lOVE WRITING lETTERS? Me too. Drop me a line telling me about yourself and let's correspond coruscatingly (or bore each other). Male. 32. Sex unimportant. as it were.

Box No 298/57.

I Edinburgh, professional sincere. caring gay male. 46. n/s. n/sc. sa/l. Interests music. keyboard. singing mainly classical. countryside. agriculture. keep fit etc. WLTM similar. genuine. sincere gay male. 2 l +. for friendship initially. then hope to share life's more pleasurable experiences. and fun. Discretion assured and required. Phone no where possible. Box No 298/58. I Glasgow gay male, 35 tall. slim. fun-loving and adventurous. non-scene. non- pretentious! Various interests seeking sincere and genuine guy to share some of the better things in life. Box No 298/59. I llorny, s/a, Glasgow gay lad. 20. good-looking with fit body. seeks sexy. 18—25 guy for fun and adventure. Stamina and

sense of humour essential. All letters answered. Box No 298/60.

I Strathclyde guy medium build. 29. likes nights in/out. ,music concerts and sports. game for fun. Seeks guys for friendship. Slainte!! Box No 298/61.

I Feminine, attractive bi-lady sought by gorgeous guy to give my very attractive (possibly bi) girlfriend her first experience. She‘s outgoing. bubbly. blonde. slim. leggy. lovely (aged 32). Photo would be appreciated. Box No 298/62.

I Edinburgh gay lad (21) student. non-smoker. GSOH. straight-acting. non-scene. inexperienced. seeks similar straight-acting. inexperienced lad (18—25) for friendship. possibly more. lnto cinema. football. pubs. Photo appreciated. Discretion expected/assured. Box No 298/63.

I Christian guy (30) s/a. discreet. WLTM similar. understanding Edinburgh chap (28—35) to whom Christianity means not nominal adherence but commitment. honest enough to admit to the need of friendship and companionship with a like-minded guy and determined enough to make I997 different by risking a reply to this ad! Box No 298/64.

I Bisexual girl needed to fulfil fantasies for attractive girl and w/e guy partners. Girl needs introducing to bisexual scene in Edinburgh only. Discretion and photo ensures quick reply. Box No 298/65.

I Gay female, late 20s (non-

scene) bright. attraCtive. femme.

funny. modest. outgoing. Enjoys: all the beautiful things in life! WLTM foxy babe for cultural pursuits and/or uncomplicated. sensuous liaison! Edinburgh (photo please). Box No 298/66.

I Cute and cheeky female student (2 l ) into pubbing. clubbing. eating out. staying in. seeks attractive. bi-straight guy (20-26) for fun and friendship. Edinburgh. Photo appreciated. Box No 298/67.

I llo one special to send that Valentine to? Well you may after meeting this fun-loving. gay male (36). Dark hair. average build. enjoys music. comedy. films. travel. Roses are red . . . Box No 298/68.

I Rock ’n’ roll tomcat (26) bats for the other side. likes The Smiths. Patti Smith and. of course. Granny Smiths. smokin'.jokin' and general blokin'. seeks arts. spare parts and bachelors’ hearts. Box No 298/69.

I Glasgow gay guy, 32 out of circulation recently. seeks attractive. genuine guy. 25—35. for fun. laughter. maybe more. Usual interests (not sporty). Photo preferred (will return). Box No 298/70.

I Glasgow gay guy, 51 average looks. reliable. looking for friendship and hopefully more. Box No 298/71.

I Professional, gay female, 39 GSOH. loads tlc. modestly attractive. enjoys good food. nice wine. non-smoker. varied interests. prefer quieter life. non-scene. seeking similar female. 35—45. Glasgow/Lanarkshire. Discretion assured. Box No 298/72.

I Chocolate has to be ‘Valrhona'. Suits are made to measure; seriously looking for you: hidden. precious treasure. You are charming and witty. at home wherever you are; naturally good looking. seeking me from afar. You must be in your 'prime' town and country. expensive sort of chap; looking at you. you are fabulous. together will bridge every gap! Bring colour to my life. fill my dreams with stars I am just like you gorgeous. absolutely true! Interesting replies a must; photos optional. ALA. Box No 298/73.

I East lothlan (35) fun-loving. gay guy WLTM similar. hairy. moustached men for lunch and mutual friendship. Council ‘suits‘ welcome. Personality. tactileness and cuddleability more important than looks. Discretion assured. Box No 298/74.

I East of Edinburgh frustrated (35) gay man desires clone (or very hairy-chested) pal for occasional forays into the country. If hijinks in the woods are for you. write now!! Box No 298/75.

V Jen and Cam PUT EACH OTHER DOWN!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you both. Love Me. xxx

V Your hair is red your eyes are green. you stay in nights. you're never mean. When you lie on your back I want to snuffle your armpits. J. xxx

V Sexy P and Ilodular Take me to the Catflap and show me how it’s done. We can leave bad C at home. Gaggin' for it. Pretty Lady.

V Jessie Please be my special one on February l4. lfnot I will kill you. your parents. your cat and then myself. i love you.

V Esmeralda Wanting you. the stealth of my longing insinuates nerves. tendons. neurons and synapses firing uncorltrollably. you‘re under my skin. Body ticking with clicking mind. powered by a strength of ache. A soul running on the erzatz fuel of pain. isomer of love. My pistons clogged. sparking dull. ()ur road's run out - what reason to prolong except our exhausted desire and the wish fora love that warmed and didn’t explode. Love l).

V Bertie, you’re my baby just don't fall asleep when you’re on lookout. Love from the captain.

V Slr Psycho Sexy you tattooed gorgeous God. You don‘t know it yet. but you will be mine. oh yes.

V Mrs nipening Brie A second generation Marjory and Mary? Only problem neither of us are ever wrong. Doesn‘t matter. Let’sjust stay off religion. love to you. Haloumi.

V Mon poulet ravissant Je meurs d'envie de te rencontrer a Paris. la cité d'amour. Ma coeur est la tienne. Tout mon amour et tous mes baisers. l‘agneau special. xxx

V C When I'm sad and weary. when l think all hope has gone. I think of you with nothing on. A.

V To PJJI Stay Gorgeous. l.L.Y Always.


V P Your mission should you choose to accept it -— is to stick with me. No one said it was going to be easy. but atn I not worth the perseverence? I hope so. Love C. xxx

V To the naturally beautiful woman . . . Looking forward to having you a lot closer and more often. Pierce that eyebrow and HI love you forever!

V Curl yourself around tne. oh hot scented one. burn all my clothes and make me yours forever.

V To my darling pet lamb There is beauty in the wild flowers that grow randomly among our wheat. Happy Valentine‘s Day. Love Honey Bean.

V Fluffy . . . Maybe you thought I wanted you for your money or the cred of your new job. but the truth is you've ice-axed my heart. I love you.

I V rattoo Babe When’re you

coming back to hang out in the Marina? Yours (we wish) - Paul. Grant. Billy, Dave. Liam and. er. Puck.

V John you know who you are and why you deserve this. Love always J.C.

V Big Gus Love is the fart of every heart. it pains a man when 'tis kept close and others doth offend when 'tis let loose. Your seezy baby. Love you.

V Iron ourbnan is a sweet pea. thanks for all your help. love from me.

V Way-aye I'm as smitten as a kitten. l.

V lley Sex God Fancy a hot holiday undercover(s) with a scaredy spice. xxx

V Deborah I dreamt that we slept in a moss in Donegal. on turf banks under blankets. With our faces exposed all night in a wetting drizzle. pallid as the dripping sapling birches. Lorenzo and Jessica in a cold climate. Amor. Tom.

V Portobello Cash and Garry? Classy! Why not make it somewhere more salubrious next time? With chocolate. new labour. new razor. lf only!

V My love is like a red red fish. her spirit as deep as the sea. My eyes will always be on stalks for

her. oh mermaid. how I love thee.

V Rouge from indigo will always love you. forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit.

V Susan Ghyx you booky babe. Keep feeding me the tomes. Love Loopy.

V Say It loud you’re ginger and you‘re the one for me - even without the haircut.

V Vamp and munch stomp and crunch. do yer thing. rock and swing.

V R6 From across the blue. I‘ll miss you. Love E. xxx

V To my darling Bun Lightyear. Lets go to infinity and beyond! Love Slinky. xx


9 I saw you thrice. sexy Ndebele babe. l wanted to eat you. drink you. dance you. discuss life. music. the earth with you. then butter you. you thespian chick. Go celtic with me and we can share in our enigma together. Box No U/298/33.

9 I saw you in Pollock Park. You stole my blanket! Next time let's share it. Yours. hot lips. Box No U/298/44.

V I saw you as we stared at each other again when you drove into C raigends Avenue. Think you may be worrying about my age. If not. are still interested. reply to Box No U/298/ l4.

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