CHRIS O’DONNELI. ANl) SANDRA BULLOCK find themselves in a rare cinematic situation with In /.(n'(' Am! War. Films based on true stories are nothing new but. in this case. audiences are probably more familiar with the fictionalised account in Ernest Hemingway's novel A Farewell 'Ih Arms. ()'l)onnell. in military togs rather than the superhero suit he wears as Robin in the Batman movies. plays the young l'lemingway. falling in love with nurse Agnes \‘on Kirowsky (Bullock) when injured in Italy during World War I. Mismatched love in the splendour of the countryside. courtesy of director Sir Richard Attcnborough. See review. page 33in [.me And War goes (Ht general release mt Fri /4 Feb.


SUEDE are shinunying their way back into the nation's hearts with more tales of trash and glamour. liquor and love. salvation and ruin. Kingpin Brett Anderson w ill. of course. be looking like the hollow-checked scdttcer that he is and if you slip on your slinkiest satin shirt then he might rust catch your eye in the crowd. Hip-swinging and ant-dram lllsll'lttlllL‘\ \\ ill be compulsory for both sexes. Note the change of white.

Suede p/av .lletttltnr/ntnk .S'Iia/itttn. lit/inlmrgh on 'l/ntri /_\‘ Felt.

PLACEBO aren't what you would call rock jocks with a penchant

for red-blooded outdoor pursuits. Lead singer Brian Molko is fond of the old make-up box and looks as though he might have last seen sunlight around ten years ago. All of which makes his tortured

dissonance and discord compressed into a pop structure a splash more intriguing than the run of the mill. While this doesn't sound the sort of thing that's likely to make a huge impact on the charts. their

t single 'Nancy Boy‘ has entered the charts at ntnnber ten. Strange

days ll)dCCd.P/ll('(‘l)(t play The Are/It's. (I/as‘gtnc on Mun ll) Felt.

The list’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

I Film: Ransom Mel Gibson appears on screen for the first time since Brave/teart. starring as a maverick millionaire businessman who does things his own way when his young son is kidnapped. Action and thn'lls Hollywood style. See feature and review.

General release/rant Fri 7 Feb.

I Comedy: Bottom Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson return with the third live instalment oftheir anally-fixated filth feast. Hooligan is Island. which finds our scatological chums washed up on the shores of a desert island after which hope floats in on the tide in the form of a Robinson Cruise missile. See review.

King 's Theatre. Glasgow, Man lO—Sat /5 Feb.

I Clubs: Nigel Benn The former pugilist has hung up his gloves and is now pummelling the wheels of steel. beating the crowd into submission with his hard-hitting house. Opinions are split as to whether or not he's any cop. Halfthe pundits say pants. half say he's world class. See feature. Tease at The Van/ts. Edinburgh. Sat 8 Feb.

I Art: Wish You Were Here Too Two artists and one curator fling open the front door to their shared flat and let the public in on art around their house. From kitchen sink installations to personal stereos handily placed next to the loo. the onus is on you to decide what is art and what is not. Artists include local heroes Douglas Gordon. Ross Sinclair and Julie Roberts. See preview.

83 Hill Street. Garnet/till. (Ilasgmr until Fri [4 Feb.

I Film: Trees lounge Cult actor Steve Buscemi pulls offa brilliant job both in front of and -— for the first time behind the camera in this character driven tale about a barfly loser. See preview and review.

Cameo. Edinburgh. from Fri [4 Feb. I Theatre: The Cherry Orchard Chekhov‘s classic tragi-comedy of the old giving way to the new is presented by the touring Royal Shakespeare Company. directed by their artistic director. Adrian Noble. Starring David Troughton. Penelope Wilton and former Traverse actor Kate Duchéne. this production has been extremely well received in London. See preview. King Is Theatre. Edinburgh. Tue l8—Sat 22 Feb.

The List 7-20 Feb I997 3