw you John A. around

Glasgow. You: ‘Mr Smoothie‘ from Clarins to traditional wet shave. Me: Edinburgh bloke who's missed too many times to say hello. Wish you well! Box No U/296/29.

V I saw you Friday 27/12/96. 6pm. Tesco. Broughton Road tnilk department. You: man in beige jeans and green pilot jacket. Me: man in black. Would you like tne to put the cream back in your semi-skimmed? Box No U/296/30.

M EH1 ‘I'I'E



The List Classified, 14 High Street or at the CCA

and we will forward it.

Remember to write the Box Number clearly > in the TOP LEFT-RAND CORNER.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. If you send several replies. send them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies. but do write the apprOpriate Box Number on each envelope.

350 Sauchiehall Street GLASGOW 61 2J2


0 lsaw you at Paisley YSA. You: intoxicating smile. Me: Roddy Doyle wannabe. Let's fall in love again. Box No U/296/31.

V I saw you in the Gyle. Thin‘s stacking Penguin books. XXX. more where those came from. Scottie. beam up! Box No U/296/32.

V I saw you CCA. evening 14/12/96. You: short hair. green

' apron. black trainers. served me

beer. I fell in love with your midriff and smile. Give me a sign. Box No U/296/33. V I saw you My brown-eyed girl. You are the best thing that happened in 1996. Stay with me and make 1997 a great year. Thinking of you always. KK. Box No U/296/34.

V I saw you Kenneth from Milngavie. twice in 1995. Then you went away on holiday and 1 saw you no tnore. Please get in touch with N in Fife. Box No. U/296/35.

V I saw you at the next table (? 2. 3 or 4). 21/12/96. McDonald Hotel (International Suite). You: white t-shirt/navy jumper. Me: black dress. You were in the reception area as I was leaving. Box No U/296/36.

V I saw you again (unintentionally I swear). CCA. 18/12/96. You in green apron. black trainers. etc. nipping fit and able into the disabled loo. Me. pretending to read the notice board. My heart‘s grown wings. Fancy a drink? Box No U/296/37.

V I saw you Kelvinbridge.

19/ 12/96. We were sold out of giant steps but you were happy with your acoustics. Me: harassed drawer-puller. Your smile gave me a lift. I'd love to meet you. Box No U/296/38. V lsaw you on Ben Venue. Sunday 22/12/96. I live in Hamilton. you in Shawlands. You said we might meet on another mountain sometime. Perhaps we shouldn‘t leave it to chance! Box No U/296/39.

V I saw you 9. 15am Tuesday 26/1 1/96 outside Royal Bank. Hope Street. Tall. blond. hat. speaking to car driver. Me. taller. longish hair. walking into latnpost. Want to meet and scoff at smaller people? Box No U/295/3.

V I saw you Teeny in black clothes. curves displayed at the Cits. Miserable pockets and poppadums. Will you be my Miss Brodie and are five inches sufficient? Box No U/295/4.

V I saw you 20/! 1/96 on a windy beach with a Springer Spaniel. You black fur. me blonde. Read about you too. 1 love you. Box No U/295/5.

V I saw you kitchen utensil department in Lewis's. lasagne on chin. limping with great beige shoes: lovely. 1 was captured by the sheen of your surgical neckbrace. Box No U/295/7.

V I saw you Ander at C.C's 21/1 1/96. You missed lunch. but I understand (sort of). Just regret not giving you a big bug that night. 1 think you needed one! Scottish town. Box No U/295/9.

V I saw you Kebab shop. top of Leith Walk 23/11/96. You: Cute. GliC Marconi. half a kebab away from physical peril. Me: Less rancid in real life. Can I tnake it up to you? Box No U/295/10.

V I saw you at Leith Water World with pot on head. blue velour jogging suit and a blank expression. Let's stack pumpkins at the in shops. Box No U/295/l 3.

V I saw you iii the Ashoka Lane. Glasgow (on 28/1 1 around 8.30). You were with five others. one of whom arrived late. Me with turquoise shirt with two others. Let‘s have a ruby together. Box No U/295/15.

V I saw you last dance at Fat Sams. Spider's web tattoo on neck. purchasing a twenty pack of Berkeleys. wearing a torn poncho. Let's swap salad bowls. Box No U/2‘)5/l7.

V I saw you in Safeways (Byres Road) Friday 29/1 1. 5pm. between the carrots and the apples. You: gorgeous smile (!) ginger hair. black leatherjacket. seemed confused. Me: dark blonde. narrow glasses. smiling about your confusion (sorry). What about a live o‘clock tea?

Box No U/Z‘)5/19.

V 1 saw you Tall and sexy with gorgeous smile. at Wilkie House. 30/11/96. I‘m in love!!!! You tall. brown short hair. red and black top. jeans. with friends. Me » black hair. white top. black jeans. with ‘girlfriend'. Fancy coffee sometime? Box No U/29S/20. V I saw you Jane. rolling like a sausage on Skye. Sorry we had to leave early but I‘d love to see you again. How about a pint sometime? Box No U/295/2l.

% The List 10-23 Jan 1997