BUSH tnight not be a household name in their home country. but across the pond. the London-based four- piece are big news. Their second album Razarhlarle Suiu-ase leapt into the US and Canadian album charts at number one. trumping R.E.M.'s latest platter N 'u' Adventures In Hi-Fi. No one's yet offered our boys $80 million to make live albums. but in the meantime the ‘grunge lite‘ combo are gunning for that elusive UK breakthrough. Catch them live this fortnight and see what our colonial cousins are so excited about.

Bush play The Garage. Glasgow. an Sun 2 Feb. Razorhltu/e .S'uiu'ase is out mm:

SCAIIFAOE is as classic as gangster movies get. Subtitled ‘Shame OfA Nation‘. Howard Hawks‘s I932 fictionalisation of the Al Capone myth incensed the moral crusaders of the day. lts cynically immoral stance carried tnore weight than Pacino’s over-the-top remake could manage some 50 years later. The film kicks off an impressive two-month Hawks retrospective at Edinburgh‘s Filmhouse and the Glasgow Film Theatre. which includes a new print of the sparkling screwball comedy His Girl F ridav plus weekend double-bills ranging from westerns (Rio Bravo) to films noirs (The Big Sleep) to science fiction (The Thing) to comedy gems (Bringing Up Baby). (Alan Morrison)

Scar/ace. in a double-bill with A Girl In Every Part, plays the Film/muse. Edinburgh, on Sat I F eh and Glasgim' Film Theatre on Sun 2 F eh.

KATHARINE BOY” is a little late to help out with Santa‘s sleigh. but the wacky. Chicago- based performance artist is sprouting antlers nonetheless. Her latest show Lucky Me - F mm . Human 72; Deer forms part of a new season at Glasgow's home of the weird. the CCA. The Animal season. which starts this fortnight. includes visual art. video. talks and performances - all on a zoological theme - plus animal-related film screenings at the OFT and a ‘Field Trip' to Glasgow Zoo. Eskimos wishing to see Ms Boyd's performance are reminded that - while reindeer may be tasty eating people is wrong. Animal runs Fri 24 Jan—Sat 8 Mar. Lucky Me is on Fri 7/Sat 8 Feb. See also Ar! preview.

2 The List 24 Jan-6 Feb I997