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It wasn’t going to be easy. Glasgow DJ and The Listjournalist Rory Weller wanted a Web site, but didn't know how to get one. We sent him on a mission to get his name up in morphing graphics, and now he reckons there's no place like your own home page on the Web.

WE WANTED TO set up a Web site so we could have a magazine on the Net to talk about all the things we liked. Music. women.

We went out and bought a really big book with Internet written on it in the largest

letters we could find.

drinking and snow sports. whatta combination. It was a vision. a dream. something that would keep us out of the pub for a bit. Moreover we had a great name for it: ‘Prime'.

No one would have thought of we‘d have lots of

that before. cheeky graphics of cows among reviews of top tunes and pictures of our favourite barmaids. There were.

sites called Prime. Never mind though. we had another name. ‘Duck down' which despite its clever word play and potential for excessive use of waterfowl. was not being used by anyone else. Name and content decided. all we had to do was get our site up and running. so we went out and

however. thousands of

bought a really big book with Internet written on it in the largest letters we could find. Unfortunately the book seemed to be written in an obscure language we couldn‘t fathom out. so we placed it carefully on the bookshelf and left it there.

Next we checked into our local Internet cafe and asked if they could put the site together for us. But the cost of designing and posting a Web site was beyond our budget. Undaunted. we located budding site designer and media technology student. Jason Ferguson. who knew all about


m I. "at". (5!, ‘.'%-*-~- “we-..”

Rory ‘Duck down' Weller

frames. coding, HTML and the like. but more importantly shared our dream. He also introduced us to linking. a fine concept of hooking up your site to other sites you’ve found of similar type.

Now that we had designed the site. posting it on the Net was an easy step thanks to the lovely people at Java Internet Cafe in Glasgow who’ll do it for a minimal fee. Duck down. check it out on http//www.javacafecouk/duckdown/


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