An ambitious exhibition two years in the making, Music 100 covers the history of recorded sound. the technological advances in sound recording and the social changes which have both shaped the music of the 20th century and been shaped themselves by the music. Or to put it another way. which came first, hippies or The Grateful Dead? Visitors walk through a series of reconstructions ranging from the trenches of World War I, when troops cheered themselves up with a spot of Harry Lauder. through to the Sixties with the invention of the teenager and the earth-shattering arrival of The Beatles, right up to the present day. Specially built sets and tableaux, interactive sites and incredible displays of memorabilia from the stars will bring- the sounds of the century to life.

Clockwise trom top: jewels in the roster the Beatles; housewives tavourite Slr Cllit Richard; Queen's Freddie Mus'c ‘00 'S m the CW Art Centre‘ Bdmburgh’

Mercury in what appears to be bondage gear; lovable thugs and purveyors ot phlegm to the masses, The Sex 5‘“ '5 Fem“ Ma)“ loam‘Spm- “Ckets cos‘ Pistols and Plnlt Floyd in serious mode £3.75 (£2.70).

The List 7-20 Feb 1997 17