V Hey Mr Peter ‘Everybody‘s saying that hell‘s the hippest way to go - well I don't think so but I‘m gonna take a look around it though. Blue. I love you.

V to my own personal harp player. cook and all round clever chap. Thanks for all the happy years together - Mine's a packet of Pot ’n' Vuncie please. V Big node My (bacon) baps are bigger an better than Doreen‘s. Gies a snog. Senga.

V Caroline You‘re not in right now but you'll be on telly soon. Thanks for being a star. M. xx

V Displaced customer orders. an attic bedroom. a ground floor flat and a fluffy cat. the best salad nicoise in all of Edinburgh. will it ever be that good again?

V To Bowen and Senga my Harthill babes. by two hunks of burnin' love. See yous on delivery day. Big Dode.

V I. Love of my life. my world. my everything. Always on my mind. forever in my heart. Forget the corti and get the born baby. Stay mine. Marry me? Lex.

V Puck Let's go 'hang‘ in Shakespeare‘s garden. Love 'Frisco chum. xxx

V Irish: By the time you read this. we should have tried out my new purchase. Hope you like it...! A treat awaits on l4th - make no plans! Love and snogs. English.

V Happy Valentine’s and first anniversary baby. Let's do ten for always. You really are the best. at everything; gritnps and all! All my love from your wee tiger feet. xxxx

V Turnip Get your motor running and roll on sunny days. Can‘t wait to go cruising. Love The Passenger.

V Mutiin‘s in bed My thoughts are quite blue. not that I'm sad. just lusting for you.

V To Robert No smart words. no corny verses -just my love to you on Valentines‘s Day. and always: the unconditional. unequivocal love of the luckiest man in the Western hemisphere.

V liedy Gray AKA sexy chops. I love you. I hope you know who this is from. Princess M.

V noz - your search may soon be over!~ From . . . someone who thinks the world of you. Love. xxx

V You gated into my ‘larger than average' eyes and couldn't work the machine. I'm completely smitten. Let‘s focus close up.

V Mate The beach party was just the beginning. who knows where we'll go from here. I will love you always. Matey.

V II I were a buttercup sprouting under a tree. would you pull up my head. orjust sit upon me? Come and make me purr big boy.

V Tottie c I love you more than floral gums and cremola foam. Here's to five more years ‘for you're pleasure‘. You‘ll always be 'speshal'. From Boobie.

V Luscious do not underestimate the Dark side of the Force. it controls us both. Speedo.

V 8 You're such a charmer. I've seen you in The Kitchen. Biddies and the West End. How can anyone resist?

V To Silversurier from Tinklebottom. You have the power cosmic.

V You (S) and me (M) danced all nite the Monday B4 Xmas (23/l2/96). You can handcuff me anytime!! Thanks for a great nitell What about that phone call . . . ‘? xx

V W.0.F. Remember the FF? Fragmented now but the legend lives on. Let's go camping and cast some spells. The Dark ()ne.

V Josepi on Valentine‘s Day I send my love. from the dove from above. unfortunately I‘m not Ulrika ka ka. Love your S. Pie. xxxxx

V Fiachna I love you. Susan.

V Ophelia to your llamlet Elizabeth to your Mr Darcy. Scarlett to your Rhett. Forget all that and let's stage a no-costume drama.

V The only thing I'm in love with is beer. chips and gin.

V Speedy I love you. Stop playing hard to get. Murdo.

V I love you I love you. I love you. I love you my beautiful GPZ with your go faster silver stripe and lovely purple wheel.

V Jordan I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. when I met you. Now I‘m at home with a kid. I still love you - come back. Chantelle.

V Big Man Working beside you makes tne tingle but you just think I‘m posh. Don't mistake posh for shy - I'm really from the gutter as you saw on 3 I/l2. Love Bad Girl.

V I am not a monkey I do not have monkey ears. But you can say I have because you make me very. very happy.

V Mel P You're my favourite Spice Girl. Hope the manitous were good to you. How much? That much. I. xx

V JD —- You mean machine I‘ve got designs on you! K I. Pl.

V horses pickled onions. your wee brother. showers. doin' the right thing. real quiet. surprises. respect. walks. vodka (loads). wallys. dolphins. creme eggs. Julie. baby; I love you. you're sound.

V It began mid-mambo and became obsessing. I know you‘re taken. so I'm sorry I'm smitten. but ifyou ever want breakfast you don't have to take me to Tiffany's.

V Spoons same again. black. Snoopy. the one with no name. pussy cats. Lots of love. - xxxx

V To tax If you love someone. set them free. lfthey come back. they‘re yours forever. If they don't. they never were. I came back. think about it. Love

L. xxx

V Hey natty What‘re you doing next Friday? Fancy a bit of punholy union? ,

V Dippy Sarah We love the way you seal your envelopes. Is there a vacancy for the man in your life? Are you open to offers?

V flueen or the Fairies See's a wee skoosh of yer love potion. Fae big. hairy Bottom.

V Min gosiga unge! Din varma kram. ditt sbmniga leende. ditt bar som star pa aIIa hall. .Iag

alskar dig. Moppan!

V to the young Paul Newman froin the French bird. Roses are red. violets are blue. tile my floor and I'll marry you.

V Fat Boy Roses are red. violets are blue. if you don't give it me hard. I'll be forced to sue. Your little pot-bellied pig.

V G I love you. I love you. I love you almighty. I wish your pyjamas were next to my nightie. Don‘t be mistaken. don‘t be misled. I mean on the clothes line and NOT in the bed. G.

V Monsieur Let's fill our special glasses and drink a toast to special times and another exciting adventure. A wee cuddle and close loving thoughts. Jane.

V Jack let's share another 7-L.'p in my rootn. I think about you constantly. Before you. my life was a yawning void of darkness. Now you‘re like a shining lighthouse in an ocean of love. Les.

V Sugar pie honey thanks for the melting moments and the bliss with such a pleasant twist. May colours always be as bright let‘s paint the bedroom. How about rag-rolling?

V Eeny, meeny miney. mu. You‘re my special lady. don't you know'.’ Bana. xxx

V G A romantic meal for two at 7.30pm and then a romp in the park at I(l.3()pm. Remember I984? G.

V 6qu May your dreams be realised and your shadows seen through. and so long as blondes have more fun may you keep on using me until you use me tip.

V Bertie your nose is cute. even though you're a ginger nut. Let's meet and have naughty prowls. Love Meg.

V Mr Stateside Let's do the ‘wild thing‘ again. Maybe this time I’ll get what I want out of it. but the logistics ain’t looking good. Love ya. growler. Mrs Pants.

V Darling I kissed you when we met.jumping from the chair I sat in. When can I kiss you again? Jenny.

V Big Bunny Man sailing into history is out. cars from cliffs are more likely. We‘ll be

remembered anyway. Plato's

I love coming at you. Weird Kid.

V Fing you have the greenest eyes. the cutest legs and the throatiest yowl. I can hear you frotn streets away. Life with you would be purrfect. Love Custard Pie. xx

V To the wrigeg worm in my life. Happy Valentine's Day. Your loving lump of coal.

V 007 Diamanten halten ewig. Schoner Valeninstag und sei nicht Einsam Heute Nacbt. Love Pussy Galore. xx

V Bashtul Still bashful after

a everything we did last year? Tonnes of love. Lochboy.

V To Don Juan 'Dig if you will the picture. 0f you and I engaged in a kiss. The sweat of your body covers me . . .' Love from an Insatiable Armadillo.

V Carol I can't forget you in that blue shell suit. Meet me at the same old place. 7am.

V You can’t hold back the years like Simply Red. It's all to grey on yo' gimple-head. l Ielton yelton winter. summer. fall and spring. yelton a gelton helton. frinklenington-ning-ning-ning.

I V Ciao cicclo! Thanks for ten

fabulous years together. Remember Sydney?

V Jimbo - Love your bits. Lots of lovebytes SDK.

V Justin Still waiting. you just don't know what you really want yet. S.

V Peniold Take me to your bed. Make me tuna sandwiches. Let me drag my claws down your back. Purrs and purrs from your favourite pussy. F.

V Tudor Jones I have little time ... But I love you! l..x

V Two days tnoons apart. twinning. our two hearts. I.ustful looks. ads in The List. equalling the night we kissed. Me you. you tne. that's the way it‘s meant to be.

V Kate I would marry thee with a ring. a ring of bright water whose ripples travel from the heart of the sea.

V Sexy gorgeous woofle. One year on. many cappuccinos later. it‘s still you. Fancy some more passion and afternoon tea at the Grosvenor. l4th February to celebrate? See you then sexy.

The List 7-20 Feb I997 95