Heart attack

Reckless is a new ITV drama about doctors falling in and out of love which confirms Robson Green’s status as a bona fide television star. It’s also rather good, discovers Eddie Gibb.

Robson Green first came to the public's attention as the chipper orderly Jimmy. in the long-running hospital drama Casualty. before receiving the call up for Soldier. Soldier. These shows have consistently been the highest rated dramas for BBCI and lTV respectively, and Green is the undoubted break-out

star. - Reckless: Robson Green and Francesca Annls rumple the sheets The rest. as the say. is history and a string of cover versions of songs like ‘Unchained Melody’ recorded cheeky doctor called Owen Springer who tries to have of me. Since Casualty and Soldier. Soldier l‘d with his squaddie chum. Jerome Flynn. ‘We were seduce the wife of his consultant boss. Dr Richard been offered scripts. but it was always to play the very nervous about moving from acting to singing,‘ Crane (Michael Kitchen). By the end of the first clown. Reckless is grown-up acting.‘ Flynn was quoted as saying after the duo‘s upmteenth episode it seems certain that she will receive first- The bantering relationship between the doctors. plus Number One. ‘[But] Jimmy Nail gave us hope.‘ hand experience of his bedside manner. some entertaining sparring between father and son Why Jimmy Nail’s singing abilities should give Springer is a working-class hero who returns to the provide the humour. but early on it is clear that anyone hope must remain a mystery, but the good north from a prestigious London teaching hospital to Reckless is heading into the darker territory of sexual news is that Green is back in front of the camera be near his ill father. as he slowly pickles himself in obsession. as Owen tries relentlessly to seduce Anna having leapt several rungs up the medical ladder to whisky. The role perfectly suits Green‘s ability to be Fairley (Francesca Annis). become a surgical registrar in Reckless. However. the endearineg laddish but just a little bit sensitive too. Reckless was created by former Coronation Street Robson and Jerome partnership will reconvene later ‘When we saw Robson we realised he is Owen.‘ says scriptwn'ter Paul Abbott. who went on to write two this year for Ain ‘t Misbehavin ‘, a gentle comedy director David Richards. ‘The character has wit. stories in the final series of Cracker. Like Cracker. vehicle set during World War II, in which they play charm and honesty he is an ordinary bloke who this new six-patter displays a refreshingly literate two big band members on the make. Expect more likes football. beer and women.‘ At least one of those touch which elevates words above relentless action as singing. is also true of Green; like his character in Reckless he a means of moving the plot forward. It also confirms But for the moment Reckless is thankfully free of is an ardent Newcastle United fan. Robson Green as one of lTV‘s most bankable stars Green‘s balladeering attempts. as he concentrates on ‘lt’s a more mature role. acknowledges Green. ‘and a kind of Nick Berry with talent. giving a particularly engaging performance as a one that I think will shatter the image that people Reckless is on Thursdays at 9pm on Scottish.

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