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‘Waah! Top one! Sorted! How many you


gubbed 1" Didn't always used to be like this There are malt whisky tastings in

round here in clubland. It‘s not even really like Bannennan’s Bar, 212 Cowgate, Edinbth at

that now but pinning down the essence of 5pm and 7pm dolly, £12.50. Sample eight

clubbing over the last decade was never going Highland and Island malts: smell, taste, team and to be easy. enjoy. Two tickets tor the price or one every day to

This collection of nineteen short stories. edited the first person to book on 0802 915003 until the by global part y correspondent Sarah Champion. and ot February. See tood pages tor more looks at the various aspects of club culture that information. have evolved over the last ten years. The drugs. the sex. the dancclloors. dealers and [Ms it’s all in there. lovingly chronicled by the new

generation of chemical writers including the

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m “J n o o r: L: :5 u 2 m o u L’.’ a

likes of Alan Warner. Irvine. our Kevin hea'itY‘x i5 Ottetihg “St made“ a tree Williamson and a host of frontline clubbers. ha" hour’s ihtethet access 0" game time 0" Thanks to Sceptre we‘ve got ten copies of the the game 0t their Chaice to anyone bringing a ' “an Wame, book to give away as well as ten copies of the copy 0t this issue 0t the.m3931ihe t0 the Cate 0" I accompanying Disco Biscuits double Cl) featuring eighteen tracks by artists as diverse as 54 Btoughtt’h Shafts Ed'hhmgh- see scahhe' Pages i 808 State. Frankie Knuckles. The Orb. Leftfield and The Sharnen. Answer this: tut mom 'htomatWh-

: Which band recently got into the Top Ten with a re-rclease of ‘Satan"?

: Answers on a postcard by Thurs 6 Mar. Mark them: DISCO COMP, The list, i 14 High Street, Edinburgh em 11:.

Howard Hawks season

The director of some of the world's best-loved films spanning every genre from the golden age of Hollywood is the subject of a two month long retrospective at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh and Glasgow Film Theatre. Howard : Hawks started his Hollywood career as a : props man in the silents. working his way ' over the decades until he received an

I honorary ()scar in l975 as ‘a master

r American filmmaker". The season

: includes the classic screwball comedy

: His Girl Friday which receives a week



The Tron Theatre, 63 Trongate, Glasgow are ottering two tickets tor the price at one to see David Benson’s Think Ila Evil 0! Us . . . My llte With Kenneth Williams at 8pm, Wed Hon 9 Feb. The

: long re-release at both cinemas in a new > 0"" '3 0P9" to the “wt 30 “he” “that hYflhOhO

r print and a selection of weekend double L l‘ 0" in Palm"- B'thO this edition 0t "'9 “5t thh you

: bills including The Outlaw. .S‘i'ur/iu'e. Rio Bram and maguuw "will", to the box office.

: Bringing Up Baby. J We‘ve got four copies each of Howard Hawks: slum-(run FELMHQLJSE

5 Artist edited by Jim Hiller and Peter Wollen and The Big

: Sleep by David Thomson to giveaway to readers along with one season cinema pass for I both the OFT and The Filmhousc rd two pairs of tickets for the film of your choice at

: each venue. The lucky big prize winner in each city gets the season pass and both books; : two runners up in each city get a pair of tickets and one of the books.

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The Arches are ottering two tickets tor the price at one tor the first ten people on the night


Which Bogart and Bacall film noir. directed by Howard Hawks. recently received a to see Bruce’s Big Night In previewing the month to cinema re-release'? come in Glasgow on Mon 3 Feb at 8pm. Bring this

Answers on a postcard by Fri 3| Jan and include a daytime phone no. Mark them: edmon 0' The “8! mm you to the box omce'

HAWKS COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 TTE.

Hackers '_ '

: m g; g a g i As we all know (because we are told repeatedly) the E i future will happen in cyberspace and if you ain't OFFERS: cut out ".8 coupon or we along the L“ r: . . . . h g : connected then you am I nobody kiddo. Fortunately for whole may". and pm.“ It to "I. ulna.“ b” a g E, : Dade Murphy. ahacker whrzzkrd. played by Jonny Lee om“ 0, cash as.“ A" on", 3,. subject to g g : . Trainspotting Miller. the boy has bytes “for blood and “8"”,th and newsman” m,“ the dam to > c g r the future rs looking rosy. ()r at least it rs until he gets mm “minion- : i caught by the FBI for hacking his way into the New compannous: on" on. on", no, "no" no, a, g g- : York stockeschange. Seven years later. the new and companion. " you 3,. autumn man than on, m § : slightly relor'med Dade learns oi a dastardl plot to competition, you and us. only on. “um”, but a g : embezzlemrllrons. Still worse. the evil gernus behind mm make sum mm '0“, me, “was, and “II E g r the plot arms to blame Dade for his rnrsdeeds. vouch... an attached m m“ out”. Companions : 8 i. : Needless to say. our hero has to enlist the help of his underground hacker chums to clear an open m a" u“ “swan” (on, the age 0'13 in u g : hrs name and save the world from meltdown. _ . . n . alcohohelamd 0",“). no rmonflbum can be < : lt‘s tight. it's taut and it‘s now available to rent. We‘ve got five copies of the lrlrn to grve accept“. by must“, prizes which cannot be . E“ : away ‘0 me people Who can answer ""53 obtained due to untoreseen circumstances. To = ‘5 : Name the film's female lead who also ha pens to be .ionny Lee Miller's wife. Obtain 3 "st 0t Wthhena Dim sand a 3“ to "'9 ' p list Competition Winners stating which issue(s) ' . . . . - i ' Answers on a postcard to us by Thurs 6 Feb. Mark them. HACKERS COMP, The List, results you "quite.

E 14 High Street, Edinburgh, em 1TE.


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