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AFRO-CELT SOUND SYSTEM the ground-breaking fusion of African and Irish music ‘has a history of pulling things otit of hats'. according to producer and catalyst Simon limmerson. He originally had the idea in |‘)‘)2. while he was in Senegal producing Baba Maal's great I-‘irin' in I’uulu album. and pulled lrish maestro Donal l.unny into some tracks. 'That was very successful.’ he retnernbers. ‘When I got back to England I met tip with l)avey Spillane. who was enthusias‘ic about the project. talking abottt the links between North and West Africa and Ireland that go back irtto prehistory.‘ it all came together in the potent album recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios. 'My roots music is dth and trance.’ he explains. ‘I was brought tip clubbing. so the bartd to tne is in the same world as Joy or Massive Attack. All my pals producers \\ orking at remixing or whatever v we share a musical philosophy and it's creating a current British sound. very inventive and experimental. British rather than littropean. More specifically Bristol or London. In fact. North London.‘ (Norman Chalmers)

slim ( 't'lt Sun/rd System pluv "(U ()/(I I’ruitnturltel. (i/uxgmr nu /-‘ri 3/ Jim in purl b/ ('t'llit' ('murcrlimtx.

lINDSAY KEMP might be getting on a hit.

btrt you cart rely on the froliesoine old lrouper to keep a spring in his step and a twinkle iii his eye. He's back in Edinburgh this fortnight with a new show. l’urit‘lt‘. his first in twenty years to be created in the UK. Set at a fairground freakshow iii the seedy docklands of l‘)3()s Hamburg. it draws its central. Chaplinesque character into a web of backstage intrigue. passion. betrayal and we feel sure - German sailors. Co- written by Kemp with long-term collaborator (‘arlos Miranda. who plays the live score. the show promises comedy. tragedy. acrobatics and exotica. If Kemp's last piece. ('i/tt/t'n'l/u. is anything to go by. high camp and sparkling kitsch will also be irt abundance . . . even if you hate it. stick around for the curtain call. always a lavish performance in itself.

Var/cit" ix (I! Iii/inbuije/r l'l'slir‘ii/ 77H’ll/l't'. 'l'lmrx b—Sul 8 Feb.

MISCHIEF LA-BAS are tip to their tricks again at a new weekly club night. Casino Rum/e. Led by lart Smith. former ringmaster of the anarchic French circus troupe Archaos. the Glasgow-based cabaret outfit were last seen parading the mobbed streets of lidirtburgh at Hogmanay. variously disguised as cowboys. triflids. paparazzi. babies and 'spivs knocking out dodgy gear". The cltrb nights will begin with a mellow hour frqu musical duo Smith & Blackwood. before they hand over the reins to DJ Frankie Savaloy and the enigmatic Monty Cantsin. who'll take to the decks to supply three hours of 'energetic ersatz exotica.‘ Cufllinks. tiaras. twinsets and clutchbags are the recommended dress for an evening that promises ‘style. excitement. romance arid social intercourse'.

('uxirm Rbyulc is u! the Arr/it's, (iltixgmr; every 'l‘ltru'xjrimr 30 Jun.

The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

...4t. I i I

I Film: Carla’s Song Part romance. part political drama. Keri Loach's latest takes Glaswegian bus driver Robert Carl yle to the heart of war-torn Nicaragua. Proof that. for the Scottish actor. there is life after Begbic. See feature and review.

(imti'rtil release/rm” Fri 3/.

I Music: Celtic Connections Fiddling. drumming. piping and plucking for all their wortlt. the performers of the fottrth festival of traditional music and its offspring demonstrate that the genre is alive and kicking and will soundly beat any dissenters about the sktrll with a squeezebox until they change their tttne. See preview section and separate listings.

(iluslemr It’uyu/ ('mu'erl Hull and vurintts other venues. (iluxymr'. I’ri 24—bit”! 3 I‘it'l).

I theatre: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Jonathan Miller directs Shakespeare's much loved comedy as a kind ofclass satire set in and around a [930s country house. Ebullient performances and unauthorised additions to the script create a merry environment which purists might find mildly upsetting. htit it‘s the funniest Shakespeare you are likely to see this year. See preview.

'I'r'rr/rrir.ri'. (Jim-gun; Mun 3—521! 8 I’eb. I Sport: England v Scotland Never much of a friendly match at the best of times. iii the light of the recent spats over nationalism. the’ monarchy and whether bridies are a superior forrn of (‘ornish pastie or vice versa. this is likely to be a humdinger. Although held at Twickenham. any pub north of the border will have just as much atmosphere.

BBCI. 3pm. Sat l Feb.

I Books: Original Bliss A.L. Kennedy's fifth book is a collection of short stories that examines the cornplexilies of sex and the lack of it. From passion to pornography. Kennedy teases out the truth about one of ottr most basic needs and lays the hunger bare with precision and skill. See preview.

Original Bliss by AL. K enrme is published by Cape. 'I'lmrs 30 Jun. £74.99.

Thc'List 24 Jan-6 Feb I997 3