V I saw you and still see you at Pabbies. I hope you know who I am and who I am referring to when I refer to yoti. Sometimes you wear glasses and sometimes not. Please show your feelings before I leave thisjob. Box No U/298/I.

V I saw you at Shooglenifty gig. Glenrothes. We danced the seCond half. Me ~ American. blue top. You ~ Dundee. red T- shirt. glasses and goatee. There wasn‘t enough time to chat. want to meet again? Box No [10980.

V I saw you mysterious bloke! in The Kitchen on Saturdays with Calurn your brother/friend. ‘Upstairs in two minutes'. bet you say that to all the girls. If not. call. Box No U/298/3.

v I saw you Doric. 24/1/97. You sang ‘Dock ()f The Bay‘ and were surrounded by drunken women. l was the Becks babe who asked for an encore. I‘m waiting for it. Box No U/298/4.

V Isaw you at the box office in The Odeon. You are the Chandler to my Janice. Let me spell it out. Reunited in gutter. Box No U/298/5.

V Isaw you Pizza Htrt. Lothian Road. l8/l/97. You. female with friend. Me. male in wheelchair. alone. You tried to be friendly. I ignored you. sorry. Felt ill. Try again'? Box No U/298/6.

V I saw you Safeways. Cornely Bank. Thursday I6/l/97. You: dark hair. Irish. smart dark clothes with another girl who drove CRX. Me: dark sweater. kept meeting in the aisles. Want to meet again? Box No U/298/7.

V I saw you at Burger Queen. I8 Jan 97. Susan and Susan. Fraser and loads of others. Great to see those smiling faces. but where was Stella? Looking forward to next time . . . Box No U/298/8.

V I saw you Chris MacL at Glasgow Uni I988/9. Great pals but fell out of touch. You: anthropologist. Me: linguist. Remember the Botanics‘.’ Still think of you often. Kathleen I). xx. Box No U/298/9.

V I saw you staring through the windows of cake shops in Glasgow. Iidinburgh. London and Paris. Wee zoomer. Box No [l/298/ l (I.

V I saw you again. again and again at CC Bloom's where you work. Me French and you gorgeous. We looked at each other again. again antl again. Will you never speak to me? Box No U/298/l l.

V I saw you buying brown bread and mixed fruit Kia-Ura at the 24-hour Spar on l.eith Walk. Me: a wee ‘weegie' hoping for a rendezvous in Barcelona. Box No U/298/l2.

V I saw you September I995. Royal Concert Hall. Me: F/-I() coming from Belgium for Simple Minds gigs. Will never forget my stay in Glasgow. Would like to meet Glaswegians again. Please please write. Box No [I/298/l3.

V I saw you as we stared at each other again when you drove into Craigends Avenue. Think you may be worrying about my age. lfnot. are still interested. reply to Box No U/298/l4.

v I saw you at CC Bloom‘s. You Swedish student in art with your friend Stuart. l-le French. new in town November. Your gaze broke my heart. Meet tire to fix it. Box No U/298/l5.

v I saw you CC's. 26/l/97. You George Dawes Lookalike. brown corduroys. I'd love to follow through with ac fond kiss . . . Meet soon? Box No U/298/Io.

The List or 14 High Street Edinburgh


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V I saw you a mystery I heard you too a rhythm. I felt the love you gave to tne selflessly this Valentine for you stay true with love Jx. Box No

[3098/ l 7.

V I saw you walked into yottr kitchen 27th Feb ‘yes' you said. Long time since - commiserate the date. Box No U098/ l S. '

v I saw you whistle the planets are moving -— make contact. Box No [7098/l9.

V I saw you you lov ed me before you left -A stay friends -‘ phone. Box No [l/2980t).

V lsaw you should have met ~ confused error see you again.

Box No [1098/2 l.

V I saw you Lisa Stansfield wants to say hello to that guy who looked so good in tights How about a chat over a drink. lost your number. Get Ill touch. Kx. Box No [V29S/22.

0 I saw you in Flames. t-‘t-taay. Blaise. did you make my party'.’ Did you make my day" Can I make up for a clumsy inlroduelion'.’ Box No [l/298/23.

V I saw you working at Real Foods t'l‘ollcross). mid- I')ecember. You long blonde curly hair. Me with sheepy. leathet'jacket. You have a gorgeous smile.'s have a coffee. Box No Ll/298/2-l.

9 I saw you at The Rigbys gig 27/l. You said you were from Mars and we laughed for hours. Still want a coffee? Box No [5098/25.

V I saw you Have you saw me? Have you fired any arrows yet'.’ I‘m still waiting for mine. What was your wish? Your fairy godmother. xxxx. Box No U/298/26.

V Isaw you gorgeous woman. looking lush in Trailfinders on Sat 25/1/97.‘s meet soon. Box No U/298/27.

V I saw you Linda. you were with your sister in the Grassmarket (Jan 97). I was with Andrew (the groom). You're a little mad but I like you. Next time we'll make The Mission. Martin. Box No U/29808.

0 I saw you at Taste. 2btlt January. Tall. attractive blonde in black. Still looking good. From a distant admirer. Box No [109809.

V I saw you working in the Cafe Royal. You lustrous. slender. long-legged. blond barbie-doll barman. So ‘meet me in a half-hour'." I'll wait . . . meantime. have a feversome Valentinell Box No U/298/30.

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V I saw you (John?) working Ill Whistle Binkies looking Paul \Vellerish -- yummersl Me: looking drunk coz I was so damned besotted. You left tSeptember.’) boo hoof! Wanna share a creamy pint of Guinness? Box No [9298/31.

V I saw you in The Phoenix. in my bed. III my dreams. tench sturgeon etc . . . Me psychotic ex missing you. You slraven locks. gappy smile. bear with me tools. Box No [7298/32.

O I saw you thrice. sexy Ndehele babe. I wanted to eat you. drink you. dance you. discuss life. music. the earth with you. then butter you. you thespian chick. (jo celtic with me and we can share in our enigma together. Box No [1098/33.

V I saw you I see you now. my Ntlebele girl. I think you‘re gorgeous. us develop some togetherness in our space. Box No U/298/3-l.

V I saw you in Austin's. Glasgow. at 7.30pm on 23 September I994. We lived together in Glasgow. London and Edinburgh. We found otrr Taj Mahal together. Thank you for all the good times. my very special friend. I’m glad I saw you. Box No U/298/35.

v I saw you dttslcovercd. unshaven with a pencil behind your ear ordering a deep fried pizza. Come and be happy with me anorak boy. Box No U/293/3o.

V I saw you blonde haired guy. bright yellow ski jacket. Sun 29/l2/9o. 3| bus between 6pm and 6.30pm. going to Princes- Street. You had a smile that rocked tny world. Disappointed we didn‘t ha\ e a chance to talk. get in touch. llox No [9298/37.

V I saw you Postman Pat and Fireman Sam video addict. You came to my rescue with a tartan blanket. and should get an award for your bravery. I'll watch otrt for you on (,‘rr'nietrtttt'lr. speeding through the streets ofGlasgow. Box No [l098/38.

V I saw you handsome optician on 28/l/97 in ()pto BK. at I2.2()pm. Fancy lunch or are you too busy with the free eye tests? Box No [1098/39.

V I saw you Barbra. at the ceilitlli in Greenock on

29/l I/‘lo. You wanted to go shopping with rue but didn't keep in touch. If you still want to see rne in troosers contact Box No U/298/40.

V I saw you in Aitken Dott dingo baby. Can I enlarge you to A3 sometime'.’ It‘s the way you grand jete! Lots of love. kinky Dando's girl. xxxx. Box No U098/4 l.

V I saw you in Ayr four years ago. on phone. You drama teacher Hamilton/Motherwell. A bit unsure. Me. with BT. Just finished a relationship. Let's meet again. CR. Box No [1098/42.

V I saw you sexy woman. late night Cafe Insomnia. Cafe Alba. ("lub Cubana all through last winter. It was you! Let's meet again at Loch Fyne Oyster Bar soon. Box No [,l/293/43.

O I saw you in Pollock Park. You stole my blanket! Next time let's share it. Yours. hot lips. Box No U098/44.

V I saw you every day at work. When our sun grows cold and dies. the fire you lit in my heart will keep on burning. You're all I need gorgeous. clever. funny. auburn.'s make it work. Meet me left of centre? Box No U/29S/45.

V I saw you have a barney with your fellie on the dancefloor while the News McBunny partied by the light of the silvery moon. Does that mean I get a bag-off now'.’ I‘m a rich footballer who likes maroon. Box No [J/298/46.

V I saw you I7/I/97 bus stop boy. First time for ages. Your clothes may have changed. but you still look like Billy Corgan. Nice way to start my Friday. Where have you been? And were you looking as you waited to cross to Princes Street? Good to have you back. Box No U/297/35.

96 The List 7-20 Feb I997