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SEBPENT’S BREATH is a four-foot by live-foot canvas by Alan Davie. painted in 1966. and recently purchased for Edinburgh's civic collection. It forms the keystone to The Bigger The Better. a major new exhibition at the City Art Centre. celebrating Scottish artists‘ love for large-scale work. which began in the l960s under the American influence of abstract expressionism. ()ther pieces in the show (most of which date from the l980s) are John Bellany‘s recent painting Sweet Promise. canvases by June Redfern. Jock McFadyen and Steven Campbell. photographs by Calutn Colvin and huge woodcuts by Peter Howson and Adrian Wiszniewski.

The Bigger The Better is at the City Art Centre. Edinburgh. Sat /5 Feb—Sat [2 Apr (elosed Suns).

JOHN CLEESE has a habit of being caught with his pants down just when there‘s a film camera lurking on the horizon. There he was. spouting Russian and stripping off in A Fislt Called Wanda; now here he is again in a state of undress for the follow-up to that box-office smash. In the new film. l-‘ieree Creatures. he rejoins Kevin Kline. Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Palin for the story ofa plucky little zoo struggling to keep its cuddly image in the face ola corporate takeover. ‘lt's an equal. not a sequel!‘ is the party line from the Wanda team. See review page 22. Pierre Creatures goes on general release on Fri [4 Feb.

JOHNNY VAUGHAN is the latest television host to attempt to translate the slickness and irony of American talk shows notably The Late Show With Davizl Letterman to the UK. At titne of going to press. Vaughan's first Here 's Johnny programme had not been recorded. but some highlights from the pilot look promising. No word yet. though. on the quality of celebs who will be sharing couclrtime with the presenter. Vaughan came to be regarded as talent worth nurturing by Channel 4 after he was hired to present the film magazine. Moviewateh. Getting your name incorporated in the show title is a sign that you have arrived - at least until the next guy comes along. Just ask Jonathan Ross. Here Is Johnny starts on Fri /4 F eh at I 0.30pm on Channel 4.

2 The List 7-20 Feb I997