m Trees Loun e E : The Kris Restaurant (formerly of Albany D U : t Street) has moved premises. To celebrate the o a .g : Steve Buscemi stars as Tommy, a booze-sodden piss opening of the new premises, The Kris is run- 0 4; 3A : artist who’s stuck in a. rut in his favourite Long Island ning a Festival of Malaysian Food until 21 March 6 g g g; i bar. He's lost his girlfriend, lost his JOb and is in danger and is Offering List readers the o g: ‘55 I of losing his self-respect unless he gets his life in order. I. Chance to sample their Malaysian L“ 2 g S 1 We’ve all been there, but seldom so stylishly and few of V buffets at half price For the first O c E ‘5 : us have been paid for our efforts. The world's hardest ' ten readers to book'or present 2 IE {is i working independent film actor, Buscemi, expands his vouchers a pan of four can eat 3 "53 g ‘3 I talents to behind the camera as writer and director and ~ r- J - for the 'ri f ty f 0 g- : this debut is a deceptively simple, character-driven MAL YSIAN the buflitfi: Ohtswgeonf an; one 0 -’ o e ' comedy drama. RESTAURANT 9 ' 9 page- Vt U 5 We've got five posters of the movie and five sOundtracks to the film to give away to a V the lucky List readers who can get their heads around this. In which Oscar nominated film did Steve Buscemi play an incompetent kidnapper7 , E Answers on an empty bourbon bottle by Thurs 6 Mar. Mark them: TREES COMP, S The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. BIG NIGHT IN The Arches are offering two tickets for the T h B t h M M I I once of one for the first ten people on the night e r 0 e c u e n to see Bruce’s Big Night In prevreWing the month ahead in Glasgow on Monday 3 March at 8pm. | I I Before he dived into the complexities of boy meets girl romance 8”“9 “1'5 Gdltlon 0‘ The USl W'lh YOU 10 “‘0 box I BM fl] {ERS in the current release She's The One, Edward Burns opened the Ofl'Ce-

MULUiN eyes of the filmmaking world With this low-budget independent

- , hit. The tale of three Irish-American brothers, it’s a Witty and ' perceptive take on the life and loves of your average _ twentysomething male. Equally intrigumg for both sexes, the film .; ' will keep every couple riveted to the sofa as age-old dilemmas " V ‘1' are fought out on the battlefield of love. A We have five copies of the VHS to give away to the readers who

can answer this: Which star of TV sitcom Friends also stars in She's The One?

Answers on a tricolour by Fri 7 Mar. Mark them: MCMULLEN COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. 2 The Ramshorn Theatre, Ingram Street,

Glasgow are offering two full price tickets for

0 l 3 the cost of one to see Debbie Isitt's The Woman a n g o Who Cooked Her Husband Mon 3—Wed 5 Mar. Bring

with relevant voucher.)

Competition Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied


this edition of The List with you to the box office.

min the cult of JiM with Lemon Tango.

Tango are offering ten lucky readers the chance to JOlll the Cult of JiM and Win a year's supply of Lemon Tango Ten run- = ners up will receive a unique limited edition 'Sayings Of JiM' and Lemon Tango friendship bracelet.

The series of four Lemon Tango TV adverts focus on the extremes of indescribable moments of euphoria in every- ' day life.

Each euphoric Situation is signalled by the sudden appearance of a Brummie-accented guru JiM pronounc- ing 'lt’s a Lemon Tango moment’. It is at this very stage l of discovery when JiM rears his lemon head, that marks - iThe Cottier Theatre, Glasgow are offering the individual's calling to tread the path of JiM. ; stwo full price tickets for the cost of one to see

The Cult of JiM' exists for those seeking an alternative. They | :the black comedy Gone Fishing on Sunday 23 Feb choose to follow JiM, they drink Lemon Tango by the can and so can you. Experience 2 at 8pm. Bring this edition of The List With you to the the euphoria: , ibox office.

JiM says: 'We are all in a state of not-kiiowing. And we couldn’t care less' '

If you wanna get Tangoed for an entire year answer this: I The drink that brings you euphoria is Lemon Tango but, what does JiM say when he appearS? W I D A Answers on a postcard (sensible eh?) by Wed 5 Mar. Mark them: LEMON COMP, § L c I The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. ! l


Competition Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)


l I 8 I v i r. B e a u m a h a I s OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the m I whole magazine and present it to the relevant Q h E : Playwright, secret agent, hero of the American box-office or cash desk. All offers are subject to S g E : War of Independence and all round thorn in the aVal'abi'iW an}! Tanagements fesewe the "9M ‘3’ g E I side of the French establishment, Beaumarchais ‘0 “fuse BdMISSIOIi. a o g ‘55 i i was a dashing figure in pre-revolutionary France. COMPETITIONS: only one entry Per 995°" P" < Z 5 g I The author of The Barber Of Seville and The competition. If you are entering more than one 3: o § ‘5' : . Marriage Of Figaro, he was a charismatic figure competition, you need use only one envelope, but U E g‘ g ' : ‘. and noted womaniser. Eduard MOIlnarO'S film is please make sure that your name, address and m *5 g S i a lush, period romp filled with characters as flamboyant as the costumes. Intrigue, VOUChel’ 3'9 3"“th ‘0 EAC" entry- C°mP°tItI°m < G- ',—; f- : corruption, decadence and non-stop thrills are the ideal ingredients for this prime are open to all UK residents (over the age of 18 in E g g. 3 : example of French filmmaking. alcohol-related offers). No responsibility can be 3 u 5 ; We have five copies of the VHS to give away. Answer this, mes amis: accepted by The list for prizes which cannot be < V i Which composer wrote an opera based 0n Beaumarchais’ s play The Marriage Of Obtained due to unforeseen circumstances.“ Lu : Figaro? obtain a list of winners, please send a SAE to The m : Answers on a pair of culottes by Mon 10 Mar. Mark them: BEAUMARCHAIS List Competition Winners. stating which issue(s) XLCOMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. results you "quire-

104 TIIE LIST 21 Feb—6 Mar 1997