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After months of deliberation the judges have emerged with bleeding ears from the BACARDI Rum/The List Unsigned Scottish Band 1996/1997 listening bunkers. Clasped in their hands are the demo tapes of the lucky few who have made it through to the heats. Let the good times roll. Story: Jonathan Trew

A stack of over 200 demo

tapes is a daunting sight.

They form an unsteady

pile about 1th tall, and spread over The List's office, they take up most of the music section’s work space. It takes two people to carry them. Tapes came in from all over Scotland. The Central Belt prowded the deOTIIy of them but there was also a healthy showmg from the more far flung corners of the country With tapes cropping up from Shetland, Oban and the deepest Borders. The musical styles on offer varied as much as the post codes on the entry forms. World mUSIC, dance, rock, pop and even electronica all made an appearance and it’s good to

l2" & 2xCDs

see that isolated pockets of punk survive to pogo another day.

In general, the standard was high and choosing the best examples wasn’t easy There was much in the way of collective humming, hawmg and chin-stroking going on before the Judging panel reached a consensus Some of the bands selected will be familiar to anybody WlIh more than a passing interest in Scotland's live mUSIc scene. Some of the other bands seem to have come from nowhere With little or no gigging or recording history. The one unifying factor, whether the bands be old hands 0r young guns, is that we think that , they have the potential to go places With BACARDI Rum offering a prize that includes £l000, recording eQUipment, studio time and CD manufacture, this competition \.vil| help the lucky Winner get somewhere fast The first of the four heats of the BACARDI Rum/The List Unsigned competition \Vlll be held in The Cathouse, Glasgow on Thursday 27 February The bands playing are Bosley, Catcher, The Golden Hour, Kite Monster, La Boum and The Small Gentlemen.

Bosley are a three-piece who have been on the go for about four years The lucky buggers' debut gig was as support to Pop Will Eat Itself, who

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Features Ki‘uder & Dorfmiester mix


I've found the one I’ve waited for...

lave February

l8th EDINBURGH The Venue - l9th GLASGOW King Tucs

appreciated their mixture of hip hop and reggae breakbeats ,spliced With samples, bass, live drums and Tim‘s laconic vocals.

Regulars at King Tut's, Catcher are an energetic three-piece who combine powerful hooks With a strong sense of melody. They put Out a SlllglG on their own West Nile records label last year which moved Our reviewer to scribble 'inaqnificent '

On a different tack, five-piece The Golden Hour have been entertaining Glasgow “."Vllh their organ-driven melodies for nigh-on two years, although most of the band have been on the city's music scene in one form or another for much longer

The award for fastest work goes to Kite Monster In Just over eighteen months, they’ve touted their goitar-based melodic indie pop around King Tut's and

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The Golden Hour: fingers crossed

Sleazy's, played T In The Park, and got a slot on Scottish TeleviSion's arts programme Don’t Look Down. Next stop world domination.

La Boum are a bit different from the other bands in this heat. A kind of floating musical collective that fluctuates in numbers up to a ten man line-up, they produce a lilting kind of organic groove in an Afro-Celtic vein.

Last, but by no means least, The Small Gentlemen are an indie rock three piece who have played at the 13th Note and Strathclyde University. Their influences include Hendrix, The Beatles and The Stones.

The first band kicks off at 7.30pm and BACARDI Rum and a mixer will be served for a mere £1. Be there,

Glasgow: The Cathouse, Thurs 27 Feb

Zl Feb—6 Mar 1997 WE U31“