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lite on the road is really like.

‘The best telly for me starts when E_ 8802 closes down and the Open University starts. Science, I I architecture, stqu I’m really, really interested in. The Learning Zone on 3363"”,wfizzgg'gynzzw alabfiflt llighland music features strongly in R de, tells us what he ets .u to in Edinburgh over the next week. The "fa earl hours of the "zomal older generation are catered tor in a

y 9' tund-raiser tor the new Taigh na ‘We were in this bar at four o’clock in figflfi.%flfi§$fl£ warm“ the morning when these two girls Maulon and mth “rimming came in and started talking about the Gaelic In“ songs in 3 “mm, . . . 9‘” mall“ the ha" 0"? says to u“: , reception-and-concert format. These U f- . -‘ I "the! fleeta’ mat guy s gorgeous' I d lllal m'flm "lid lhal all"““‘>llllere {1 b“ Tannas’s Sandra Mackay: revitallslng her roots "am "9' mm" glass “'5‘ m Sm" indigestible have a feast of musrc at his shit,” and the other one says “Oh the Edmbméh "Mum" "ighland it to feel normal, but until now there they’re - we’re - all committed to this yeah? Well I would dip my tits in Sofie,“ gm" "ighhnd Annual to hasn’t been a venue that allowed such band - and the music, which is mostly molten lava just to gargle his puke.” overdose on the cemdh has supe'b disparate elements to share the same songs in Gaelic, with some Richard Harvley, guitarist with the “we” endgame mimosa and Bonnie stage. Well now there is. Hone (if The instrumentals. It’s very consciously a tongpigs, recounts a close encounter Mauls“ world Mass piping and Above is at the Bongo Club, and Gaelic band - half of us are from of the touring variety. aumenm’ and "puffing "we. typical of its eclectic presentation, is lewis - but I would say that we have a Accmdion stats Fem“, Macnonald and next week’s bill: Indonesian Gamelan much more contemporary, world music To everybody I conned I’m sorry, to my Free'and Barnum lead the dance percussion group, contemporary sound than other groups. There’s beautiful friend Kevin Archer I love bands in me Mg ha" upstairs. English tolk song, Spanish Flamenco, nothing wrong in doing something new you, I’m sorry I hurt you. I was jealous And to, mm um might find me and the Gaelic-centred music of young with Gaelic; it only people would jet of you and your talent. you deserved Highland Mm. m smumnap, the band Tannas. the language breath, let it move into hem" , . . latest incarnation of Tannas appears "‘9 "m" has a pop/“'0'” “We” lo' "Wile!" SOClett- There’s '00 mlICh Head Dexys Midnight Runner, Kevin 3, one 0' me mos, imaginative clubs Survival plus an album deal with Club preciousness about it) (nonnan Rowland, undergoes a spot of self- to apnea, new", in the Capital 8 Records in the pipeline. Vocalist cnaimers) catharsrs after admitting that he city alwady “mans among musi’cians Sandra Macllay reveals the new line- Gaelic Love Songs, Royal Terrace pinched the bands sound from Kevin as 3 mm“ pot of sme and mm up. and their aPPfMCh. ‘WS 8 SiX- Hotel, Wed 12; Highland Annual, Teviot Archer. Kevin Archer rs reported never Classical/memowim msion has piece - some ol the 9qu are ex- House, Sat 8; Tannas, Hone ot the to have mentioned the idea. been wound in bands long enough m "limp" Family and Millstone. but Above, Sun 16, all Edinburgh.

National prony Orchestra ofIreland

conducted by Kasper dc R00, piano Barry Douglas

L. l‘ A S S l C f“ From humble origins as a small ensemble in 1926, the

National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland has developed into a major international touring symphony orchestra EDINBURGH

“Ideally sympathetic performanrfcetzz

Sunday 16 Februay 1997 at 7.30m Tickets from £6.00 . See it Hear it Feel it

The List 7-20 Feb [997 41