98 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). Tickets: 287 55l l. Closed Suns.

The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband Thurs 27 Feb—Sat 8 Mar. 7.30pm. £3—£(i. Strathclyde Theatre Group present a cannibalistic sex satire by Debbie lsitt. the actor/director/writer behind Birliiiligham's exciting Snarlilig Beasties Company. Siliioti Biggam directs.


Hope Street. 332 9000. [Access: PI’A. ST. R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C. Help: AA]. Closed Suns.

Marlene Mon 24 Feb—Sat l Mar. 7.l5pm; Sat mat 2.l5plii. £4.50-«£ |(i.50. The trend for resurrectilig I-lollywood starlets continues with Pam Gems's latest starring Sian Philips as the dazzling Dietrich both onstage siligilig classics like ‘You Do Something To Me’ and ‘Falling In Love Again'. and iii the dressing room sharing her backstage secrets.

The Gondoliers Mon 3—Sat 8 Mar. 7.30pm; Sat mat 2.30pm. £2—£43. See Classical & ()pera listings.

American angst: Alun Armstrong stars as Willy Loman in Death Of A Salesman at the King's Theatre, Edinburgh



2a Forrest Road. 225 9893. [Access: ST. Facilities: WS. G. C. Help: AA] Febfest 97 Until Sat 22 Feb. Various times (call the Bedlam to filid otlt which shows are on each day). l.45pm shows £4 (£3; EUTC members £2). The final couple of days of Edinburin University Theatre Coliipany’s well-established festival of new writing. which this year is spread over nine days. thirteen new plays and 47 performances iti two

What The Butler Saw \\'ed 26 Feb. l.45pm. £2.50 (EUTC nieliibers £2). Joe ()rton's famous farce. set iii a clinic. performed by Edinburgh University Theatre Company.

Shadow Of A Gunman Tue 4—Sat 8 Mar. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£3: £2.50 EUTC members). Edinburgh University Theatre Company present Sean ()‘Casey's powerful depiction of The Troubles as seen through the eyes of an Irish poet who is mistaken for an IRA gunman. Withnail And I Wed 5 Mar. l.45pln. £2.50 (EUTC members £2). Bruce Robinson‘s classic film script about two struggling thesps and their wasted youth is adapted for performed reading by Edinburgh University Theatre Company.


Morningside Road. Ticketline: 220 434‘). or at Assembly Rooms. Usher Hall. Queen's Hall and King‘s Theatre box offices. Tickets also available at Church Hill Theatre box office 30 minutes before performance.

Bugsy Malone Tue 25 Feb—Sal 1 Mar. 7.30pm; Sat mat 2.30pm. £7 (£3). Tickets from Caroline ()Iiver: 0l3l 667 (i000 ext 36303 or from the Church Hill Theatre Box Office. The Edinburgh University Footlights polish up their spats for the 20s gangster movie spoof that traditionally stars a cast of kids.

One-Act Play Festival Fri 2 I/Sat 22 Feb. 7.30pm. Fri £3; Sat £4. Annual showcase for local community drama groups and various one-act plays.

drama & dance THEATRE

EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE I3/2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) 6000. [Access: I.. Facilities: WC. WS. AS. H. C. T. Help:


Bugsy Malone Until Sat 22 Feb. 7.30pm. £4.50~~£ l 2.50 (£2.75—£(i.25). The 20s gangster movie musical comedy. which was written for a cast of small people ili big suits. is energetically performed by the acclaimed National Youth Music Theatre. Also being performed on the other side of the city by a considerably taller cast from The Edinburgh University Footlights.

Die Fledermaus Tue 25/Tlitil‘s 27 Feb/Sat 1 Mar. 7. I5plii. £‘)-£45 (£7—£42). See Classical & ()pera listings.

La Boheme Wed 2(i/Fri 28 Feb. 7. I5plli. £9 -£45 (£7- £42). See Classical & ()pera listings.


2 l.eveli Street. 220 434‘). [Access: R. I.. Facilities: WC. H. G. C. Help: A. AA] The Cherry Orchard Until Sat 22 Feb. 7.30pm; Sat mat 2.30pm. £l2.50—£l7.50 (colics available). The Royal Shakespeare Company presents its touring production of one ofAnton Cliekliov‘s finest and best-known plays. a bittersweet chronicle of the end of an era. as perceived by the old and new owners of a country estate. A highly acclaimed. surprisiligly funny production by artistic director Adrian Noble.

Death Of A Salesman Tue 4-—-Sat 8 Mar. Tue—Sat 7.30pm: Wed/Sat mat 2.30pm.

£ l 2.50-£ l 7.50 tconcs available). See New Shows. page (il and Arthur Miller feature. page 9.


43 Iliin Street. 556 957‘). [Access: ST. R. l.. Facilities: WC. WS. II. (3. C. Help: A. AA]

Febfest 97 Until Sat 22 Feb. Various times (call the Bedlam to find otlt which shows are tilt each day). 1.45pm shows £4 (£3; l-ZUTC members £2). The filial couple of days of Edinburgh University Theatre Coiiipaliy's well-established fesllv al of new writing. which this year is spread over nine days. thirteen new plays and 47 performances in two venues.

Hit list

The best stage shows this fortnight.

Death OfA Salesman Arthur Miller’s classic tragedy of the American Dream. Directed by Miller specialist David Thacker, the Royal National Theatre’s touring production stars the excellent Alun Armstrong (above). See feature, page 9 and New Shows, page 61. King’s Theatre, Edinburgh. Babycaltes Smart and economical adaptation of Armistead Maupin’s Tales Of The City novel, written by John Binnie and directed by Ian Brown for Clyde Unity Theatre. Laughter and tears in San Francrsco and London. Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.

The Cherry Orchard Adrian Noble's acclaimed and surprisingly funny interpretation of C hekhov's last play, preformed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. King's Theatre, Edinburgh. Dance: Riverdance Traditional Irish dance glossed-up for a mass audience. A barrel of fun, if that‘s

your pint of Guinness. Edinburgh Playhouse.

Faaayz—s"r"ssruiasy“i 1

The Birthday Party The Birthday Party

- The Birthday Party ] The Birthday Party The Birthday Party The Birthday Party I

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

Sunday 2 mails; T “reesa'ay' it " weaneasy 57'" rsuisdeyfs' '

Country Wife Country Wife l

Miss Julia I Miss Julia

Cupboard Man Cupboard Man

l i

MT Citizens' Main l Citizens’ Circle Citizens' Stalls

Good Times Good Times i Good Times ._ _ French doubleebill French double-bill I Fiddler. . . : Fiddler. . . i L I Me & My Girl ' Me a My Girl 3 Me a My Girl i King's _ _ _. _ - Paras/Harms Paras/Barras I Pavilion The Woman Who i The Woman Who _ I The Woman Who The Woman Who The Woman Who The Woman Who RamShOI‘n Marlene Marlene _ See Classical & Opera See Classical & Opera See Classical & Opera See Classical & Opera] 11128th Royal - ! New Moves New Moves New Moves New Moves _. __ _ _ The Shadow of . . . The Shadow of . . . The Shadow of . . . Bugsy Malone Bugsy Malone _ ChurCh See Classical & Opera See Classical & Opera _ _ _ Bill T. Jones/Amie Zane Bill T. Jones/Amie Zane Festival Theatre _ _ _ _ Death Of A Salesman Death Of A Salesman _. Kin _ - _ _ _ _ Netherbow Riverdance Riverdance - Riverdance Riverdance Riverdance Riverdance P Ouse Rebecca Rebecca _ .. _ - -. Royal I. ceum (Widows) (Widows) - - - Babycakes Babycakes Traverse 1 - _ _ _ _ {a - Traverse 25

21 Feb—6 Mar I997 TIIEUSTBG