V I saw you feminine meeting Engender long time ago. You: looking decidedly Jewish. claittted you were not as witty as the main act. Gallford: Kennedy. Me: wait and see. Box No U/297/I.

V I saw you brown eyes. Heaven‘s still missing an angel but they sent her to eartlt witlt a Box No. Tell her how you feel. Yours cupid. xsxxx Box No [1/297/2.

0 I saw you in Ktmkie Hill. East Fountainbridge. Yott loved the 50s kitsch. I loved the 70s trash. Maybe we could make a ()()s compromise. Box No U/Z‘)7/3.

V I saw you halfway dowtt Candlemaker Row on llogmanay in a red tammy and stripy black and white top. You: tall. dark and ltandsome. Me: gorgeous and shiny in black. I thought you were gorgeous too. What are you doing iii 97'.’ Get iii touch. Box No U/Z‘)7/-l.

v I saw you hit). photocopying on 30/l2/9o in the local newsagents. We stared at each other for a year at Sighthill bttt never talked. What about now'.’ Box No l'/2‘)7/5.

V I saw you Sugar. many times. Red jeans. floppy hair. smoothest skin! I will never stop loving you. Yoti were. attd are. the tnost precious thing to me. I will always he here waiting for yotl. No matter what. Love l-loney-bunny! xos Box 1 ’o U/2‘)7/().

V I saw you Malaga to Glasgow flight. 29th December. You reading Wild Swans and with three gttys ~ boyfriend'.’ Me sitting itt front on rigltt. Fartcy a pint'.’ Box No U/297/7.

V I saw you doing the fandango on a table in ‘The Lounge’. Me a crumpled mess on the floor you a flower on the wall singing iii German. Box No U/297/8.

V I saw you in cream. eating langotistines. your laughter ricoclteted around the room and entered the. staying with tne still. though now I‘m itot real. Box No U/Z‘)7/‘).

V I saw you outside Gregg‘s on l.eith Walk. Cheese pastie eating. stylish bronzed goddess. Yott leader of the pack. two Belgian shepherds. Let the bake for you. Box No U/Z‘)7/l().

V I saw you Lyceum Theatre: .II(’I'('/I(IIII ()_/' li'm't't'. Dazzled by your white teeth and equally ! dazzling white cod piece. Let’s get together atid make fish pie. Box No lI/2‘)7/l l. I

V I saw you fondling tnuffins and tilting five digestives in mouth refreshing the parts I couldn't reaclt at the Parkhead Forge. My eyes are moist until your return. Box No U/Z‘fl/ll.

V I saw you ill John Menzies. your name is Suzanne and you work on a Saturday. You tttay be a part-timer bttt please get in touch. Box No l,‘/2‘)7/l3.

V I saw you Barcelona. Ratnblas. Plaza Real. Bari Glaciar. Friday. February ()6. You: Robert. lidinburgh engineering student. were with a girl studying III Pau. Me: Cristina. architecture student. I couldn't go the day after. Box No l'/2‘)7/l-l.

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V Isaw you and you seen me!! Saturday ll/I/97. Ceilidh House. You green satin blouse. long dark hair. beautiful brown eyes. Me tall. long blonde hair. blue eyes. white T-shirt. Please please write. Box No U/Z‘)7/l5. '0 I saw you Martin a laid back jazz lover front LA. We met the night you arrived. My jacket caught your eye. Did you survive New Year‘.’ Let's drink some tequila. Box No U/2‘)7/lo. V I saw you at Polo Lounge on 4/ l. You dark hair. orange shirt. Me sitting at same table. We work in same block! Fancy a drink? Box No U/297/l7.

v I saw you at tlte Atomic Bunker Convention. sling backs on. nutrient agar dish in hand. l)on‘t forget the nights we spent throwing Maltesers. Let's ride together on the light fan-tlangol

Box No L'/2‘)7/l8.

V I saw you JIM. at The Garage. Tall. green eyes. untidy hair and late for work. I need to see you again. Fancy brttshing tip your French'.’ Box No Ll/Z97/l‘).

V I saw you my girl Friday! I often sit and think of you. and wish you were here. But instead. you're far away. and I'm left here. I wish every day was Friday. Yours K.K. Box No [1/297/20.

V I saw you tall. feline man.

mesmerised by Sophie Marceau.

GFT matinee l2/l/‘)7. Yoti inviting. me unusually coy. Let’s talk. Box No U/Z‘)7/2 l.

V I saw you tettchter frotn Taitt.

Mr Burns needs a conference arranged in Venice. Fiin sottp essential. Me. the Prince of Arrogant (short. white lycra. false moustache). Box No U/Z‘)7/22.

V I saw you on Ken and Garvies West End Babylon. Wlty didn't you use my number Ken'.’ I‘m missing you and Garve. get iti touch. Box No U/2‘)7/23.

V I saw you cover of T/lt‘ /.l.\l (Jan 97). Praise be to the angel of lip distribution. for you are

blessed by their touch. If love is

blind. I atn a man with two few eyes. Coffee would be nice bttt reality bites. Ce la vie. Box No 1.1/297/2-1.

V lsaw you Dawn. BIIS restaurant 23/l2/97. You were halfway through a stale doughnut when l catne over. bttt I was so nervous I ran away too soon. You took my number httt never called. It’s not too late; I

would still like to see you. John.

Box No U/Z‘)7/25.

V I saw you we saw yott. when we were ill Glasgow for Hogtnanay. Me (Nico) and my girlfriend (Anke) we are frotn Germany and we want to meet people frotn Glasgow again perhaps through the Internet: nico.j.kleinert@rz.rubr-uni- bochum.de

Thanks to all the people front Glasgow because of the nice Holidays! Box No U/297/26.


Until further notice,I SAW YOU adverts are FREE of charge.

Just fill in the Classified form and send it off.

V I saw you New Year's live. George Square. you were a real stunner. I laughed at your 1 drunken antics. yoti talked about I your trip to Australia altd bought a flag. Want to chat some more'.".".".’ The kra/y kiwi. Box No U/Z‘)7/37.

Vlsaw you l-t-itlay I()/l in tile place you were working. I bougllt twenty envelopes frotn i yoti. Yott called me an angel because I had correct change. was that all‘.’ Care to pull tip a cloud and discuss it‘.’ I hope so! Box No U/3‘)7/28. V I saw you ll January. hiding I away in the afternoon behind

V I saw you Keith at Pure. lidinburgh l0/l. You: sexy stubble. 2C8. Me: dark in PVC. Where were you'.’ I was looking forward to our rendezvous at the Oyster Bar. I think we connect.

» If the feeling is tnutual. please

contact tne. Box No U/Z‘J7/3l. V Isaw you at two o‘clockish a couple of Saturdays before Christmas l-lighborough Road. You ltat and fun stnile. Me suede jacket. gloves. plugged into Walkman. Cart I see that smile again'.’ Box No U/Z‘)7/33.

V I saw you You waved at its three stargazers standing on the y'nur hugg guitar _ {run} behind CUI‘IIL‘I'()Iiz\II1CI'I SII‘CCI. IZIIL‘ ()IIC my glasses. Come out of )‘our “Ii-'01 it few moltth “ti” “'0'” hidcqml. BOX N0 Ugo-H39 , your top floor flat. How about coming down to earth sometime'.’ Box No U/2‘)7/33. V I saw you two years ago at Glasgow University. We've been through it since then. I'm glad yott are my friend. Box No U/Z‘)7/3~l.

V I saw you l7/l/‘)7 bus stop boy. First time for ages. Your clothes may have changed. bttt you still look like Billy Corgan. Nice way to start my Friday. Where have you been'.’ And were you looking as you waited to cross to Princes Street'.’ Good to have you back. Box No [1/297/35.


Well perhaps not now, but it will be in the next issue of The List. ,

Flick ()\'IiR 'i‘o

I’.-\(;Ii 37 l-()R 'l’ll()Sl-I i

L()\'li 'I‘() Lost: You BABY I)!-‘.'I‘.-\II.S.

V I saw you Mike. Resistattce then Clacton. Happy birthday to us both! Want to drive? I'll show you how if you remember the way we used to do it . . . don't keep the waiting any longer! See you at the usual spot. J x. Box No U/Z‘)7/3().

V I saw you Chet. with your I quiff at GFT. l2/l/97. Are you satisfied'.’ Lovejoy is blind bttt Batljoy is blinder. Chang. Box No U/Z97/36.


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