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23334;; “shamans” ; Murderer and Barlinnie ;I.:"i_f‘.L-_.'.....i,. lifer Hugh Collins releases imiiii'n'#35::.‘i‘i‘liiliiil' his controversial biography, plus the truth behind the

I city’s violent image.

; Page 8

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Millennial sex Theatre Andrew Burnel. lillre

We open the sex files on Camera lidrnburgh Make-up

3 virtual nookie, orbital

Kenneth Branagh

with Hamlet. Page 11

Plus an extract from A. L. Kennedy’s latest short story collection.

Acting on an obsession " \ *

orgasms and the big bang, s

Page 12 i

Kenneth Branaglr as Hamlet and Julie Christie as Gertrude


Steve Busccmi on Trees Lounge 20

w- i Music 100 Me] G ' " A century of hits and misses from the recording Published by The lis'i‘ftldiilbson giant Who brought us HEAD orrrcs: The Beatles.

Page 16

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