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MUSIG folk and world

iIte Heron 3 + Swelling Meg

Saturday March 15 Bongo Club Edinburgh

Sunda March 16

Piping .‘eutre Glasgow

TIGIIBISI ,mtii, 0181 557 sass or


on door: (mull) 0141287 Stiller on doors (Glasgow)

(Dougie: Maclean‘

Friday 9 8: Saturday 10 May Cortier Theatre Glasgow

Sunday May 11

Royal Lyceum Theatre


rMichael Mam 3 Sunday May 11

Comer Theatre Glasgow

“We need his wry genius placed before us more often”

The Herald Jan ’97

tickets: 0141 287 5511 (Glasgow)

0131 229 9697 (Edinburgh)

cumbernauld )


:2. E.’ :3


:_| —D —D

a festival of celtic art with maryptiuglilan

ronnie drew [the duhlinors] dougie maclean

the clydesiders

ceilidh with hot toddy wildcat in gone fishin’

the fmhuoters whistlastop puppets

the boys from county h

folk & world


Gigs are listed by date, then by city.

that details reach our offices at least {

one week before publication. Folk and world Listings compiled by Norman Chalmers.


I Celtic Energy ( )‘.\'etll's. Satlchlellall Street, 353 0.1 {(1. 0pm. l‘ree. folk/rock. I Ceilidh Dance Rnerside Club. |-o\ Street. 343 3|~|~1. Doors open 7.30pm. L5. |.iye bands.

I Ceilidh Dance The l'etty. Clyde Place. 0pm. £5. Tickets at the white or iii adyatice from the Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. 337 55! |.


I Riverdance Play house 'I'heatre. (ireeitside Place. 7.30pm. Hooking 557 ll‘)‘)/8J-iJ/35‘)0. Tickets U0 £30.50. Concessions less t' I .50 £3.50 The Irish tradition-based dance estrayagait/a \\ ttli liye music.



I The Diggers ( )'.\'ei||'s. Sauchiehall Street, 353 0-130 Upttt. |‘ree. l-olk/rock. I Hootchie Cootchie Band Scolia liar. Stockyyell Street. 553 8(i8l. 3.30pm. l-‘ree. Blues.

I Ceilidh Dance Rivet-side Club. l-‘ox Slt't‘el. 348 3 |~l~|. Doors open 7.30pm. £5. l.i\'e bands.


I Tron Folk Club Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 330 I550. 8.30pm. L3. l‘irs’l Scots gig by respected

the milton fiddler: & cu )ernauld gaulic choir

celtic craft fair

box office 01ng 732887

56 THE llST 3| it'll-i) Mat l‘JW

singer/song“ riter Robb Johnson.

I Ceilidh Dance Caledonian Brewery. Slateford Road. Doors open 7.30pm. £5. |.i\'e bands. Information 0lb‘)8 38535 I.

i I Riverdance Playltottsc Theatre.

. (ireenside Place. 7.30piti. See lidinburgh. I‘ri 3|. for ticket information. Performances Will be listed, provided

GLASGOW I Fin McChuill ()'.\'et||'s. Sauchiehall Street. 35.3 0-130 ‘lptll. I-ree. l‘iulk/t‘tlck.



I Dance India Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. ()(18 3(ll‘), 7 30pm. Ui,5||t£3.5l)l. Classical Sotitlt Indian dance and ne\\ pieces ‘liagpipes and liliarathanaty .tm‘ and ':\u|d |.ang Syne'

I George Duff and Adam Jack Canon‘s (iail. ('anongate. 550 4-18 I. 0pm. Free. Traditional songs and instrumental fiddle music Ill an infoiinal


v MONDAY 24 l


I Ceilidh Dance Class Rneisttle (‘Iuh

l-‘os Street. ot't‘t’lyde Street. Its 3144.

7.30 |0ptn. |)oois opeit 7pm. £3.50. Bar. New season \\ ith tegulai' caller Karin

Ingram and piano-accot'diontst Freeland Barbour.


I Javanese Gamelan Sessions NIlIsIL' Suite. ('hesscl's land. Moray House. (1.30 8.30pm. Information Neil Houston. 558 0007.

I Riverdance Playhouse 'l‘heati-e.

(.ireenside Place. 7.30pm. See Izdiitburgh. l‘ri 3|. for ticket information.



I Edinburgh Songwriter's Showcase Tron Ceilidh House ('ellai‘ Bar. 8.30pm. L'l (performers free). linquirtes 338 83-15. I Javanese Gamelan Sessions Music Suite. Chessel's |.and. Moray House. (1.3“- 8.30pin. Information .\'ei| Houston.

558 ()007.

I Riverdance Playhouse 'l'heatre.

f (it‘eensidc Place. 7.30ptii. See I-Ldinburgh. g |5ri 3|. for ticket information. 4 I Allan Taylor Pettictiik I-‘olk (’lub.

Nayaai' Hotel. Hog Road. 8pm.

Information 0|%8 678 I53. Quality : linglish acoustic guitarist and singer has been performing since the 60s.


' I The Vagabonds Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. 553 8(18 I. ‘) nit. l‘i‘ee.

. I Weekly Scots Fiddle Workshops

Goyan Parish Scltool. Cornwall Street.

§ Kinning Park. 7.30-9.30pm. £4 (1.150)

| Information (or) 1450. Iain Fraser lL‘iltls’

the season of uorkshops on Scots and

; Cape Breton fiddle styles. for more

i adyaitced players: other tutors lead the

beginners aiid intermediate levels.


I Wendy Stewart Iidinburgh |4o|k Club. Pleasatice Cabaret Bar. ()0 The

Pleasance. 8pm. £4 (£3). (‘eolbeg's harpist also sings and plays concet‘ttna. with a repenoire that moyes‘ far from her Scots l’tltlls'.

I Riverdance Playhouse 'l'heati‘c. (ireettside Place. 7.30piti. See Edinburgh.

Hi 3|. for ticket infoi‘tiiation.



I Feld Spar ()‘Neill‘s. Satlchiehall Street. 353 043i». 0pm. I-ree. l’oIk/rock. I Ceilidh Piping ('enti'e. McPhater Street. 7.30pm. l-teeland Harbour‘s accordion arid lant I-t'ase: 's fiddle lead this ittforinal ceiltdh. Tickets aitd information from the RS.-\:\||) box office.

333 5057.

I Kevin and Ellen Mitchell New Dawn litllk Club. (ilasgtm Press Club. \Vc‘sl

' Regent Street. 333 l(i7-l. 8.30pm. £3435.

l7|ster songs by one of the province's finest singers with his wife). Long

resident iii Seotlattd. Kevin's recent (ireentrax album is a beattty.


I Riverdance Playhouse 'l‘heatre.

(ii'eeuside Place. 7.30pm. See lidinburgh.


Hi 3|. for ticket inforiitation.

? cuscow

I 83 ()‘Neill's. Satichieltall Street. 353

0436. 0pm. l-‘rce. Folk/rock. i I Whistlebinkies Piping Centre.

McPhater Street. 5530330. 8.30pm. £8 (£5). Veteran ntulti-album band perform artful settings of the acoustic music of Highland and Lowland Scotland using

pipes. harp. s'quce/e bo\. fiddle. flute

arid drunt. with \‘ocals in (iaelic and Sc‘tlls.

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside Club. but Street. 348 3 l-l-l. Doors open 7.30pm. £5. |.iye bands.

I Ceilidh Dance The Perry. Clyde Place.

553 0588. 9pm. £5. Tickets at the venue

i or in adyance from the Ticket Centre.

Candleriggs. 337 55 | l.


I Ceilidh Dance Ballroom. Assembly Rooms. (ieorgc Street. 8pm-—midnight. £0 (£4). Tickets 330 434‘). Music froin the Robert I‘ish Band.

I Riverdance Playhouse Theatre.

: (ireenside Place. 7.30pm. See iidinburgh.


Hi 3|. for ticket information.


I Tapsalteerie Glen Pavilion. 8pm. £5.

Tickets from Carnegie Hall Box Office.


()l383 3 |-l|37. Ceilidh dance.


I ignorant Tongues ()‘ts'eill‘s.

Take the first steps to

supporting Shelter week. Buy a ticket for our Ceilidh.

Friday 28th February 1997 7.30 - midnight St Brides Centre (Off Dalry Road), Edinburgh Tickets £5 /£4 concessions

Available from Shelter 0131 313 1550


Music by the Norloch Ceilidh Band .. -. _ v

ShelterWeek 3rd 9th March 1997