Bourbon Street. 108 George Street. 552

806K usnitcs CONTINUED JAZZ Edinburgh I Craig McMurdo and that Wing Thong

19 I lindsay Cooper Free Underground 014 I. 8.30pm. Romance is in the air for Henry’s Cellar Bar. Morrison Street (opp the first of three special Valentine's

Glasgow ABC cinema). 221 1288. 10prn—late. £1. shows. in the singer's usual smooth and Bass player Lindsay Cooper leads a swinging style. Still no word on any re-

. [)9 [3 Sam The Garage. Sauchiehall regular free and experimental jazz opening date for the refurbished Bourbon

Street. 332 l 120. 7.30pm. £9.30 plus 3.93 an fist“ by data, man by city. session. Take your instrument'and sit in. Street prior to tonight. so this may mark 0

booking fee. See preview for news of the panomances win he fist“, provide orjust listen. their return to action. Check with venue

return of everyone's favourite daisy age that details reach our offices at least (or the Ticket Centre on 227 551 l) for

hip-hoppers. one week before publication. Jazz TUESDAY 11 details of ticket Prices-

. lam King Tut's W8“ W8“ HUI- 5‘ Listings compiled by Kenny Mathieson.

Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £6. See , (- :1 Edinblflgh Edinbul'gh

preview and Tue 18 for the trip-hop duo.

plug Dj stem Donaldson, I The Dreamliners Fat Sam's Down I Edinburgh University Jazz Orchestra

. Appendix out and Sunhouse Record Town Diner. 56—58 Fountainbridge. 228 Tron Jazz Cellar. Tron Tavern and Ceilidh player. The 13m Note (downstairs), 3111. 7.30—10.30pm. No cover charge. House. Hunter Square. 220 1550 (credit Glassford Street. 553 1638. 8.30pm. £1. Swing meets rock and roll. card bookings on 667 7776). 8.30pm. £4

An evening of slowcore sounds at Creeping Bent‘s regular monthly shindig featuring Appendix Out who are recording in the same stable as the tortuously minimalist Palace.

I leWSine 11nd Billet Pi" QUdOS. QUCC" " I Fat Sam’s Band Fat Sam‘s Down Town experience.

MitrgilfCl Untim. University Gardens. 339 _ Diner. 56-58 Fountainbridge. 228 31 l 1. I Phil Bancroft Quartet Henry’s Cellar 978-1. 8pm. £1.50. Students and guests. co m, o 8—1 1pm. No cover charge. Swing and Bar. Morrison Street (0 ABC

I Misfortune, NM Effect and Brutal u 8' “no mayzsxbgtgesz: 2:"; j ump-jive. cinema). 221 1288. l lp‘h‘i—late. £3 (£2).

Geode Cavern Bar. Strathclyde University The saxophone playing Bancroft twin Union. John Street. 552 1895. 9pm. Free. 7 leads his quartet in a regular weekly

(£3). Eddie Severn has moulded this band into a disciplined and imaginative unit. _ with sotne decent soloists in the ranks. Ed|flbflf9h while the venue itselfcreates a uniquely

close-quarters big band listening

Students and guests. session. I Dazeys Kilkennys. John Street. 552 Glasgow I Vintage Jazz Quartet Fat Sam‘s 3505. 9pm. Free. Down Town Diner. 56—58 Ednbur h I Glasgow Jazz Record Club Unitarian I .Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames Fountainbridge. 228 31 1 1.

9 Church. 72 Berkeley Street. 7.30pm. Mitchell Theatre. Granville Street. 227 7.30—10.30pm. No cover charge. I Speedy and Ballboy The Venue. Calton Contact Ernie Spiers. 14 Glendee Road. 551 1. 8pm. £10.50 (£6). The inimitable Traditional jazz. Road. 557 3073. 9pm. £4. Sheffield-based Renfrew (886 2949) for membership Georgie Fame pays homage to a couple indie pop from Speedy who are touring to details. 7.30pm. Tom Moulds will 'Go ()n of his major influences. Mose Allison promote their new single. the double A Record‘. and Ray Charles. in the course of what is side Anytime Atty Place Nowhere' and Edinburgh certain to be a funky. swinging outing. 'l-leard Seen Done Been‘. The band have His hand will feature Guy Barker been tipped for the top by Radio One's I Courtney Pine Queen's Hall. Clerk (trumpet). Alan Skidmore (sax) and I Glasgow Jazz Record Club Unitarian indie pundit Steve Lamacq and have also Street. 668 2019. 8.30pm. £12.50. £9 Anthony Kerr (vibes) alongside Church. 72 Berkeley Street. 7.30pm. received plenty of media attention. All (£6). The hugely popular saxman returns Georgie's Hammond organ in a stellar Contact Ernie Spiers. l4 Glendee Road. this despite having the worst song titles in for a one-offconcert with his regular band line-up. and they will do it all again in Renfrew (886 2949) for membership the world‘.’ They must be good . . . to launch the latest series of Teacher's Edinburgh (see Fri 14) and The Music details. 7.30pm. Guest speaker Gerry I Stumped The Tap ()‘Lauriston. Lauriston Jazz Directions concerts. featuring live Hall. Aberdeen (0122-1 641 122) on Sat McKendry looks at ‘Jazz from the Place. 229 40-11. 9pm. Free. New indie DJs incorporated into the pumping tnix of 15. Shows‘.

night featuring live music. Bands tbc. hard contemporary jazz. funk and dance

rhythms. Glasgow SATURDAY 3

I The Blunts, Moniack and Kilo Ton Club Glasgow Zebra. The l3th Note (downstairs). - Glassford Street. 553 1638. 8.30pm. £1. I Edith Budge and the Paul Harrison Trio


I Subway, Bang Twister and Catcher Pizza Ex )ress. 151 Queen Street. 221

Nice 'n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 3333. Diiiing from 8pm. band from 9pm. are pleaSEd ’0 walcome 9637. 9pm. £5. This versatile singer is equally at

I Riser, Sound Temple and The Suits home with jazz. blues and gospel styles.

Cavern Bar. Strathclyde University while pianist Paul Harrison is one of the

Union. John Street. 552 1895.9Pm. Free. new faces to watch on the Scottish scene. 5' " . ' . ' .: A ' Students and guests. f: \ 1 -_ 1' ‘- 4 [The lloneyflys The Halt Bar. Woodlands 9 '- r _

Road. 332 1210. 9.30pm. Free. , I Blues Roots The Brewhouse. Joltn Edlnblfl'gh

Street. 552 3801. 9pm. Free. Acoustic

blues session with Stevie and Alan I Sunday Brunch Trio Bank Hotel. 1

Nimmo and Deke from Big George And South Bridge. 556 9043. 2pm-5pm. Free.

The Business. Jazz featuring Brian Kellock. John Rae f I Seattle Kilkennys. John Street. 552 and Kenny lillis . On 0 0 3505. 9pm. Free. I Teddy Edwards Tron Jazz Cellar. Tron g c p

I The Abba Experience The Underground. Tavern and Ceilidh House. Hunter Square.

Bruce Hotel. Cornwall Street. East Kilbride. 220 1550 (credit card bookings on 667 3’ 013552 29771. 8pm. £5. A specially 7776). 8.30pm. £7 (£5). The lidinburgh I

extended party night to celebrate ten years Jazz Project have opted for a slimmed

ofthe alternative club at the Bruce Hotel. down final quarter. but with bigger

The names of the night (and presutnably the names. That means a few changes to the

faces) have changed but the venue has regular Thursday slot. starting w ith this

remained the saute. rare chance to hear one of the greats. See _ j _ j j. _ . .

Edinburgh - MAGICDRIVE I John nae Trio Henry's Cellar Bar. -

I Autechre and Bawds 0t Canada The Morrison Street (opp ABC cinema). 221 . - t

Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. 9pm. £5. . 1288. lOpm—late. £2 (£1). The sessions at '

Weird. tripped-out experimental Henry‘s are underway again. with a _

electronica from Autechre. a duo hailing slightly more varied musical line-up.

from Manchester who have released Drummer John Rae is restored to the

material on Sheffield's pioneering Warp Sunday night residency with his fine trio.

label. Their music exists somewhere

between ambient and industrial and ifthat

sounds like a scary prospect then that's

about right. With support from DJ 7”

Surgeon and local act Think Tank.

I Nowhere, Ellis and Mr Wish The I Monday Dixieland and Swing Club ,, Jaffacake. Kings Stable's Road. 229 7986. Pizza Express. 151 Queen street. 221 H B E U 9pm. Price tbc. Three young local indie 3333. Dining from 8pm. Free to diners.

guitar acts. Traditional jazz.


The List 7-20 Feb 1997 53