who present The Nest at the Traverse. it was the challenge of overcoming difficulties that initially appealed to Harris and director Stewart Aitken.

They have opted to make the little tyke . larger than life by having him appear 1 7

Never working with children or on video in a home movie made by his animals is one of the wisest pieces of doting Ma and Pa. theatrical advice ever given. The risk of Though popular in his homeland, CITIZENS, TH E ATR E some cherubie charmer upstaging Kroetz s bleak worldvrew has rarely . everyone in sight is simply too great. been seen in Scotland, though his C y W f But what if the script calls for it? earlier play Through The Leaves 9 l 6 German playwright Franz Xaver (performed by the Traverse company in .. , - _ I ,- v- . , _ Kroetz, for instance. places a baby l985) first introduced us to The Nest's BUId’ “haldt “I,” L d u "h u I“ d 1’ "mu", onstage for much of his 1975 domestic/ central couple. | | jam Wychefley 7 Feb - 1 Mar environmental drama The Nest. yet a ‘That play ends with them switching real-life thumb—sucker might simply off a television.‘ says Harris. ‘and this bawl the house down. one begins immediately after. The The play which receives its Scottish couple lead a very enclosed life. DIO premiere this fortnight charts a death gabbling away to each other in their 0 0 in (and of) the family. as a loving flat. on the beach. or at their allotment. J hubby, under pressure from his wife. in Germany it was probably done 0 c . takes on more and more dodgy graft to realistically, but we saw it as very All electrlc 6011181011 ()f sex and class keep his first-bom in clover. Things filmic, and certain significant moments . _ come to a head when he inadvertantly are on screen. That adds a lot. and by AUQUSt Str'ndberg 6 Feb 1 Mar pours toxic waste in a lake close to shows the nest they‘ve built for where the boy plays. ‘lt‘s a very dark themselves.’ (Neil Cooper) tale with a real twist in it.‘ says John The Nest. True Beleek Theatre STALLS STU DIO Ham's. sound designer and founder of Company. Traverse Theatre. . . . Edinburgh's True Belleek company, Edinburgh. Tue l8—Sat 22 Feb. a

Cupboard Man

A darkly claustmpliobit: tale by Ian McEwan 5 Feb - 1 Mar

All seats £8l£2

BOX OFFICE 0141-429 0022

Theatre Flux present

The 100 Sin"

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humour, idiosyncrasy and suspense; limited resources take a toll

the neatly observed evocations oi elsewhere in the production. There are K period, place and personality - it all some truly excellent perionnauces, . y seems certain to put lead in an and some inspired doubling oi / b Ha [0 Id pi mer adapter’s pencilléfllidd t'olt'hals titre characters within the eight-strong ' y enormous popu ty 0 up n’s Tales company; but there’s also some not- . grittyhomsiomichnm its-'pertlfleastihgiahretiiecohtrsgh FH 28 Feb—Sun 16 March 730me {GOO/£3.00

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The adaptation tor Clyde Ilnity Death Valley episode, which features - ..., $2” ' , t, " Theatre, byartlstic directorlohn acoupdetheatre of genius. '*"‘ “'“K W“ ""“5‘["“"'1"55""~1

Binnie, is intelligent and subtle, There's plenty to enjoy about this drawing out the urethes - nobility, adaptation, but it actually doesn’t add mum" “I'm ' m. "m t. can“ my“. pregnancy, surrogacy, minority groups much to the experience oi reading the

and death - and stressing the way book. which does leave you wondering the arches, 30 Midland Si. 61 '0141 221 9735 memmrtmsm," mmgfi'mgmm“ the ticket centre. Candleriggs - 0141 2815511

The List 7-20 Feb i997 59