V I saw you Elaine and you saw me at the Garage, 25/1/97. An intense school teacher stare. please get in touch ifyou dare. Box No U/299/ l.

V I saw you on back of my motorbike. You cute smile. tall. blonde. blue eyes. long legs, black leather. Me married. Fancy a go in front? We could unzip later. Looking for adventure? Box No U/299/2.

V I saw you you blew smoke in my face. I kissed you ten years later. We promised never to draw lines. Lines got drawn. things went flat. Now I can‘t see

on and you can't see me. Box No U/299/3.

V I saw you Eclaire or my spirits did. Together forever. Talk! This is a start. keep making your delicious apple pie. I‘ll bring the cream. How about dinner in Canada? Box No U/299/4.

V I saw you Waterstones. Glasgow. You face of an angel. with an impish stnile. me elderly gentleman with badminton enquiry. Your cheeky. chappy charm cast a rainbow over tny heart. Dinner“? Dancing . . . ? Box No U/299/5.

V I saw you ginger buxom broad at my local bookshop. You were giggling inanely and l was the intensely boring bald man who was ogling from a distance. Want you. Box No U/299/6.

V I saw you S. Frost‘s. Sunday 02.02. 7pm. reading the film review. drinking Miller and smoking Marlb Lights. It‘s hard to find gay film lovers in Glasgow. Fancy to meet another film addict? Box No U/299/7.

V I saw you in Andersonian Library. 3 l/0l/97. You brown haired H.R.M. boy. Always alone. always looking so intense. I kept looking over in the hope that you might smile. Please try - you‘re gorgeous. Box No U/299/8.

V I saw you Tesco. Broughton Road. lunchtime. 5th Feb. You red Cinquecento. next to my friend’s blue Citroen. You: grumpy. dark hair. Me: same. Like to be cheered up? Me too! Box No U/299/9.

V I saw you Tall. blond. dashing Brit pop boy. St James Oyster Bar. Sunday night. The way you shook cocktails made me lose my mind. Let’s lose ourselves together. Box No U/299/l0.

V I saw you Carla's Song. Cameo. l Feb. You red specs and Pepsi. ‘No one would dare leave‘. There may be more between us besides the armrest. Get in touch. Box No U/299/l l. V We saw you crazy space kitten with yet another golden ‘oldie‘ fetish on the go (Honeycomb). Can't wait 4 this Saturday‘s frolics. Be cool be safe. Love you madly. Emms & Laurs! Box No U/299/l2.

V I saw you Richard C in Kinnells. You said hi. I blushed and remembered your Kenickie. Hope the coffee is always gorgeous. Box No U/299/l3. V I saw you Susie I saw you at The Basement. 3 l/l/97. I talked about astral projection. you a freelance journalist. Went on to Whistle Binkies and wish we‘d talked more. S. Box No U/299/l4.

V I saw you on Hallowe’en 1996 at Hunter’s Square with a video camera. I’d like to play with your footage baby! Box No U/299/15.

V I saw you Club X. long time ago. You were barmaid. tall. short. black hair. We kissed at the end of the night. Thanks for the bottle of Miller. Let‘s meet Box No U/299/l6.

The List

14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 lTE


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lpm on Thursday 27 February.

7 V I saw you twice at the

Subway. You - Billy Zane lookalike. 4th year Eng. Lit. Me - Spice Girl for the night. Nicolsons was nice. worthy of a second date? Box No U/299/I7. V I saw you running your hands through your hair. Scorpio. E.F.M. Me. good posture so you said. It‘s time to break the silence. Let's get drunk? Subway? Friday? please? Box No U/299/l8.

V I saw you Me leather kegs. bam bam hairdo. You Mr music man. show me your drumsticks. I miss you on Sundays. Play it again please? Find the right bedroom. yes? Box No U/299/ l9.

V I saw you at Love Boutique. You kilt, fur coat and no knickers. Kevin? You with boyfriend. Three was the magic number. Nice piercings. Get in touch. Box No U/299/20.

V I saw you in CC. Bloom's. Again. l/2/97. You tall. smiley. sexy eyes. hair has changed from blond to black. Me - young. shy. smiler who needs you to make the first move. Get to know me you won‘t be wasting your time. Box No U/299/2l.

V I saw you Sunday 02/02/97 at noon on Calton Hill. Edinburgh. Stormy breeze. sunshiny, shooting photos. Time was running too fast! Though scattered to the four winds. can

I see your smile again?? Box No


V I saw you Traverse. Passing Places. 9/2/97. You: gorgeous boy, in red/blue check shirt with friends. Me: dark haired boy. bluejutnper. white jeans. Looked across at you and smiled. You rushed away at the end. Be my Valentine? Box No U/299/23.

V I saw your cryptic messages. How about defining your boundaries of together- ness to this paranoid victim of your plotting? Box No U/299/24.

V I saw you in Waterstone's West End basement two girls with lovely dark hair. Can I be greedy and have you both? Box No U/299/25.

V I saw you with serene smile. long dark brown woolly coat. passing by tne at Dalry Primary on your way to the bus stop. Me. harassed, both hands full. Fancy another smile? Box No U/299/26.

V I see you Edinburgh. Glasgow. Newcastle. with your USA bag and great style. You‘re stunning! You‘re popular! Share some with tne. Box No U/299/27.

V I saw you staring at the pebbledash from your roughcast. Glasgow man. Box No U/299/28.

V I saw you Janice. in Waverley Bridge taxi rank. Your friend had a zebra handbag. I wore a silver jacket. We talked about New York. then my taxi came . . . get in touch? Box No U/299/29.

iSAWYou Tl

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V I saw you St Andrews Square. l.30pm. 8/2. You: dark brown hair blowing. red lips. pale brown coat. Me: black

remember! Box No U/299/30. V I saw you Claire. You made me dinner. I gave you £2.88 for it and asked for lm Bru as the drink!! Please be my hot fruit piell Box No U/299/3l.

V I saw you and you buy me nuts. Do you know that you drive me nuts with your sexy smile and wonderful body. I love being with you: yours forever hot lips. Box No U/299/32.

V I saw you stunning brunette. Woodside Cres (Paxton House) ground floor. far right window. ()ur eyes met on 6/2/97. ()ur

would like to explore . . . Box No U/299/33.

V I saw you working in The Polo Lounge. Gorgeous barman from the ()ttter Hebrides with the sexy voice and smouldering looks. I know you've been hurt but you can‘t stay alone forever. Tha gaol again ort. Box No U/299/34.

V I saw you All I could say to

‘Have you just moved in upstairs?‘ . . . htntmn . . . will you let me say tnore now I have gone? Box No U/299/35.

V I saw you again. again and again at CC Bloom‘s where you work. Me French and you gorgeous. We looked at each other again. again and again. Will you never speak to me? Box No U/298/l l. V I saw you buying brown bread attd tnixed fruit Kia-Ora at the 24-hour Spar on l.eith Walk. Me: a wee ‘weegic‘ hoping for a rendezvous in Barcelona. Box No U/298/l2.

Edinburgh EH1 1TE

leatherjacket over denim jacket. Our eyes met twrce. Tell tne you

eye contact seemed quite unique

striking oriental girl (34/l2) was


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V I saw you September I995. Royal Concert Hall. Me: F/-I() coming from Belgium for Simple Minds gigs. Will never forget my stay in Glasgow. Would like to meet Glaswegians again. Please please write. Box No U/Z‘)8/l3.

V I saw you in Flames. Friday. Blaise. did you make my party? Did you make my day? Can I make tip for a clumsy introduction‘.’ Box No U/298/23.

V I saw you Linda. you were with your sister in the Grasstnarket (Jan 97). l was with Andrew (the groom). You‘re a little mad but I like you. Next time we‘ll make The Mission. Martin. Box No U/298/28.

V I saw you (John?) working in Whistle Binkies looking Paul Wellerish yummers! Me: looking drunk coz I was so damned besotted. You left (September?) boo hoo!! Wanna share a creamy pint of Guinness? Box No U/298/3l.

V I saw you dustcovered. unshaven with a pencil behind your ear ordering a deep fried pizza. Come and be happy with me anorak boy. Box No U/298/3o.

V I saw you Postman Pat and Fireman Sam video addict. You came to my rescue with a tartan blanket. and should get art award for your bravery. I‘ll watch out for you on Crinn'u'un-lt. speeding through the streets ofGlasgow. Box No U/298/38.

V I saw you in Pollock Park. You stole my blanket! Next time let‘s share it. Yours, hot lips. Box No U/298/44.


350 Sauchiehall Street GLASGOW GI 2J2

21 Feb—6 Mar 1997 ‘I'IIELISIN